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Dave Mair: The Face of Ontario MMA??


7:03 pm
May 21, 2011

Robin Black


posts 235


Did he write this himself? Seems to be an identified ghost writer.

Wow, he was "deeply involved" with training Georges St. Pierre? He's "iconic" and had more influence on legalizing MMA in Ontario than anyone else? He is recognized as one of the top MMA trainers in the world??

Wow. Enjoy.…..tario-mma/


As one of the most influential figures in the Canadian wrestling and mixed martial arts (MMA) scenes, Dave Mair has compiled an impressive resume.

As a competitive wrestler, Mair won three Canadian National Championships and represented the country in a variety of international events. Once his career as a competitor ended, Mair went on to coach over 100 national champions and numerous national teams.

His track record as a coach even included appearances at the 1996 and 2008 Olympic Games.

Mair has also been deeply involved in Canadian MMA having worked closely with UFC stars George St. Pierre, Mark Homminick and several others. The wealth of experience that he has gained over his career has helped Dave become recognized as one of the top wrestling and MMA coaches in the world.

Mair also played a pivotal role in the legalization of MMA in Ontario. He spearheaded the formation of the Canadian Grappling and Striking Sports Council (CGSSC) to offer guidance to the Ministry of Consumer Services in establishing a governing body to oversee the sport if and when the province decided to legalize it.

The CGSSC, a not-for-profit organization, set out to ensure that Ontario’s athletes have many opportunities to compete on a fair and safe stage by establishing a means of funding for the athletes.

Mair and other members of the CGSSC met regularly with provincial decision-makers throughout the consideration and legalization processes to ensure that the sport was represented well throughout the proceedings. As such, the group and its iconic leader are generally considered to have had more influence on the legalization than any other group or body.

Currently, Mair is the technical director for MMA Live which will consist of three large-scale MMA events being held in throughout Ontario in the coming months.

Local MMA enthusiasts will be thrilled to know that MMA Live 1 is being held at London’s John Labatt Centre on Thursday, May 19.

“The MMA Live group are a classy group of individuals with an extensive background in hosting entertainment events,” said Mair. “They will definitely become one of the leaders in Ontario MMA.”

Mair has been responsible for setting up the matches for the event as well as contacting athletes and coaches and educating them on issues of health and safety. With his extensive knowledge of the sport, Mair is perfectly qualified to ensure that the MMA Live events go off without a hitch.

After many years of dominating the Canadian wrestling and MMA scene as competitor and coach, Dave Mair has continued to play a prominent role in growing the sport across the country. MMA, currently one of the hottest sports in the world, could not ask for a better Canadian ambassador.

8:53 pm
May 21, 2011



posts 18


Could it be the same Dave Mair?…..ost76.html

9:05 pm
May 21, 2011

Robin Black


posts 235


Interesting. Same writing style in both.

9:12 pm
May 21, 2011



posts 18


Maybe it’s not the same Dave. One more link with a picture.…../dave-mair

9:17 pm
May 21, 2011

Robin Black


posts 235


Its the same guy. No, he is a very legit wrestling guy. His wrestling credentials are not in dispute.

This is just funny because its obviously a bio written by the guy himself placed in a newspaper as an "advertorial".

6:13 am
May 22, 2011



posts 9


A fair stage? How is that, when he's matchmaking a card, claims to not know much about an opponent he is offering, yet neglects to tell fighter reps that he manages said opponent? He may be a super nice dude, and a top dog wrestling coach, but that shit is just wrong. Not very fair or safe if he's got the upperhand like that and not revealing it. What other moves like that might he make to try to benefit himself. He's new at this. Maybe it's a learning curve and he will get better. Let's hope so. He's got his hands in a few different pots, so this stuff could speread far and wide. I wish him the best in developing his skills.

8:18 am
May 22, 2011

Robin Black


posts 235


The truth is if a guy wants to pay to get his bio put in a London newspaper that's no biggie. Odd and comedic, but not a big deal.

I just draw attention to this guy because he's doing some dirty and self-serving shit at the government level.

He's got government stooges that put pressure on the OAC to do what he wants, but they don't realize he openly tells other people that his goals are to control which shows happen in Ontario, and to block or slow down any shows he's not involved with.

Then he tells shows he's not involved with that, if they pay him $10,000 to $15,000, he will take over handling their show and make everything ok with the OAC.

This is not only wrong and dangerous to every fighter and every person in MMA, it is fraud and it is illegal.

I made this post because his self-written bio published as news was funny. But this guy's actions are dangerous to the whole sport. And that's not funny.

10:53 pm
May 23, 2011

Jamie Locke


posts 222


I enjoy hearing Robin Black throw a little hate around…

But seriously, has anyone in Ontarion called bullshit on this guy yet? If it so common knowledge that he's crooked as a question mark, than why is he still getting away with it?

12:36 pm
May 24, 2011

Robin Black


posts 235


People have a tendency to not want to get TOO involved.


Its not hard to get 5 or 6 people to go on the record when  they are 1 of 5, so that's the route I've taken.


Trust me, I don't want to be involved either. But when a guy's agenda is to, through whatever means neccesary including giving misinformation to government people, create a scenario in which "everyone who wants to do MMA in Ontario" will have to go through him, something has to be done.


There's still some people that he has lied to (including some upstart promoters and some people that he led to believe now have government approved titles like "Head of Amateur MMA" and "Head of Striking arts" tho he has no such power to give such titles), that honestly don't realize they are in bed with someone very very dirty.


But people are starting to realize that he is dangerous and maybe he won't trick the next new promoter into giving him $10 000 or $15 000 to be matchmaker/ dude-who-claims-to-have-special-government-hookups. And then proceed to do more damage.


BTW matchmaker/consultants generally make $3000 to $4500 for the very best guys.

9:11 pm
March 29, 2012



posts 9


Mair is involved with the Bellevilel show coming up this month?  guess his tactics work anyways.

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