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AFC Drysdale


7:07 pm
October 14, 2010

Keith Grienke


posts 714


Drysdale is not taking the easy route in his pro MMA career. First he took on Bastien Huveneers who was something like 8-2-1 at the time. Now he takes on Clay Davidson 5-1.

7:24 pm
October 14, 2010

Bobby Karimi-Busheri


posts 206


I'm picking Drysdale to finish it in the 1st.

He's taking on good challenges.

8:21 pm
October 14, 2010

Marc-Andre Drolet


posts 216


excellent job matchmaking him. It's not easy matching an 0-0 guy with such high level experience.

Curious to see how far he goes, and how he does when the going gets tough, and somebody puts a few fists in his face.

Good times.

11:11 pm
October 14, 2010

Mike Davis


posts 212


cant wait he is going to be fun watching build up much like Xander Riberio who also is taking a tough path, love any ADCC level guys going into MMA.

10:16 am
October 15, 2010

Jamie Locke


posts 222


This is another good match up for Drysdale for sure. Huveneers is a great striker and I expected Drysdale to try and stand with him for a minute before the take down and sub that was inevitable.


This match is a grappler vs grappler, whihc means it'll probably be on the mat in the openning seconds of the fight. I would like to see Drysdale come out and show us some striking skill before demolishing Clay on the mat.


Maybe the next match up will be against a powerfull striker with a good sprawl who will force Drysdale to stand, then we'll see how well rounded he is in MMA, not just Jits, which he has already show he is world class!

11:32 am
October 15, 2010

Sean Quinn


posts 196


Its good to see that he is taking on appropriate challenges. I half expected that he would either be fed cans for a few fights, or be thrown in the deep end. I think he has had the right kind of match ups to challenge him but allow him the opportunities he needs to work his overall game.

11:40 am
October 15, 2010

Jamie Locke


posts 222


It's my understanding that his agreement with the AFC would allow him to face challenging opponents, no cans and no studs.


He wanted to take a "normal" progression into the sport because no doubt, he is headed to the UFC after enough experience.


All other promotions he talked to apparently wanted him to fight their champs, or top end guys right away, other wanted to feed him cans to beef his record up for the UFC. AFC is goving him good, fair opponents for his skill level.


I am just anxious to see how he does against a strong striker with a good take-down defense. Not that I am syaing he has to do this right away, or that is what's best for him… I'm just an excited fan.

1:41 pm
October 15, 2010

Cody Rempel


posts 205


Agreed… I love the way AFC is bringing Drysdale up, Just like Aggression and KOTC with Mukai, Tough fights! No cans and no Killers! Hopefully HeatXC/MFC do the same with Shane Campbell after this fight! Based purely on looks this kid doesn't look like he's got much of a shot against Shaolin!

"Believe in yourself. Believe in your own potential for greatness. Believe that you can change the world.

It is something that is within each of us. Believe in the Power of One"

-Evan Tanner

3:30 pm
October 15, 2010

Mike Davis


posts 212


Misha Cirkunov was being brought up well with a good amount of hype but I think they dropped the ball putting him against on of  Cesar Gracie's bright prospects who was 4-0 going into the fight and got a lot of talk from Cesar himself on the Fight Works Podcast before the fight happend in Roy Boughto.

2:04 pm
October 16, 2010



posts 105


Misha was beating Boughton before he gassed…its not like he was outclassed by Boughton

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