Top MMA News Middleweight Rankings

As of September 1, 2014

1) Nick Ring

2) Joe Doerksen

3) Elias Theodorou

4) Nordine Taleb

5) Luke Harris

6) Ryan Janes

7) Brad Stewart

8) David Perron

9) Mike Kent

10) Adam Hunter


60 Responses to “ Top MMA News Middleweight Rankings ”

  1. With Bongfeldt heading out of the top 10 for inactivity and Kang not looking good at all, Anderson could move up.

    MW is a super thin division.

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  2. PUCK says:

    Plus Starns and Jay-Mac are done fighting I thought?

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  3. Darren Owen says:

    Ryan Janes, David Perron and Elias Theodorou should get consideration. And Starnes isn’t done fighting.

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  4. LBoutin says:

    Good to hear Starnes isn’t done. He’s definetly an underrated talent at 185

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  5. PUCK says:

    mmm Kent has now lost 2 of the last 3 fights,Starns has lost 3 in a row and Jay Mac don’t fight anymore and kang has lost 4 of his last 5? Can we get a new list soon please as theres a bunch of dudes that shouldn’t be here anymore I think…Thoughts?

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  6. Perron vs Starnes is this weekend. MW rankings will be there next week.

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  7. PUCK says:


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  8. Vanch says:

    2 quick fights and Theodorou is now 8-0. Serious consideration should be paid to the spartan.

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  9. MVPete says:

    When are the new rankings going to be made available? And I heard the Spartan is on his way to the UFC anyone know about this?

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  10. JZ says:

    When are we getting new ranking for middleweight is kang still fighting it’s been over a year since his last fight.

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