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who is Antoine PINTO


4:52 pm
January 10, 2013


New Member

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Hello everyone.
Here is the story of ALI Moradkhani 17 young boxer
who went training to the Pinto camp in Thailand. This is not the first
time it happens and won't be the last. Please, inform yourself about the
Pinto and be carefull with Serge the father, he is a liar and more…
The family Pinto are going to fight in Canada under MMA rules for
Instinct organisation.

ALI Moradkhani wrote :

"Do You Know Them? Well listen to what I have to say then.
Muaythai fighters, Sports Lovers, Promoters and etc. Please take a
moment to Read This. It is very important for you all to know this:

here is how it starts… I came to Thailand On December 16th to train
Muaythai and get ready for some upcoming fights. I came to SIANGBOXING
GYM which is owned by Serge Pinto, Antoine Pinto (a.k.a Antuan
Siangboxing, Victor Pinto (a.k.a Leo Siangboxing). I paid 40,000 Baht
for the duration of one month with Training sessions, Accommodation and 3
meals a day. After two weeks, on New year’s Ever I got into an accident
with motorbike and my leg was injured, I asked them to take me to the
hospital and what the father replied was “That’s not my responsibility” .
Just before we get to the exciting part let me tell you all this:
Before I come to the gym, Antuan told me there is only 7 bungalows for
only 7 people to come to the gym and not more, So you have to reserve
before you come. I did the same thing and when I arrived I got my
bungalow and stayed for 13days that I heard there are 13 Russians coming
to the gym, So one night after Dinner, Serge Pinto asked me and another
fighter to go to another house which he will arrange for us with two
rooms just so there would be space for the Russians. So did we but there
was already another guy in the house so he gave me the Living room with
one pillow to sleep on the floor. He promised me that he will get be a
bed within 1 or 2 days but I did this for one week while I actually paid
for a full Bungalow. Few days after the accident I went to train that
he told me you cannot train and you have to rest because of your leg, So
did I rest for two days and my leg got better and I was ready to train
and walk so I went to the gym. He shouted at me and said “I told you not
to come here” , I said “ But sir the Doctor Said that I can train”. He
replied me with “I’m the chief here, so get the fuck out and he punched
me in the face”. I told him “ Hey old man, respect people who respects
you” he told me to get the fuck out and never come back, So I asked for
my money and he said you want your money?? Then Antoine Pinto started
walking to me so I thought he is going to solve the issue and separate
us, the he suddenly attacked me from the back and started beating me
with punches, knees and elbows and shouting at me and saying you swear
at my father? I fell to the ground that the father started kicking my
head, all I was doing was trying to block the hits and not to do
anything as I was in a foreigner country. Without giving back my money
they left me in middle of nowhere with absolute no cash and all I had
was 2940 baht which is not even $100 to get home. I was struggling with
financial and hunger issues and I could not to go back to the camp
restaurant to eat because Serge Pinto told me If he ever see me in town
or near gym “He is Going to Kill Me”. I waited to write this status when
I’m back to Malaysia after the struggles I had with finding my way home
with no money So that I would be sure that They can’t Do anything to
me. But here I am, and I am just one of so many other victims who got
fucked over by SIANGBOXING GYM. There was a French girl who used to
train two weeks in SIANGBOXING and two weeks in Bangkok which had
problem them as well. They left her In Bangkok without passport and any
money. All they want is money, they don’t care who you are, and you are
like bag of money to them. The Russians that came to the gym are the
rich people and the reason he didn’t want me to train at the gym was
that I had no benefit for him and I had not much of money with me. Not
to forget about Victor Pinto. I ordered a Satin Custom short from him
which cost me 1,700 baht and I paid him for the short. After this
incident, I asked my friend to ask him to give me back the short and he
refused to give me back the short or the money. They owe me 28,000Baht.
But the money is not a problem. All this must come an end, God knows how
many more people will be kicked out of the gym after paying the full
fees and everything and how worst their situations will be.
Please Share and feel free to tag people to show the world what kind of bastards they are.
(This is the second post, they reported my first post. I will make it everyday.)"

Posted on his Facebook on 6 of January 2013.

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