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Thoughts on MMA The Reckoning


4:31 pm
April 3, 2011



posts 13


Finally Ontario came home last night, as Casino Rama and Knockout Entertainment Canada teamed up for MMA The Reckoning.

Did anyone else attend the event and what did you guys think?

Personally I thought it was an awesome show for Ontario's first.  The venue was great and aside from some mindless drunk fans yelling absurd obscenities, it was a great night.

-Saggo absolutely ripped a perfect armbar, I thought Solomon's arm was breaking for sure, it may have popped. 
-The fights between Hill and Rohovie, and Britto and Young were amazing back-and-forth contests with some crazy up-kicks and spinning back fists.  Man Britto is a warrior, he would not go down.
- Horodecki tore the roof off the place from the moment he walked in to the clinical finish in the very first round.  You could just tell he was on another level.
- Mein, wow what can you say.  The kid is 21 and already has 21 victories.  Took a nice slam from Burkman, but overall got the better of Josh.

Lots of big names kicking around the joint as well, and the referee's were top notch in Big John McCarthy, Dan Mirgliotta, and Yves Lavigne.

8:40 pm
April 3, 2011

Keith Grienke


posts 714


Coop, how big do you think the crowd was? We had two guys go and one thought 2000 and what though as many as 5000. Do you have any guesstimate?

8:53 pm
April 3, 2011



posts 13


I would guess somewhere between 3500-4000.   You could hear a pin drop in the place at times, reminded me a bit of the PRIDE events, where the crowd watches and then applauds action lol.

9:13 pm
April 3, 2011

Keith Grienke


posts 714


You think there were a lot of people there wanting to see the first Ontario event that were not the diehard fans that we find in many other cities for these type of events?

3:31 am
April 4, 2011

harry balls


posts 290


Sorry i missed it! I am really bummed Louis Philippe Carle didn't fight on this (he was supposed to fight Amasinger). He is such a good guy and a real ambassador for the sport.

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9:03 am
April 4, 2011

Robin Black


posts 235


It was that quiet because the casino comped about 3000 of the tickets to their top gamblers. Also, other than Horodecki, Burkman, Yves and Big John, the uninformed crowd didn't know who anyone was.


Britto's heart was incredible in the FOTN.

1:28 pm
April 4, 2011



posts 13


That's probably true Keith, a lot of people probably just wanted to see what this "MMA" thing was and say they were at the first in Ontario. 

@Robin – wow, 3000 tickets comped?  That's crazy.  Waterman couldn't have been too pleased with that figure, although the overall event was a success imo.

1:41 pm
April 4, 2011

Matt Dunning


posts 10


ya I was there too.Helping out with corners.It was like 5000 people and even if most were comps it was cool to see a big audience here in Ontario for the first show.Coop I was with Taylor after his fight and his arm is fine no damage to it.Robin good seeing you as always.To anyone who doesn't know man Robin runs his ass off at events.Robin just remember to keep the names for the network your working for right haha.All the fights were decent and Jordon looked great as did Chris.

2:19 pm
April 4, 2011

Robin Black


posts 235


Thanks Matt Dunning you kind sonovabitch  :)

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