Top MMA News Middleweight Rankings

As of September 1, 2014

1) Nick Ring

2) Joe Doerksen

3) Elias Theodorou

4) Nordine Taleb

5) Luke Harris

6) Ryan Janes

7) Brad Stewart

8) David Perron

9) Mike Kent

10) Adam Hunter


60 Responses to “ Top MMA News Middleweight Rankings ”

  1. Tom Vick says:

    Pat Cote

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  2. chappyflair says:

    MacDonald. are you guys nuts? He has the worst strategy for every fight. the guy is content hanging in with the best not beating the best

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  3. Dan says:

    JOE has to b #1 OR #2.. KANG??.. MacDonald R U KIDDIN ME..

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Keep in mind that these rankings were updated before Doerkson’s wins over Chad Herrick, Tom Lawlor and Shawn Marchand!

    I have no doubt that Joe will take over the top spot when Keith revisits the MW rankings in the future!

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  5. Jason says:

    Doerkson/Marchand was a bit of a disappointing fight – Marchand didn’t really look… I dunno what the right word is. Thought he would have looked better considering it was his chance to fight a current UFC rostered fighter outside of the UFC. Post fight Doerkson mentioned that the UFC basically told him he HAD to win against Marchand.

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Didn’t look like he had a “sense of urgency”?

    It’s not often you get a chance to fight a current roster UFC fighter outside of the “Octagon” You better make the most of that opportunity if it comes up!

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  7. Rankings are from April 2010. Notice there is no Cote on there as well. He had not fight in the past year.

    I agree that Doerksen is #1. We’ll see how my ranking partners feel when we get to MW.

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  8. Davis says:

    what is going on with Jesse Bongfeldt? and Doerksen with his win streak should climb ahead of Kang here soon.

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  9. war says:

    Im pumped for nick ring, and yes el dirte should be number 1

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    I really hope Ring gets a shot in the UFC after his knee heals up!

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  11. Maricar says:

    Don’t forget that MacDonald has beat Doerkson twice now. The last time KOing him.Since then Joe has beat a few no name guys and got back to the UFC and had a great win vs Lawlor. MacDonald has cotinued to fight top guys, winning some and losing a few but top guys not cans ie. Horwich, white, Lutter. No way Doerkson is ahead of MacDonald! Maybe ahead of Kang and Cote but only because of inactivity and injury. No way beating a few guys that are no where near your level makes you #1…..

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  12. They were only proven to not be his level, after he finished them.

    Does boring wins over Hutcherson, White, and loss to Lutter make him much better?

    What if the KO at UFC 83 was from an accidental and unintentional headbutt. Up until that point the fight was all Doerksen, and he almost brought his arm with him.

    He’ll be rated number one because he’s won 6 fights in a row.

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  13. It sucks that MacDonald was injured in his last fight and will be out of action for awhile. But either way you look at it, he lost that fight, and Doerksen has won 2 since the last ratings.

    Kang has also won since then.

    It will be interesting to see how these guys all rate.

    Bottom line is anybody on this list could be on top any given day. Few wins and a guy could end up #1, or a few losses and he could retire.

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  14. Lets remember Cote must be added somewhere too. Middleweight is a tough division to rank.

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  15. Maricar says:

    I agree that it is very hard to rank Kang, MacDonald, Doerksen and Cote. Basically depends on who is fighting more at that time and who has the last win.

    All I was saying is win or lose at the time of the last ranking Cote, MacDonald and Kang were fighting the tougher competition. MacDonald had the better wins at that point. Doerksen had wins but aganist much lower competition, Chad Herrick 6-5, Shawn Marchand 8-6???? Come on!

    As of today Doerksen would be #1 if Kang beats Fihlo in a few weeks he’s #1, if MacDonald was not injuried in the UFC and beat Salter he would still be #1. Cote needs a win but lets not forget his second last fight was Anderson for the title…Anyway you look at it, Canada as some strong MW’s!

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  16. I agree, it could change each fight practically.

    Imagine if MacDonald, and Cote had won in Montreal?

    I think it’s a great problem for Canada to have.

    I sure hope Filho shows up for the Kang fight in Australia.

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  17. maricar says:

    My problem really lies with getting ranked based on fighting guys of a much lower calibre. Give Kang, Cote and MacDonald the same 7 fights that Doerksen had and you would see the same results as Joe. Same as I have a problem with The Crow getting back to the UFC after one win over Chester Post 6-20???? and then doing even less than he did aganist Herman!

    I think the system has to be based on results and results aganist quality guys. Degenhardt could bang off 4 more wins aganist unknown guys but does that make him the #1 MW having never faced a top guy???? Not a chance!

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  18. Great points.

    It’s a struggle we deal with everytime we look at our rankings.

    Joe also has wins over Cote, Loiseau and Kang int he past which counts for something.

    I agree on calibre of wins though, and opposition.

    We appreciate your input, and one day we’ll have a bit better system.

    More important to me is that we have the right 10 guys ranked, regardless of who we think is #1. It’s only an opinion.

    Another problem I have with most of these guys, is pretty much none of them are willing to fight each other. (Or only the UFC could afford to put the fights together with their demands)

    I don’t even blame any of the guys, but would it ever be easier if they just all fought each other!

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  19. Bobby Karimi says:

    “Joe also has wins over Cote, Loiseau and Kang int he past which counts for something”

    No. Man, how far back do you wanna go… lets count his losses to Potvin and Egan etc and count everyone elses wins/losses.
    Come on man

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  20. I’m only saying that to show he’s had some real wins in his career. And that with his 60 fights experience, he’s beaten some solid guys, and lost to some top ranked guys in tough close fights on no notice.

    Those wins aren’t really being factored in on the rankings, other than from his overall wins, etc.

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  21. Maricar says:

    That was kind of my point from the start. MacDonald has the better recent wins as well as two wins over Joe. The last fairly recent.

    Regardless of who is #1 right now, all four of them are well ahead of the rest of the pack!

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  22. If Filho shows up in Australia and Kang wins, I think Kang is the number 1 !

    I agree with Maricar. These four guys are well ahead of the rest.

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  23. Bigtoe says:

    J day will need to come off that list until he gets his shit together!

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  24. Captainmma says:

    Would love to see Degenhardt fight hinchliffe or Starnes to prove he belongs in 9th or 8th spot.

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  25. Captainmma says:

    make the crow fight one of them and prove he deserves to even be on the list.

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  26. Bigtoe says:

    When was the last time water bong fought? Or anyone worth mentioning?

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  27. Captainmma says:

    Any word on Nick Ring? Is he back training or does he have an idea when he will fight again?

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  28. SlickRick says:

    When are the next middleweight rankings coming out. Where does Pat Cote fit into them? How long does inactivity affect you being removed from the list?

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  29. lee says:

    jordan mein

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  30. Jamie Locke says:

    Nick Ring back at it in the new year!

    Ring vs Riki Fukuda at UFC 127…

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  31. kev says:

    update once a year maybe????? lol

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  32. These were updated a month and a half ago.

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  33. ccanadx says:

    Sports ranking are always a great debate. The good thing is someone, somewhere is honestly trying to sort out order out of disjointed events.

    Granted with you tube and more fights on TV the data available is better. Overtime, things will improve. It stimulates interest, motivates fighters etc.

    The greater mma community should be greatful for the guy who does this. Its a service and a valuable one– thank you.
    Is it a job well done? I have not seen enough fighters to judge but if the guy doing the ranking gets PO’ed and quits, then all is lost.

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  34. armlocks4u says:

    how can fighter that are retired still be in the lineup like kalib, also bastien is a contendet and TFC champ but inactive for almost a year and is out with an injury for 9 months. Guys like jordan mein and matt baker higher up. both on what 5 fight win streaks

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  35. Cody Rempel says:

    These rankings were last done over three months ago so Starnes had not yet retired and the inactivity period is 12 months so Huveneers is still eligible until December 2011.

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  36. colby stein says:

    Denis kang should be dropped maybe to afew cuz his losses, kalib starnes is retired, bastien has not fought since TFC

    1) Nick Ring

    2) Jason Macdonald

    3) Patrick Cote

    4) Denis Kang

    5) Jordan Mein

    6) Joe Doerksen

    7) David Loiseau

    8) Jesse Bongfeldt

    9) Matt Baker

    10) Bastien Huveneers

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  37. Bdc says:

    Anderson prob shouldnt be on this list, we dont even know if he is canadian. He wasnt born in canada and hasnt lived here in 10 plus years. His spot should be givin to a true canadian middleweight.

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  38. narouque says:

    Anderson deserves to b on that list. I seen him fight q heavy weight gp tournamnt and ko’d everyone to win it. He will fight anyone anytime. He also one 2nd in Asia k1 gp in 2010.

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  39. EPerez says:

    Switch Bongfelt and MacDonald and and Id switch Kang with Doerksen.

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  40. Jana says:

    Jordan Mein? Matt MacGrath?

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  41. PUCK says:

    This ranking is way outdated I’m thinking?

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  42. PUCK says:

    And Ring at #1? I think Joe d.,Cote,Macdonald,bongfeldt and kang beat him.

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  43. Codey says:

    Anderson hasnt fought anyone decent to be on that list.
    Asia really lacks any good talent at the moment.

    He won a HW GP in Taiwan. There definitely are no good opponents in that region. What were the records of his opponents? Who did they fight?

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  44. Just Laughable says:

    Codey i would have to agree i watched video of him and it was lets just say lacklustre….. and to answer your question see below first record is what the opponent was when he fought them and second in brackets is what they are now… and with exception of “the stun gun” which was also in 2009 there is NO ONE legit on the record. The list goes from his most recent win back to his first fight.

    1-0 (2-1)
    2-0 (3-2)
    0-0 (0-1)
    1-0 (1-5)
    0-0 (0-1)
    0-1 (0-2)
    5-4 (7-8)
    14-6 (20-6) Stun Gun
    1-2 (1-4)
    0-0-1 (0-1-1)
    0-0 (0-1)

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  45. We use Sherdog.

    His last fight was against Haejun Yang who was 7-2(7-4) which is a legit win. Yang beat Joaquim Ferreira, who was one of two people to beat Junior Dos Santos, so that makes Anderson the #1 contender for the HW title. Just kidding. However, this fight is not on your list. Also…The Dong Hyun Kim he drew with is not the Stun Gun.

    As well, on Sherdog he is 16-1. You have 11 fights listed.

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  46. Just Laughable says:

    I used for the only reason it shows up to date medical suspensions and is also the only achknowledged site used by official commissions. Regardless if missing a few i would have to say that overall those 11 fights give a good representation of the caliber of fights he has had for the majority

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  47. Just Laughable says:

    just to add a bit more and i used sherdog to find the missing fights and also note one of my missed fights was his loss and also 5 of them were right at the beginning of his career so its not like they were wins recently against legit fighters with exception of Yang in his very last fight and also fixed the stun gun fight.

    7-2 (7-4) Haejun Yang (added)
    1-0 (2-1) Dongxing Wu
    2-0 (3-2) Hae Suk Son
    0-0 (0-1) Tim Kretschmer
    0-0 (2-1) Gele Qing (added)
    1-0 (1-5) Bhupesh Kamble
    0-0 (0-1) Hyoung Woo Kim
    0-1 (0-2) Ross Lavery
    5-4 (7-8) Ivan Ivanov
    5-2-2 (9-5-3) Dong Hyun Kim (Fixed)
    1-2 (1-4) Dong Ho Han
    0-0-1 (0-1-1) Zhou Xiao Tong
    5-0 (8-0) Hailin Ao (Added his loss)
    0-0 (0-1) Rafael Santana
    1-1 (2-3) Hagan Cooper (added
    0-0 (0-1) Lijin Li (added)
    0-0 (0-1) Shinwei Tzeng (added)
    0-0 (0-1) Bochun Lai (Added)

    and as you can see the added fights only add to the long list of reasons he should not be on that list with those great fighters

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  48. Cody Rempel says:

    I’d love to see Anderson against any of those non-UFC top ten Middleweights… Denis Kang fights a lot in the far east, anyone have any connections out there to suggest a fight? haha

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  49. LOL @Just Laughable…you originally left out Anderson’s best win so that means “and as you can see the added fights only add to the long list of reasons he should not be on that list with those great fighters”? Yang is a good win.

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  50. Just Laughable says:

    1 good win does not change 15 wins against guys with zero wins or zero fights period. i also left out his only loss so there :) only loss and only good win cancel each other out but then i still added 5 other can wins against guys with zero fights like common Keith ??? he has fought 7 guys that had never stepped foot in a cage or ring before ? can you really defend that ? and not only that he had 15 fights and still fought a guy that had never fought before

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