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What Would You Change?


5:47 pm
April 9, 2011

Dean Panas


posts 14


I was thinking what changes could be made to make the sport of MMA better than what it is now. If I "had the power" (lol) the one thing I would change is the normal pay structure. I know all contracts are different…but the vast majority pay a set amount to fight and the same amount to win. To make my example easy, I will use $10 000. As it stands now, a fighter gets $10 000 to fight and $10 000 to win. I would like to see $10 000 to fight, $5 000 to win, and $5 000 to stop your opponent. Of course I would be against this when representing a fighter as I would want him/her to get as much as possible. But as a fan I think it would lead to more exciting fights!!

I would also like to see mandatory suspensions for those who miss weight. 20% seems to be the norm in the industry as a penalty for those who miss weight. That can be a nice chunk of change for a handful of guys in Canada…but the vast majority of fighters are figting for smaller purses. I can see why a guy might prefer to pay $100 instead of cutting 10 lbs. I realize things can happen and fighters can miss weight. But if I "had the power" once a fighter missed by more than 2 lbs I would implement a mandatory 1 month suspension per pound. Miss by 3 lbs it's a 1 month suspension…4 lbs is 2 months…etc


These are a couple suggestions. Let's hear about some others.  

12:52 am
April 10, 2011

Keith Grienke


posts 714


I would like one set of rules that every province followed. Every province would have the same set of medicals and the same form that fighters would be required to fill out.

In the cage would be the same as well. Foot stomps allowed in Quebec, Elbows allowed in Manitoba, knees to the head of a grounded opponent disallowed in Lethbridge, cages other than octagons allowed in Quebec, etc…

4:15 am
April 10, 2011

harry balls


posts 290


A national governing body. It would keep track of guys who repeatedly miss weight and make sure they couldn't just head down the road and fight for some other promotion, certify refs., and keep a record of gyms (fighters, who coaches there, complaints etc).f

It woud have some system that would make sure guys couldn't just take a pro fight because they had the medicals and the promotion was down with it . I dunno how it would be implemented, but it'd be good to see.

  An amateur program with  the same set of rules across the country.

              Ideally, if some sort of record of combat experience could be entered in a database that would be cool too.  When a nationally ranked (or just super experienced) grappler/boxer/wrestler etc goes in and fights MMA, there would be a more complete picture.

   eg: Hache v. Ebejer or Saggo v. Vivian.

        And  i would love it if  the cage became mandatory in MMA.

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