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Combat Sport Commisions in Canada


1:58 pm
October 27, 2010



posts 6


I was reading the thread about an mma event happening on Native land in Ontario and the discussion was about the legality of the event etc.

My question is how many combat commisions are overseeing mma events in Canada? I know of a few like in Edmonton, Lethbridge, Llyodminister, Quebec.

What is the situation in B.C.? I know one show for sure that runs with no commision overseeing medicals, matchmaking etc. Other than that I have no clue who oversees the shows in Victoria, Prince George, Vernon.

Is just having a municipal commission enough if what we are really after is fighter safety, weeding out shady promoters and the like?

Is Ontario overseeing mma events gonna stop shows from happening on Reserve land in Ontario or Anywhere else for that matter?

It definatley didn't stop shine fights from operating a 1 night tourney in Oklahoma, which does have an Combat Sports commission.

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5:20 pm
October 27, 2010

Keith Grienke


posts 714


You ask a lot of very good questions. 

There are a lot of commissions overseeing MMA events in Canada.  Some are good, some are bad.  None seem to follow the same rules.

I would rather have a safe, unsanctioned show than a unsafe, poorly matched sanctioned show.

10:29 pm
October 27, 2010

harry balls


posts 290


Do you think a national body/law of some sort would work? I mean, fighters carry their record from province to province no matter what promotion they fight for.

           And the past few years in Ottawa have been a joke; I can literally take a walk to go watch legal MMA but it's verboten in my home province (which is even lulzier considering the number of MMA gyms in Ontario).

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1:03 am
October 28, 2010



posts 18


Regarding Ontario:

I doubt reserve events will ever be touched by cops, cause they're generally held on a reserve.  I know sherdog, etc wont even list them (i think there are 2 reserve run promotions).  They are defiently VERY poorly run and overseen, and like gypsys they disappear and emerge out of nowwhere signing d-class fighters, the most recent I can remember got cancelled the day of weigh-in's with no explanation, and had aliases used on their card in lue of fighters names to prevent fighters from becoming banned in other commissions.  Sketchy.

1:15 am
October 28, 2010

Jason Bouwmeester


posts 179


I would love to see commissions at least at the provincial level – hopefully being overseen by something on the federal level. Pipe dream maybe, but I think it'd be best for the sport in Canada all around!

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1:24 am
October 28, 2010



posts 18


I think once Ontario gets everything organized, the commission will be well run :)  But illegal events will always happen, cops have much more important things to do than bust an athletic promoter..  CASK is excellent at what they do with kickboxing but there are still retard promoter wannabee's who run sketch events behind without sanctioning.  Same will happen with MMA, unless it becomes up to someone other than cops to shut them down.

7:12 am
October 28, 2010

Robin Black


posts 235


I spoke with Ken Hayashi at a CFC show (that he flew to to take in and study) and he seemed like a good guy who's intent on doing MMA in Ontario properly.

Watch for Ontario shows by mid year.


9:43 am
October 28, 2010



posts 6


Sorry the last part of my first post should've read "didn't stop shine fights from running a 1 night tournament on Reserve Land in oklahoma, which does have a commission"

I have doubts that Ontario sanctioning mma will stop the reserve shows, shady promoters looking for quick bucks will still go where they can actually put on shows with out the oversight of a sanctioning body.

I like that the province of Ontario and Quebec will oversee MMA events and I hope that the rest of the provinces will use their models/same rules and make mma rules/regulations unified across this entire great country of ours! 

I believe having a hundred small municipally run Commisions across the country is almost as bad as having unsanctioned shows with no oversight. Some of these small commissions do not do a good job and some of  the commissioners seem to have no clue about matchmaking and fighter safety.

Other than that, I absolutley love that mma is happening all over the country. Canada has a tonne of great talent, great fighters and great people involved with the sport.

Ego is Potentials worst enemy.

9:47 am
October 28, 2010



posts 6


Robin Black said:

I spoke with Ken Hayashi at a CFC show (that he flew to to take in and study) and he seemed like a good guy who's intent on doing MMA in Ontario properly.

Watch for Ontario shows by mid year.


Man Ken Hayashi does such a poor job with boxing already and will ruin MMA in Ontario. He runs a lazy commission known for not allowing boxing events to happen because they were within a month or two of another event, and claimed he just doesn't have the time to oversee more events! With him in charge you will see 1 or 2 major promotions being able to do a few shows a year and the rest will resort to going to Native land or holding "amature" events.

Ego is Potentials worst enemy.

12:23 am
October 29, 2010



posts 18


I heard through talks coming from someone from the OBA that CASK will oversee MMA in Ontario, can anyone confirm this?Confused

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