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Cheick Kongo


10:11 am
October 17, 2010



posts 105


What did you guys think about Kongo's shorts grabbing? I didn't think taking a point away was enough. He blatantly kept grabbing the shorts after the point deduction. Should he have been DQ'd or was point deduction enough?

10:19 am
October 17, 2010

Keith Grienke


posts 714


I know its all on the referee's discretion but I think that you should first get a warning, then get a point taken away, then take more points away.


I think it was Kamal Shalorus vs Jamie Varner in the WEC where a similar situation happened and Josh Rosenthal called it like this:

1) Rd 2 – Groin kick – warning

2) Rd 2 – Groin kick – point deduction

3) Rd 3 – Hardest groin kick – warning

12:51 pm
October 17, 2010



posts 105


I dunno how it works… I always thought it was 1) warning 2) point deduction 3)DQ.

I think the ref didnt do anything past the point deduction because it was just short grabbing. Annoying but doesnt effect the fight in anyway.

11:33 pm
October 17, 2010

Marc-Andre Drolet


posts 216


I"m not sure what the rules state, but i don't understand how a ref warns a guy, takes a point off, and then multiple occasions after that he can get away with it.

So I don't know if another point should have been taken, and the next time after that a DQ? but regardless of what the rule infraction was, it's silly anybody can continuously get away with it.

1:18 am
October 18, 2010

Jason Bouwmeester


posts 179


How does short grabbing not affect the fight? Gives you a good grip to either 1) pull the leg towards you or 2) prevent your opponent from pulling his leg away from you. If it was felt it didn't affect the fight at all, why would there be a rule against it?

TKO Photography: sports photography + design + marketing

8:31 am
October 18, 2010



posts 105


He wasnt holding the shorts to stop a takedown, get a takedown, or stop leg strikes, he was just holding the shorts to keep Browne in place. It didnt have a big affect I guess you could say, but it did have an affect. I was just getting annoyed with him, Kongo seems to cheat every fight with short grabbing/fence grabbing/ nut shots.

8:26 pm
October 18, 2010

Bobby Karimi-Busheri


posts 206


Frickin cheater, shoulda lost another point.


Cheick Kongo has shown what he is. Basically he's the guy who decides if you belong in the UFC or not, the ultimate gatekeeper. Look at his wins… all marginal UFC fighters (with the exception of the incredibly disappointing and faded Cro Cop).

10:26 pm
October 18, 2010

Jason Bouwmeester


posts 179


Holding shorts to keep someone in place still affects the fight.

TKO Photography: sports photography + design + marketing

5:46 pm
October 19, 2010

Tyler Davis


posts 160


shorts grabbing is huge especially when its a repeted panic type move, warning, point, then dq

11:01 am
November 10, 2010



posts 83


that reffereeing in that fight was horrible! thought he should have had another point taken away at the very least!

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