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3:46 pm
March 22, 2011

Jamie Locke


posts 222




I just wanted to get a discussion going on what people think about this Edmonton show using Pride/ Dream rules.


I personally like both the Unified rules and Pride or Dream rules, whatever they are called. I think a promotion should be able to choose which rule set they use for their show, fighters will know the risks before getting involved.


I guess the problem I see is what commission officials are trained in. If they don't understand one rule set, they should stick to what they know. But if there are officials who know and understand both sets of rules, there shouldn't be a problem.


I am anxious to hear what the Canadian scene thinks about rules…

6:57 pm
March 22, 2011

Cody Rempel


posts 205


Post edited 6:57 pm – March 22, 2011 by Cody Rempel

From what I hear Lino's show will take place outside of the city and thus not sanctioned by the ECSC… last I heard from Pat Reid, Lino's Edmonton promoters license had been suspended!

"Believe in yourself. Believe in your own potential for greatness. Believe that you can change the world.

It is something that is within each of us. Believe in the Power of One"

-Evan Tanner

6:38 pm
March 23, 2011

Jamie Locke


posts 222


I'm not concerned about Lino, or his promotion.


I am just curious as to whether or not Canadian fans want to see other rules once and a while.


Should North America stick to the Unified rules, or should they have the freedom to use whatever rules they want.

10:06 pm
March 23, 2011

Keith Grienke


posts 714


I would prefer that every jurisdiction adopt the same set of rules for MMA.

No elbows in Manitoba, no foot stomps in Quebec, knees to the head of grounded opponents in Lethbridge. Lets all get on the same page.

11:04 pm
March 23, 2011



posts 27


From what I hear Lino's show will take place outside of the city and thus not sanctioned by the ECSC… last I heard from Pat Reid, Lino's Edmonton promoters license had been suspended!

Why is Lino's license suspended?

1:07 am
April 14, 2011

Jamie Locke


posts 222


My biggest beef with the kicks or knees on the groud is how alot of fighters are dropping a hand or kee strictly because they know they can't get kicked or kneed in that position….. BS really, it's a cheap way to fight.


I understad the brutality of soccer kicks to the face when a guy is rocked on the ground, and that's not what I'm talking about. I just don't like how guys use a rule that was brought in to keep them safe as a method of defence…


If you don't want to get kneed in the face when on the bottom end of a clinch, than get out of that position, don't drop a hand so your opponent isn't allowed to hurt you…. Seeing it more and more…


I agree 100% with no head kicks on the ground. I don't agree with no knees.

8:37 am
April 14, 2011

Keith Grienke


posts 714


Cheap way to fight or smart way to fight? Why not use rules to your advantage? Every sport does it.

No different than guys turning their head so only the back of their head can be hit which would be illegal.

12:56 pm
April 14, 2011

Jamie Locke


posts 222


I suppose it is smart, I would do the same if in the situation I suppose.


I guess this is why I can't blame a fighter, but blame the rules…..

3:13 pm
September 2, 2011

Jamie Locke


posts 222


So DREAM is adopting the 3X5 rounds. Do you think they will change their other rules to conform as well?

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