Top MMA News Light-Heavyweight Rankings

Updated February 22, 2016

1. Misha Cirkunov

2. Ryan Jimmo

3. Kalib Starnes

4. Todd Stoute

5. Adam Hunter

6. Anton Tokarchuk

7. Jared McComb

8. Nick Campbell

9. Devon Smith

10.William Carriere


50 Responses to “ Top MMA News Light-Heavyweight Rankings ”

  1. teegen says:

    cant wait to see jimmo in the ufc, hopefully his time is near

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  2. war says:

    Jimmo is a class act and a great fighter, cant wait to see his future. I would also like to see lewis fight desilets unfortunately with one being in mfc the other in tfc that wont happen.

    Lewis is great to watch, very entertaining. The valimaki desilet rematch will be great to watch as well

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  3. Linda Jimmo says:

    No question who #1 Light Heavy Weight is –is there—For sure, it is Ryan Jimmo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  4. stoneman says:

    Hey Linda JImmo – this sight is for fight fans only !!!!! (don’t know if moms get a vote..:)


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  5. Bobby Karimi-Busheri says:

    What if the mom is a fight fan?

    Linda’s awesome!

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  6. stoneman says:

    lol….well I aint really gonna argue with her(her whole family will beat me up)……if she wants a vote she gets one.

    and ya, she’s pretty cool ;)

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  7. Robin Black says:

    Everyone wishes they had their own Linda Jimmo in their corner.

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  8. Top MMA News is a fan of Mom’s.

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  9. Robin Black says:

    The only fight of mine my mom was at I got Guillotined in the first minute. I was so choked (literally).

    My mom said she was proud of me but I wasn’t so sure…. :)

    Just kidding. My mom rules.

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  10. LMJ says:

    Glad to be a fight Mom !!!!!!!!

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  11. Hawkes says:

    Well Mamma Hawkes is always cheering and supporting all of the MMA fighters, but of course I am Lindsey Hawkes #1 fan….

    Ditto: glad to be a fight Mom!!!!!

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  12. zach b says:

    No just outside list … inactive list,,,

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  13. LMJ says:

    Any results yet from the Jimmo–Ksos poll !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  14. kev says:

    K-sos would wreck Ryan Jimmo. Seriously, theres no way jimmo should be ranked number 1 over UFC’s K-sos. Look at who they’ve both fought? Really!! Nuthuggers.

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  15. Kendall says:

    agreed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! K-sos would destroy Jimmo, too many jokers on this shit.

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  16. MW Hoack says:

    I think Jimmo would give K-sos a good run. In my opinion he is more well rounded. I would also like to watch Bosse and Lewis, to bad they are both in different organizations. Is bosses deal exclusive? how about desilets?

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  17. Ares says:

    Nick Penner even though inactive due to injury destroys half that list at 205

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  18. viciousbeast says:

    hey Jay i agree penner beats a good majority on the list but needs some fights before he gets back in the swing of things and takes on the top cats, i wanna see him melt chemelli first off

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  19. Trent says:

    im gonna take Chemelli on this fight! mark my words people!

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  20. Diamond says:

    Trent if your taking all your info from this fight you will be wrong. Take a look at all sports acl Injuries, not the easiest to come back. Give penner a proper training camp and and he will run over chemelli. Chemelli has no game except brawling.

    Why is bosse still ranked 5th? We need new updates. Same with manhood. Also, will Hollet and desilet change?

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  21. kris says:

    Hmmm I’m interested to see how the rest of the year plays out, since I do not agree with this list, and it happens to have been updated in the future…December 2011? And Trent you’re high!!!!

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  22. Jarvis says:

    Chemelli is gonna wreck Penner. Penner didnt look very good at Bully Fight Night. I watched it firsthand.

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  23. bfn fan says:

    I would imagine Penner didnt look his best after having nearly two years off from MMA training and almost 15 months off of training period coming back from major reconstructive knee surgery. I disagree Jarvis, Penner told his camp and made it a point to fight ganshorn on the ground because guys like you said Penner would only stand and bang with him. I think that was stupid of Penner to do.

    I cant wait for this fight with Chemelli, Penner will wreck him. Unless that is, Chemelli ducks him again for the fourth time. Im a big Chemelli fan and love watching his fights; I have been a fan of his for a while. But now Penner shook off some ring rust and he can finally get back to training full time. Nevermind the fact that Penner has always loved fighting guys who attack. When he was a Canadian Kick Boxing champion he thrived on counter fighting and in the clinch. I dont see that working well for Chemelli

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  24. bfn fan says:

    Either way, this is a good stepping stone for both those guys and I wish them both the best. I hope whichever fighter wins will move on to bigger and better fights every few months

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  25. War says:

    Bottom line, Chemelli is one dimensional. I dont think people understand that Penner has a 3-0 Pro boxing record, won numerous Canadian Kick Boxing titles and has a purple belt in BJJ. He stood and traded with Australia’s Tyson Folino in a Pro Muay Thai Fight. Folino has won many Australian Pro Titles and has fought the best Muay Thai fighters in the country, also trained in Thailand for two years.

    You guys really underestimate Penner. He wont lose to any of these guys. Most of them can only stand and trade. Which is incredibly exciting by the way. Thats why Jimmo wont lose either. I cant stand watching Jimmo, but no one will beat him on this list, he is good at everything and if you argue with that you have no understanding of the fight game.

    I am hoping to see Bosse get back in the mix. What happened to him? has not fought in a while. And to bad Desilet lost to Hollet, that will really hurt his chances of making a big show within the next little bit

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  26. Bobby Karimi says:

    Kris: it happens to have been updated in the future…December 2011?

    HAHAHA! Awesome find!

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  27. Watchoo talkin’ bout BKB? ;)

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  28. Bobby Karimi says:

    HAHAHA nice!

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  29. mike says:



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  30. Edmonton MMA says:

    I thought I heard falcao couldn’t fight anymore for some reason. That would be great to have him out here against Jimmo!

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  31. Mach 81 says:

    I dont have any problem with davidson. Just curious what warrents him 8th spot on this list? Is valimacki still fighting? I would like to see him vs chemelli, bosse or lewis

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  32. L-Boutin says:

    Falcao is a MW

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  33. nightmare says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  34. truth says:

    Misha Cirkunov is stuck at #10…because none of the guys who are not in the UFC, don’t want to fight him.

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  35. Aaron Robinson says:

    @truth, first of all your grammar is absolutely fucking terrible. “none of the guys who are not in the UFC, don’t want to fight him” ??? Is that even English? Second, Chemelli took a fight with Misha no questions asked and Misha got hurt a week prior to the event. Don’t remember that?? Figures…

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  36. truth says:

    @ar…my english is solid enough that you understood the point.

    chemili is scared. when they tried to set up the fight at later date, he took penner fight… then after that fight..when they again tried to set it up again..chemili couldnt because he had work reasons. do you remember that? :P

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  37. Tim Chemelli says:

    Let me put some light on this topic.. After Misha got hurt I was offered to fight him again but was also offered to fight penner, so I took the penner fight. And yes I was offered to fight him again but the timing was not right for me I work a full time job and couldn’t make it work. Ill fight who ever my manager thinks is a good match up for me. So for me being scared of him I’m sorry to tell you your misinformed.

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  38. Aaron Robinson says:

    You trying to tell me that Penner is an easier fight than Cirkunov?

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  39. Demitri (trev) says:

    I like misha and I like penner. But come on @truth. Misha over penner? Get real. Misha has upside and I wish him the best. But he still hasn’t done anything, no big fights, not a great record either.

    A chemelli win over penner looks a whole lot more Impressive than a win over a 4-1 fighter. Thats why chemelli took it. Unfortunately for chemelli penner won, but give your head a shake, you are either misha calling out a fight through a fake name or your his number one fan.

    Use your real name dbag

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  40. Demitri (trev) says:

    On another note.

    I would like to see Nolan vs blabber and Bosse vs penner

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  41. Berg says:

    Been awhile since these have been updated. Now that Lewis is back and a couple other guys are inactive I’m curious to see how everyone is ranked.

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  42. hasslehoff says:

    Agreed. Soszyinski has fought in a long time or is done fighting, Hollett is moving down to 185 reportedly, Penner has said he’s retired and only boxing now, Valimaki is in la la land and who knows if he is serious about fighting anymore, Blaber only wants to fight at 185 or chumps at 205 and doesn’t belong.
    With all those changes, the LHW rankings would look much different and more accurate

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  43. Darren Owen says:

    1. Ryan Jimmo
    2. Steve Bossé
    3. Roger Hollett
    4. Nick Penner
    5. Dwayne Lewis
    6. Tim Chemelli
    7. Peter Nolan
    8. Strahinja Gavrilovic

    K-Sos, Cirkunov, Valimaki, Desilets, Blaber haven’t fought in past year

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  44. MMA Fan says:

    And Penner Retired from MMA!

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  45. I'll Say It says:

    Strahinja Gavrilovic is a MW has for 1-2 fights now

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  46. Darren Owen says:

    I tried to follow topmma’s rules, fought at that weight within the last 12 months. At least I think that’s their rule.

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  47. Kellen Falt says:

    Id like to see an updated ranking here soon. With Starnes destroying everything in his path, he has to be up there. Just beat Lewis #6 as well as Hague who is in the top 5 a weight class above Starnes. He beat Clay Davidson as well who is no joke. A guy has to think the UFC is considering taking another look at Kalib

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  48. Kellen Falt says:

    Ya know, as soon as I posted that, I had this exact vision in my head, that somebody would post a clip from the Quarry fight. Ya, it was bad, but how long ago was that? I think Kalib has had some time to mature as a fighter and rework some things. Went 4-0 in 2013 against some pretty legit competition. He wins a few more fights against some more high level talent and I dont see how they can ignore him.

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  49. Miley says:

    Whether you like him or not he’s had quite the year. Probably 99% of people would have just disappeared after that fight but he has turned himself around somehow. I dot know if something just snapped or he’s got a psychologist coaching him like Gsp but quite the year with short notice wins and in three divisions against four tough guys. Who knows if he’ll ever get back in the UFC but that would be a hell of a story and one nobody expected. Probably needs a couple more wins at least.

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