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Gabriel Gonzaga Released From The UFC


4:02 pm
October 28, 2010

Mike Davis


posts 212


The Brazilian heavyweight made the announcement via his personal Twitter page

“Official now, out of UFC,” Gonzaga wrote. “Back to normal life and BJJ forever.”

During his time with the UFC, Gonzaga went 7-5 overall and hit his
biggest mark when he landed the head kick heard round the world as he
knocked out former Pride open weight Grand Prix champion Mirko CroCop.

Gonzaga went on to face UFC heavyweight champion Randy Couture in a
title fight, but lost by TKO in the third round. Following that loss,
Gonzaga went up and down with wins and losses, before dropping his final
two fights to Junior Dos Santos and as previously mentioned Brendan
Schaub at UFC 121.

Training out of Team Link in Massachusetts, Gonzaga’s message was
somewhat cryptic as far as his future with MMA goes, but it’s hard to
imagine the former top ten heavyweight wouldn’t sign on with another
organization at some point down the road.…



Does this mean he plans on walking away from sport?

4:17 pm
October 28, 2010



posts 105


should of went back to BJJ for the Schaub fight…. would of taken it easy on the mat.

5:27 pm
October 28, 2010

Cody Rempel


posts 205


Hmmm… Maybe a potential future fight for Tim Hague?

"Believe in yourself. Believe in your own potential for greatness. Believe that you can change the world.

It is something that is within each of us. Believe in the Power of One"

-Evan Tanner

6:25 pm
October 28, 2010

Jamie Locke


posts 222


I think he belongs in the UFC. I agree with devilboy there, if he'd have gone back to his roots against Shaub it would have been an easy win.

6:47 pm
October 28, 2010

Mike Davis


posts 212


ya I dont know what he was thinking in that fight, playing into opponents strength not his, see this too much where a wrestler or grappler thinks all a sudden after a ko win they are strikers.

7:10 pm
October 28, 2010

harry balls


posts 290


him knocking out CroCop was one of the awesomest things I have ever witnessed. Watching that fight with a bunch of "CroCop is a GOD" dudes made it even sweeter.

  • The standard of excellence on any job
    site is defined by the sloppiest piece of work you will accept.

    – F. Jones

    If Darwin was right Bobby’s back should be turning into a matress soon.- Get Realz, on Bobby K

9:05 pm
October 28, 2010

Bobby Karimi-Busheri


posts 206


If Gonzaga chooses to continue in MMA, I feel he'll be back soon.


I agree with Harry Balls, the CroCop KO was epic.

9:13 pm
October 28, 2010

Marc-Andre Drolet


posts 216


I think KO was the beginning of the end for Gabriel.

That was when he went from being a BJJ fighter to thinking he's Jorge Gurgel the boxer.

He landed the head kick ko due to the massive damage he landed the entire round with elbows on the ground.

It reminds me of my first win in a judo tourney. I threw a guy with a tomoeonage (Monkey flip type throw) – I thought i was the man, but I prob lost the next 10 times I tried it until i stopped even bothering.

Although he showed shades of decent standup, it wasn't what he should have used as a gameplan.

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