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Kyle Cardinal calling it quits!


10:02 pm
March 7, 2012

Cody Rempel


posts 205


It's sad to see such a great ambassador for MMA/BJJ in Canada having to step back with so much left to give but you gotta put family and health first, some things are more important!

From Facebook…

"Well my friends ….after 18 years of brazilian jiujitsu,Mma, and 10 years of boxing before that ,as of today im calling it quits. This decision has been on my mind for a lil while now but lying with my daughter lastnight it became clear. The last couple years have been hectic,travelling to many different cities/Countries for UFC's ,other events, Seminars,cornering, Reffing, training,etc …devoting my time to other people instead of my kids, has made me realize their only gonna be kids for a few more years. and that i cant miss out on their lives growing up.

Also some of you know ive had many concussions over the years that have finally takin their toll on me,headaches getting worse even after the simplest of rolling around for 5-10 minutes i cant deal with anymore,after grappling and training and fighting its come to the point i can barely get outta bed in the morning or walk up stairs, my knees are gone, my back is bad ,my ankles and hands hurt all the time making sleep difficult. im not even 40 yet and i dont wanna be 40 and not be able to run or play with my kids . Most importantly a blood vessel in my neck is badly damaged causing fainting spells and passing out with just minor pressure put on my neck, which ivebeen told by my doctor surgery may be needed to repair.

This decision was not an easy one, you guys know how i love to get on the mats and train and teach its been my obsession for a long time..but im not totally walking away from the sport,im gonna continue where its safe, reffing and judging and educating people about Mma and maybe ill reach my next goal ,reffereeing a UFC still gonna train in bjj and pass it on to my kids and time to time roll with the guys that have been with me for a long time,but it wont be anytime soon. Ive acheived some goals that i wanted to,2nd Blackbelt in Alberta after Josh,helping fighters reach their goals of winning alot of fights and championships along the way,and making tons of friends too.

to all the students in the club right now ,im sorry but this is for the best and youll find new instructors and coaches thatll help you along,there are a few people i wanna send a quick shout out to that have helped me over the years. although we are separated ,Leanne was my biggest supporter though it all putting up with time away and injuries,etc ,Rodrigo Munduruca has been more like a brother to me and my family than just a coach,Bruno too! Rick Biollo for always supporting the club and being a good friend also my first blackbelt and student. Shawn jewett, jay Redmond,my other 2 blackbelts for helping teach. Rob Donahue and his wife for helping with all the finances for opening the gym. To all the fighters ive coached over the years in the small shows and big shows..especially Travis Glabraith for letting me coach him in Pride fighting and Elite xc, Tim Hague for all the UFC's that was a blast man! Mitch Clarke and Nick Penner, by acheiving your dreams youve helped me acheive mine! not only all the guys that have fought in the big leagues but also the smaller shows,thank you to them too,way too many to all my jitz guys thankyou too,Hossein,tarik,Paul,all miss all my students! My affiliatte clubs Sandy Bowman has helped me too much over the years, along with more recently Daryll marsh .

ill be squaring away the gym in the next few days ,last class is probably thurs night…im gonna devote the next year to my kids,getting healthy, turn my attention to fitness maybe take up watching my kids play in the park:)

the gym will stay open till end of month under Jay ,Rick,Guy. but i am no longer involved.

so sorry my spelling and writing skills are horrible! lol


"Believe in yourself. Believe in your own potential for greatness. Believe that you can change the world.

It is something that is within each of us. Believe in the Power of One"

-Evan Tanner

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