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Talking Ontario MMA with adjustments to current Athletic Commission


2:22 pm
June 3, 2011


New Member

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I would like to offer my opinions to the Athletic Commission (AC) and those involved regarding the 3 topics up for discussion at the second community meeting dated June 3, 2011. 1) The issue of “unsanctioned” amateur MMA events in Ontario and possible responses, 2) The Development of better data to support licensing decisions by the AC, 3) Increasing the transparency of the AC’s licensing decisions.

The issue of “unsanctioned” amateur MMA events in Ontario is a direct result in the lack of an existing amateur sanctioning body. Athletes, clubs and various groups are opting to ‘unsanctioned’ amateur events because they have no existing outlet to do so. That being said, a group should be devised to reflect what the athletes, clubs and the AC can agree upon. There are multiple recognized styles of amateur MMA that Ontario may consider adapting:

-Quebec follows a 3 minute round, kickboxing style stand-up with no elbows, no knees to face with wrestling and judo throws pointed. Once the combatants fall to the ground, no knees to any part of the body, no elbows at any time with submission attempts and completions are allowed. No heel hooks. Strikes (punches) allowed to the body and head. This is all done with both combatants wearing altered 8-10 ounce boxing gloves on both hands. The alteration is in the palm of the glove for fingers for gripping accessibility.**

-Illinois/Michigan/Wisconsin all have similar amateur events and rules where a 3 minute round is
had with no elbows. Knees to the face are allowed in stand-up exchange only. Combatants wear 4 ounce MMA competition gloves and are allowed full contact and submission attempt to the head and body during stand-up and ground exchange.**

**Based on personal competitions, travelling and coaching other contestants.
Both types have their advantages and disadvantages, but each present the opportunity for amateur athletes to involve themselves in MMA contest. Such events are monitored by the AC within their Province or State (excluding Michigan). This will offer a safe outlet for amateur MMA to grow in Ontario.

In creating an amateur MMA Provincially Sanctioned Organization (PSO), it is my firm belief that an amateur MMA PSO should be separate from any existing amateur or professional PSO. Under no circumstance should an existing PSO rule and monitor the growth of a new, diverse and separate sport that is amateur MMA within Ontario. There is an extreme “conflict of interest” and lack of resources for such an undertaking. This will misdirect Ontario’s attempt in promoting safe, fair amateur MMA sport.

A response to hosting “unsanctioned” amateur MMA events should be handled by local authorities under the appropriate section to the Criminal Code of Canada. In the offence that a charge has been laid against such “hosts” and those involved, a provision to impair further relationships with the AC can be applied acting directly as an additional strong deterrence.

To develop a better “database” in supporting licensing decisions by the AC, should the AC recognize current online databases supporting amateur and professional combat sports such as,,, and Other official combat organizations with documented contests and statistics must also be taken into account.

The World Kickboxing Association, International Karate Federation, FILA, Council of Amateur Sport Kickboxing, Canadian Amateur Wrestling Association, Ontario Amateur Wrestling Association, Ontario Boxing Association, Boxing Ontario, Ontario Grappling Association, Wushu Canada, Wushu Ontario, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Ontario (to name a few), must be recognized for their respective content. A complete list can be requested and verified by the AC.
Should the AC have a group of people or single person educated and well versed in these databases, it would be strong account to the application process. Data could then be applied to licensing procedures with the AC. This can be a focus of Ontario’s amateur MMA PSO.

In conclusion Ontario’s Athletic Commission should create a newly elected PSO for amateur MMA to provide room for safe, controlled sport. Secondly, compliance with the Criminal Code of Canada and the AC giving suspensions will inhibit “hosts” and participants from having unsanctioned amateur MMA events. In final point, the AC needs to delegate a group or panel to develop a supporting database furthering professional licensing and increasing the transparency of the “AC’s licensing decisions.” I encourage anyone to contact me at your convenience to further discuss these matters. Thank you for your time.

Alex Gasson

11:11 pm
June 3, 2011



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Alex you have a lot of knowledge and information here. You should email Ken Hayashi directly, and go from there. If nothing more, as a public servant, he should at least point you in the right direction. I know this as I am an Ontario public servant. It's the least that is expected of me. When you have exhausted all of you options with his office, you can take it to Andre Marin, and the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario. Mr. Marin is the watchdog of the provincial government. Once you have exhausted all of you options within the actual ministry or office, you can file a complaint with his office. They will review your complaint and determine if there is enough information to warrant an investigation. His office is responsible for ensuring that the provincial government services are provided in the most fair, efficient, and productive way. No government office wants them involved. That is, unless they have no concerns with their operation. Mr Marins office gives you no false hope, but they do take every complaint seriously. He is a pit bull, and gets results when warranted. I don't know if anyone has ever pursued this avenue. But it's a great idea for someone, such as yourself, who has the knowledge and experience to bring it forward.

9:56 am
June 5, 2011

Keith Grienke


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3 is the official database for the ABC. Not sure why they would need a different one for Ontario Amateur.

It sounds like a kickboxing group will run the amateur MMA. Why is this terrible? You think that the ammy KB PSO would not give MMA the attention it deserves? I have seen many amateur MMA shows that have amateur KB and grappling on cards in other provinces. Would Ontario need three provincial bodies to oversee a show like that?

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