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1:40 pm
May 30, 2013

Keith Grienke


posts 714


Post edited 11:17 am – September 24, 2014 by Keith Grienke

  1. Use of aliases are allowed.  There are a lot of industry people who want the anonymity of an alias.
  2. Use only 1 name per article.  If you spam a post with various names, we can change your alias to one of the names or unapprove comments.  If you constantly do this, banned.
  3. If you pretend to be someone else, you are banned.
  4. Try not to swear.  Certain swears are automatically unapproved.
  5. No racist or homophobic statements.  Some are automatically unnapproved.  Some are manually unapproved.
  6. You can say a fighter is not performing well.  Don't go too personal or just hate all the time.  If we get tired of constant hatred, we can ban you.
  7. Don't make criminal accusations that you cannot back up.  You say someone is a thief without proof, unapproved.  Use real name, please.  
  8. We don't read all the comments.  So infractions will be missed.  Let us know if we missed something.
  9. Moderating comments make Keith grumpy.

7:27 pm
May 30, 2013

harry balls


posts 290


This is Harry Balls pretending to be Mike Davis. TJ Coletti was behind the Kennedy assassination. I don't care that he got killed because he was a closet fag and I hate the Irish. Jon Jones sucks and I hate him too.





  • The standard of excellence on any job
    site is defined by the sloppiest piece of work you will accept.

    – F. Jones

    If Darwin was right Bobby’s back should be turning into a matress soon.- Get Realz, on Bobby K

12:58 pm
June 2, 2013



posts 6


Great idea! think this might help clean it up a bit cause some of the threads have got a little crazy.


we all know TJ Coletti was behind the Kennedy assassination that is common knowledge common man open your eyes!!!

7:28 pm
June 24, 2013

Lethal Weapon


posts 3


Posting rules only apply to some. Friends of mods are not included

7:30 pm
June 24, 2013

Lethal Weapon


posts 3


Rules also change at the mods discretion

3:56 pm
September 25, 2018



posts 17


Post edited 4:04 pm – September 25, 2018 by mattvictor

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