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Concussions in MMA vs Hockey


8:29 am
December 9, 2010



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Hey guys, a lot of places down in the States have done comparisons between MMA and football/boxing, but I figured I would do one with a Canadian flavour.  The results will probably surprise a casual fan, but probably not most of you guys:…..s-Than-MMA


Also, sorry I didn't know which forum this would go best in!

9:27 am
December 9, 2010

Keith Grienke


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Post edited 9:28 am – December 9, 2010 by Keith Grienke

My son played 11 years of hockey, 6 years of soccer,  two years of judo and one of kickboxing.  Never injured. 

I have taken him to hospital three times – all for getting bad concussions/getting knocked out (the latest last week).  Two of the times it was after knocking himself out at church and playing in a jazz band – there is the real danger – religion and music!

9:36 am
December 9, 2010

Keith Grienke


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As for your article, I do think that there are more hockey related concussions during games than there are in MMA during matches.

What most studies do not look into are training.  No facts to back this up but I bet there are very few concussion during hockey practises as there is significantly less physical contact.  However, MMA athlete training causes many more KOs and concussions. 

12:45 pm
December 9, 2010

Marc-Andre Drolet


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So the moral of the story is Church is bad?

5:04 pm
December 9, 2010



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Haha so the "Keith Grienke study" finds that music and religion are the most dangerous of all… interesting.

I did mention in the article that their is no way to quantify injuries in training.  I agree that on a one-for-one basis more concussions (most probably of the minor variety) probably occur in MMA training; however, I still don't think it makes up for 4 fights in a year vs 80 games in a season.  Also, the higher impacts at younger ages is what really scares me.  Not too many 15 year olds knocking each other out wrestling…

6:26 pm
December 9, 2010

Marc-Andre Drolet


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2:29 am
June 27, 2012

Jason Bone

New Member

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I believe mma would have more and a higher degree of severity of concussions than hockey. In a hockey fight, you are fighting bare knuckles and are not as solid on your feet as one would be in the cage, on top of that, with gloves on which protects the knuckles and allows someone to hit harder. Keith is right, the lack of study is in training, the sparring mma fighters do equates to more trauma than a hockey fighter takes fighting every weekend. I think in the future, we will all see the effects of this ground and pound when the UFC stars of today are having trouble with anger, demetia, CTE. , – ect.

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