Top MMA News Welterweight Rankings

As of May 30, 2014

1) Rory MacDonald

2) Jordan Mein

3) Patrick Côté

4) Ryan Ford

5) Sean Pierson

6) Alex Garcia

7) Joel Powell

8) Chris Clements

9) Matt MacGrath

10) Ryan Machan


55 Responses to “ Top MMA News Welterweight Rankings ”

  1. metta world peace says:

    Mein needs a different camp and he will be legit.

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  2. Mein is not legit already?

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  3. brandon says:


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  4. Graham Weenk says:

    Jordan Mein is legit no doubt! wins over Burkman, Perpetuo, stinson, riggs, miller, and so close to finishing Matt Brown…thats top level competition, he’s legit. Its so tough to pick between Cote, Pierson, and Mein for spots 2,3,4…really hard to argue any one of those guys being ranked above the other. Solid Canadian talent at 170lb

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  5. lookatme says:

    Matt brown destroyed Mein what were you watching? The liver shot stunned brown but wasn’t even close to being finished. Perpetuo almost had him submitted as well. I think a change of scenery and some professional coaching uld get him close to top 15 however.
    Pierson and Cote are studs as well. Definitely some talent in Canada 170 for sure. Any other legit HWs other then Rama?

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