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Candian MMA Fighters – Did Not Perform List


6:10 pm
October 6, 2012

Keith Grienke


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Post edited 6:15 pm – October 6, 2012 by Keith Grienke

Just going to create a list of fighters who were booked to fight but fight got cancelled at the last minute due to unprofessionalism.  Maybe they missed weight by 21 pounds, maybe they did not do their medicals on time, maybe they caught chicken flu, etc…

Maybe this could become a resource for promoters to search prior to booking guys.  

October 4, 2012

Fighter: Shadey Yellowbird (Amateur)

Reason: Showed up 21 pounds overweight

Where: Unified MMA 13 Weigh-Ins

Times on List: 1


October 5, 2012

Fighter: Phil Deschambeault (Pro)

Reason: Failed to get medicals completed/blood work missing

Where: King of the Cage: Genesis (see promoter Josh Machan's comments)

Times on List: 1

10:55 am
October 13, 2012

Keith Grienke


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Post edited 10:56 am – October 13, 2012 by Keith Grienke

November 26, 2011

Fighter: William Hatch

Reason: Could not make 185, fight moved to 205 and missed that by 10 lbs.  Fight cancelled.

Where: EFC 11

Times on List: 1

3:42 pm
October 17, 2012

Keith Grienke


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Post edited 1:46 pm – November 7, 2012 by Keith Grienke

March 16 and July 28, 2012 

Fighter: Jessie Veltri

Reason: Twice pulled out of fights the day of the fights after showing up at venue.  Once for Food Poisoning, Once for hurt knee.

Where: ECF 2, Hard Knocks 22

Times on List: 2

NOTE: He did rematch the opponent who lost his fight due to the knee injury on HK23.


July 2011

Fighter: Devan Garnon

Reason: Unpaid ticket Money, Bailing at AX 2 Weigh-ins (see Steve Fader's post below)

Where: Ax Combat 2

Times on List: 1


June 15, 2012

Fighter (ammy): Jesse Nergard

Reason: Unpaid ticket money, rent

Where: AFC 10

Times on List

8:10 pm
October 27, 2012


New Member

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Devan Garnon, 


July 2011 AX 1, "lost" $3700 dollars in ticket money and was paid his show purse regardless to compete vs Ryan Hunter. An arrangement was made to fight at no cost on AX2 nov 11 2011. Devan was issued more tickets under the stipulation that he return monies weekly in exchange for more ticket money, $800 of $2000 worth of ticket money was returned. 


He then proceeded to experience "concussion" symptoms during the weigh ins for the event after appearing normal for three weeks preceding the event, and also 3 weeks AFTER the alleged "event" from which he suffered the concussion. 


A confrontation occurred at the weigh ins and the outstanding money both from the first event as well as the second event has STILL not been collected. There is still just under$5000 worth of money owed to AFC Calgary pertaining to Devan Garnon. He did not compete in nov. 


AFC 10, June 15 2012, Jesse Nergard, Amateur fighter from Calgary Training out of MMA University, called me 5 weeks before our june 15th event and told me that revenue Canada had garnished unpaid GST payments from his "registered business" and that he was going to have to go into the oilfield in order to work and pay for his two children and wife to live. Specifically that he could not pay his rent. 

I asked how much his rent was and he told me $1400, at this point jesse had also been issued $1700 worth of AFC event tickets in hopes of selling to earn a commission and have his friends and family attend. I proceeded to tell Jesse that we would pay his rent, and in exchange we would keep his commission and work out the rest after. At this point, i considered Jesse a friend. 


Jesse decided to fake an injury after cashing my check, jam out of the event, and close ALL communication with me until after our event. The ticket money owed($1700) as well as the money i paid for his rent($1400) total $3100 has STILL not been repaid, no effort has been made only death threats and ramblings of a desperate man attempting to convince me that he is in fact "not dodging" me. 


I would recommend any promoter steer clear of these two supposed "men". They are in fact, spineless excuses for people and both should never be given the opportunity to fight for any promotion, EVER…. 


heads up. its sad but true. 


Love the thread by the way. These things need to be publicized. 


10:15 am
October 29, 2012

Keith Grienke


posts 714


Post edited 1:46 pm – November 7, 2012 by Keith Grienke

Just brutal.  Thanks for adding it.  Added them above.

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