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MMA Documentary


12:19 pm
October 23, 2013



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Post edited 4:16 pm – October 23, 2013 by Keith Grienke

I did an short doc on fighter Todd Stoute following his fight at
Substance Cage Combat…check out the first edit any tips or pointers
would be great.…..osnhtI–MU

12:27 pm
October 23, 2013



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Maybe this time the link will work sorry for all the post…


Lemme know what you think and feedback and what not

4:28 pm
October 23, 2013

Keith Grienke


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sorry about the forum and what it does to links.  I fixed up your posts.

4:53 pm
October 23, 2013

Keith Grienke


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This is the wording under the Youtube vid:

How would you live your life knowing that the majority of people already have a predetermined opinion of you? That's what undefeated MMA fighter Todd Stoute has to deal with daily as the 29 year old is trying to separate his past from the man that he is today. On June 29th Stoute was the Co-Main event to Substance Cage Combat's first non-UFC MMA event in Toronto. "Warbound" gives you an up close and personal look into the life of an MMA fighter, and the work that has to be done to prepare them for battle in the cage.



Quick thoughts on your doc:

  • I think most people I meet have a pre-determined opinion of me.  Luckily, it runs from Grienk is a good guy to Grienk is an asshole who thinks he knows everything.  Anyone who knows Stoute will always have in the back of his mind "Stoute raped and tried to kill a 17 year old girl".  He will always have to live with that.  
  • He mentions people not wanting to grant forgiveness.  Has he asked the woman for forgiveness?  People in MMA are not the ones who need to grant forgiveness to him.  
  • I don't like how the documentary does not address the outcome of his crime.  He was "charged" and "arrested".  Did he go to jail?  How long did he go to jail?  How long did his associate go to jail?  What happened to the 17 year old girl? Would be interesting to show where she ended up.
  • Filmmaker addressed the arrest right away and Stoute addressed it several times as well.  That was very good to see.

5:07 pm
October 23, 2013

harry balls


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Keith pretty much nails everything i was thinking, though i give the filmmaker credit for addressing it early on. i dunno if you have read the report (it was on here), but the crime was horrific  so of course we are going to have a preconceived notion; we'd be foolish not to. This was not a guy running with the 'wrong crowd', then turning his life around. What he did was inhumane and shameful.


  If this were a full length doc , all the real ugliness of the crime would have to be talked about imho….all of it.

    From a technical standpoint etc, I thought it was really well done. The music, pacing, everything. The fact the protagonist comes up short in his fight I think really captures the spirit of this mma shit as opposed to some guy being victorious. You've got some real talent, man. Please come post more stuff here. 

  • The standard of excellence on any job
    site is defined by the sloppiest piece of work you will accept.

    – F. Jones

    If Darwin was right Bobby’s back should be turning into a matress soon.- Get Realz, on Bobby K

5:42 pm
October 23, 2013


New Member

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I actually know Todd, for over 10+years now, and it has been a privlege on so many levels…he is one of the humblest and caring people I've known…I can note an exampe from my own life, that he helped me with unknowningly….


I was suffering from depression, and felt like the walls were closing in on me, and I was close to calling it quits…when out of no where he posted a picture of us from when were High School…and it reminded me that people still loved me and hadn't forgotten bout me….something so simple, from him without thought of anything besides posting a picture…truly saved my life…


He is sorry for his actions, he has learnt and grown as a man because of it….it is when were able to step back, and look at our path n actions…how start to make the right changes to grow…


It's easy sit back and judge, from what you hear…but until you sit down with him, face to face, feeling nothing but a loving and caring energy exude from him, you truly don't know the kindhearted, caring and loving person I call my friend & brother…

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