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Overeem vs Brock?


8:20 pm
August 17, 2011

Keith Grienke


posts 714


Rumour has it that Brock will fight Overeem at UFC 140.

11:36 am
August 18, 2011

Jamie Locke


posts 222


That would be pretty awesome… Who you got in that one Keith?

1:06 pm
August 18, 2011



posts 52


Interesting fight for a number of reasons but I can only see one clear reason Dana wants to put this fight on….


The Reem is a one trick pony.  If he can't stand on the outside and float his jab while using the leg kicks to keep you from closing he doesn't end up looking very good.  Werdum figured this out and made Overeem look like it was his first night in the cage.  You can bet Brock's camp is studying this. 

Brock is a shooting machine with a horribly underrated ground game.  His pass to submission of Carwin was a thing of beauty and showed that he's not relying on his wrestling to carry him in this sport.


Reem's best bet is to work the jab and keep Brock outside until he's ready to unload on him.


Brock's best bet is to go around the jab and stick Reem on his back.


In the past neither of these two have been very good at sticking to game plans and Brock has crumbled a little when someone has put gloves on him.  Mind you the punches he took (Carwin and Cain) were instantly followed up with a blitz style attack that frankly we haven't seen Overeem use in a long long time.  I mean he was still a LHW the last time he launched any sort of blitz on someone.  Brock can and will get Reem to the ground and once there he will win the fight in a violent and brutal way.


So, why would Dana F*cking White want this fight?  Reem is the last 'great' HW and Fedor is now out of the question.  In the past when they tried to negotiate to get Reem in the UFC the rumor was he was (maybe it was Golden Glory) hard to deal with and asked for the moon.  Now that Dana essentially owns him he can clearly demonstrate the superiority of the UFC's HW.  Giving this fight to a healthy Brock will be a classic Wrestler vs Striker match up (no one seriously expects Overeen to break out the hammer and guillotine do they?) that will show the dominance of Dana's company.


This fight will be hyped as the next second coming with a huge amount of attention of Overeem's accomplishments around the world and I would suspect by the end of the UFC Hype that the average fan will be convinced they're going to see Brock get his head kicked off but let's be real…..  we all know the UFC loves to market the underdog.


Brock by brutal domination Rnd 2.


Bet on it and get in early when the odds are in your favor.

8:22 pm
August 18, 2011

Cody Bargholz


posts 7


Another clear reason is that it will make Dana gobs of money!

I don't think you want to bet on Brock early. Overeem isn't even on the casual fan's radar yet. I think Brock would open as a massive favourite as you suggested and that we would see the odds even out over time just like with the Carwin Lesnar fight. 

I'm a huge fan of Overeem and I want to pick him over Lesnar but who was the last top level wrestler Overeem faced? Todd Duffee? Highlights of Allistair tossing around Brett Rogers will probably convince a lot of people that Overeem will hold his own but it's tough to say.

I really don't know who would win! I'd love to see that fight though.

2:59 am
August 19, 2011

Cody Rempel


posts 205


I'm also hearing Lesnar/Mir III is possible for UFC 140 or UFC on Fox 1

"Believe in yourself. Believe in your own potential for greatness. Believe that you can change the world.

It is something that is within each of us. Believe in the Power of One"

-Evan Tanner

9:40 am
August 19, 2011

Keith Grienke


posts 714


Rather see Overeem/Brock.

Its a tough one to call. BigBoi has a great breakdown. I like Brock in it. This line from BigBoi is the key, "Brock has crumbled a little when someone has put gloves on him."

4:50 pm
August 19, 2011



posts 52


Something else to chew on….  Alistair looks really good, I mean world killer good when he's paired up against someone who wants to stand with him but who doesn't have supreme confidence in their game.  When he's fought someone who can match firepower with him he's decided to work the fight to the ground.  If (and I mean this is seriously the most significant quesiton in this fight) Brock can get over his fear of being hit then this is Brock's fight all day long. 


I really feel that Brock is sitting back reevaluating how his fight career has gone.  Clearly he isn't fighting for financial gains at this point and is fighting because he wants his belt back and enjoys a good scrap.  I can't see his camp agreeing to this fight if they aren't convinced that he can't shoot within the opening seconds or that they've overcome his face punch phobia thing.


I truly believe Brock has all the natural ability and solid wrestling base to be the greatest HW of all time.  I guess its just up to him to be willing to get through this. 



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