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Canadian MMA Marathon – January 1st and 2nd on the Fight Network!


10:29 pm
December 24, 2010

Cody Rempel


posts 205


Post edited 10:36 pm – December 24, 2010 by Cody Rempel

I was just flipping through the program listings on the PVR and discovered that The Fight Network will be airing TONS of Canadian fight cards to start off the new year on January 1-2.

Here's what's on Tap:

January 1st:

*MMA At The Rock 1 – Huveneers vs Kiarash Moghaddam

*Ringside MMA: Triple Threat – Jackson vs Gautier, Southern vs Grandmont, Debut of Misha Chirkunov

*Canadian Fighting Championship 4 – Wessel vs Christison, Makdessi vs Hawkes, Degenhardt vs Stranger

*MFL 2: Battleground – Loiseau vs Post, Bosse vs Eastman, Murphy vs Hosier

*AFC 2: Aftershock – Starnes vs Hicks, Hinchliffe vs MacIver

*TFC 10: High Voltage – Ford vs Speer, Valimaki vs Desilets 1, Bachmann vs Wedderburn

*Ringside MMA: Rage – DeLorenzi vs R. Machan, Gagnon vs Lamarche

*EFC 4: Respect – Steele vs Gervais, Carr vs Beausoleil, Chemelli vs Sather

*Battlefield Fight League 1

*Hard Knocks Fighting

*MMA at the Rock 2

January 2nd:

*EFC 5: Summer Rumble – St. Preux vs Day, Cardinal vs Berube, Lautischer vs Dallyn

*AFC 1: Big Bang – Hinchliffe vs Chambers, Neil vs Demarce, MacIver vs Wilson

*Battlefield Fight League 2

*TFC 11: Full Force – Valimaki vs Desilets 2, Clarke vs J. Machan, McGillivray vs Wedderburn

*Hard Knocks Fighting 8

*Battlefield Fight League 3

*Battlefield Fight League 4

"Believe in yourself. Believe in your own potential for greatness. Believe that you can change the world.

It is something that is within each of us. Believe in the Power of One"

-Evan Tanner

2:31 pm
December 25, 2010

Marc-Andre Drolet


posts 216


Just cleared the drive on the PVR so i have room for it all.

Great job on some solid Canadian content.

3:28 pm
December 25, 2010

Mike Davis


posts 212


thats great thanks for the heads up!!!!

3:16 pm
December 26, 2010



posts 83


why is it that this network is showing a program about Bum fights? i dont care if its a documentary or not it doesnt have a place on t.v. let alone a channel dedicated to MMA, Boxing, and unfortunately wrestling! lol but seriously why is it even on?

9:01 am
December 27, 2010

Robin Black


posts 235


Documentary programming examines something.

I think that strange phenomenon is absolutely worth examining within the context of combat sports. Is it deeply offensive? Why? Is this the dark side of the growth of combat sports? Did the UFC fans cause this shit? How do we keep the UFC's growth from causing these dark spots on society?

Its a bit think-y but its totally relevant.

Its a really interesting documentary.

You might see a documentary on overeating on The Food Network. Totally relevant.

12:39 pm
December 27, 2010



posts 83


When a new fan or someone who already think MMA is Brutal, human cock fighting, flash in the pan sport, will see that the only channel that regularly shows mma nation wide plays this kind of crap willcontinue to think the same thing! Can you blame them? even wrestling channel dont show those retarded kids in the back yards trying to kill one another! That is the equivilent atleast in my opinion! Seriously dude do you honestly think that anything bum fightes has a place on this network?

1:58 pm
December 27, 2010

Keith Grienke


posts 714


Cody Rempel said:

I was just flipping through the program listings on the PVR and discovered that The Fight Network will be airing TONS of Canadian fight cards to start off the new year on January 1-2.

This is awesome.  My wife is out of town so I will be pulling up my couch and watching most of this.

3:28 pm
December 27, 2010

Robin Black


posts 235


Yes, I honestly think a documentary intelligently examining the dark sides of these things belongs on TV. I really do. It gets people talking. Creates dialog and self-examination. Documentaries, at their best, can create change in thinking.

Your opinion is a legitimate one tho man. I like docs, and like to look at things from all angles. But I completely hear ya. Your point is valid and well put.

I would hate to see dumb kids hurting themselves back yard wrestling. But I would LOVE to see a documentary that examines why these idiots do it, the risks, the parents, the dangers, a kid living with paralysis after a stunt gone wrong, etc. I would totally love to watch that.

6:28 pm
December 27, 2010



posts 83


i guess i will just have to agree to disagree….. lol still aint gonna watch it but hell the programing w=has got allot better over there no doubt! weol except for those billy maze advertisments! lol but hey we all got bills to pay!

6:45 pm
December 27, 2010

Robin Black


posts 235


I like the way you roll Trent Thorne.

10:16 pm
December 27, 2010

Tyler Davis


posts 160


WHEN THE HELL IS KOTC 48 showing????

11:50 pm
December 27, 2010



posts 83


bahahaha thanks Robin Black! but i doubt thats your real name………  lol


Ya when is my ass kicking gonna be on t.V.?  im sure there gonna show that shit! bah why couldnt they show me knockling that guy out from the last faight dammitt! dont they know i have an 11 year old dammitt!!! lol

5:22 pm
December 28, 2010

Tyler Davis


posts 160



11:12 pm
December 28, 2010

Marc-Andre Drolet


posts 216


Robin Black is his legal name … Now

8:44 am
December 29, 2010

Robin Black


posts 235


Yep, I was born Robin Charles Ledoux. Changed it in '97.

Pretty happy with how its worked out. Parents were cool with it too.

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