Top MMA News Heavyweight Rankings

As of February 9, 2016

1. Smealinho Rama

2. Kalib Starnes

3. Tim Hague

4. Tanner Boser

5. Arjan Bhullar

6. Mike Kent

7. Adam Dyczka

8. Nick Campbell

9. Blake Nash

10. Dan Amyotte


82 Responses to “ Top MMA News Heavyweight Rankings ”

  1. Tim Hague is a monster!!!

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  2. jason says:

    penner would beat hague standing up and has better submission skills if hague did get it to the ground. Penner would be rod standing up but rod would tap penner out if they went on the ground..rods unreal on the ground

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  3. Penner’s huge struggle with Fortin makes me believe that Munduruca and Hague’s size would be too much for Nick Penner.

    He is supposed to go down to LHW.

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  4. Puppettamer says:

    hurting can only list 3 fighters on here, soon we can have a 125 list;)

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  5. war says:

    Im friends with Fortin and Im a big fan of hague because hes very classy and a good fighter. But if Penner got up to 265 (fought fortin at 225)again and fought either of them he would win. Hague doesnt have the reach advantage fortin did and he is not fortins size (6’7) Penner could keep hague back with his kicks, and when hague attacks penner he could use his muay thai clinch to be successfull or he could take him to the ground and tap out hague. I have buddies who train with both of them and penner has a much superiour ground game and hague cant handle his kicks. Penner also took the fortin fight lightly
    and you can tell with his training.

    You seen a small Penner at heavyweight, you cant really say a 225lb penner would be the same as a 265lb penner. And you cant compare the small penner to a very large fortin then compare that fight to hague or rod. Syle wise Penner also has an advantage over hague, his strengths are hagues weaknesses same to rods. However Rods strength is penners weakness. I think it goes Rod/Penner and then Hague

    Great threads you have going here, i enjoy this site talking about canadian fighters

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    I hear Danny Valimaki is currently walking around at about 240lbs and is fighting for Heat XC in July… We could have a new name to add to the rankings over the next year or so!

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  7. Mike Davis says:

    Mike Martelle should be on this list I am dumb founded why he is not

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  8. Jamie Locke says:

    I can see Justin Shaw making this list in the next year or so as well. The guy is a beast and is going into his second fight at AFC 3!

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  9. @Mike, to be honest, I have never heard of him nor any one of his opponents. I will ask around about him.

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  10. I’ve never heard of Mike Martelle until this post.

    I’m intersted in hearing more about him.

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  11. Mike Davis says:

    I saw him fight a few times I will try find videos again hes a bit older now but he packs power and has pretty good bjj to go with his muay thai, I think he would beat Haugue.

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  12. Mike Davis says:

    well looking at it now he is 5-0 this year

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  13. Jason says:

    As far as Justin Shaw, I have personally seen him sucker punch numerous people at nightclubs (3 seperate occasions while he played for the University of Manitoba Bisons Football) The guy is a disgrace to the sport and a complete joke. Watching him run across bar parking lots and dropping 18 year old kids, half his size is enough to make anyone sick.

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  14. trevor cadia says:

    I have heard that about shaw as well, one of my friends owns a nightclub in winnipeg and shaw got banned from there for bottling a guy on the dancefloor and sucker punching another guy.

    Its sad, we dont need those guys in this sport. Its tough already in several places to promote the sport, nevermind havng guys the size of shaw fighting/jumping young kids. Its one thing if the kid starts the fight and shaw finishes it, but unfortunately thats not the case.

    You throw shaw into the ring with any of the top 10 heavyweights he will get destroyed. Watch his fight on youtube, its terrible. He has a lot to learn both in the ring and outside

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  15. bobby kalmakoff says:

    penner is the best fighter by far tim is good but penner has it all… Just they want fight that suck.. Hey if there is a promoter out there that would pay top doller for the two two guys to fight….Well get i done….

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  16. ccanadx says:

    shaw showed disrepect at his last afc fight. Yes he won it quickly, but u do not dish a guy in the post fight interview. No names mentioned, but there used to be certain kick boxer who mocked his rivals.
    MAA is a highly skilled sport and yes, matches can end quickly- its not a disgrace. MAA has its roots in the early olympics and asian marial arts–disrespect has no place here.

    Maybe he will show more at afc on nov 6/2010

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  17. Darren Owen says:

    I personally know Shaw very well, I grew up with him, played football with him since I was 9 years old. It makes me sick that people are accusing him of sucker punching people. That is Bull Shit! I have seen Shaw on many occassions do what he can to avoid confrontations in the streets. He is a big name and often people will do what they can to try and coax him into a fight. IF his well being is threatened he like almost anyone will react. I have never seen or heard from any realiable source that he has ever instigated any aultercation.

    ccanadx: there was a little more to the show of disrespect to his last opponent. I was purposely misled by his last opponent, being told he had an amatuer record of 15-4 which I could not find anywhere and later found out was a lie. As well this individual misrepresented himself to many sponsors and misrepresented a gym that he did not train at. He turtled and verbally tapped before any man should. Shaw trained for and wanted a fight and was unfortunatly not given that opportunity.
    I expect you will see more from him Nov.6 I hope so too.

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  18. kevin says:

    I personally seen justin shaw sucker punch 3 people at a bar in winnipeg and It was a bad site to see. These guys were much smaller then him and did nothing wrong that I could see to Shaw. When shaw approached them, they wanted no part of any trouble and that I could clearly see. He is supposed to be representing the city of Winnipeg, playing for the Manitoba Bisons. I also have a cousin who seen him jump another person at another bar in winnipeg. I believe he along with brady brown are both kicked out of a few bars in Winnipeg, coyotes to be exact.

    Darren, I understand you are trying to stick up for a buddy. But most of Winnipeg knows this guys reputation. He is a complete idiot. Hopefully he has grown up

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  19. man o man says:

    hauge isnt a great fighter he shuld be under those two 4 sure. although he is a much better fighter out of the ufc hes fuckin embarrsing how does a purple belt know so little. Nice as hell but has to back it up in the big show a fights a fight and can go either way but next time throw a fuckin punch pls!!

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  20. Dana says:

    What about guys like Pete Nolan and Ilya Woronowski, where do they stand with the above mentioned heavyweights?

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  21. Sam says:

    This is such a sad division. Munduruca is scared of everyone, only fights bums. Hague is the best we have!? oh man that is pathetic. Penner needs to fight more. He has to be better than Hague and Munduruca.

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  22. busted nut says:

    Penner has been out for 14 months with an injury. Not sure whats going to happen with him. Before he was out he would have beat hague and Munduruca. Both those fighters are one dimensional. Penner can Box, he has won Muay Thai titles, and I was told he is a purple belt in BJJ.

    There are a few younger heavyweights moving up which are intriging. It will be interesting to see what this division looks like in another year. Could be much different with Penner going to lightheavyweight where he belongs, munduruca not fighting and hague putting his career on hold

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  23. Cody Rempel says:

    Word is Hague will be returning this fall!

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  24. harry balls says:

    Did that Nick Dragich kid ever wind up fighting? I saw some of his stuff and he looked hella athletic. Always room for some talented HWs up in this….

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  25. Dragich fought a boxing match awhile ago… just say he annihilated his poor opponent. I think his next match is boxing as well – not sure though. He’s a big boy for sure…

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  26. Jarvis says:

    Hague is going to end up a vegetable if he keeps fighting. Nick Penner is the best hwt out there. Its a shame they wont compete.

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  27. trevor cadia says:

    Penner is 1 in my mind, aggreed with jarvis to bad penner/hague cant fight. Im really looking forward to his drop to lhw though. He will run a muck in that division

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  28. Cody Rempel says:

    From Ryan Fortin’s Facebook…

    “Ryan Fortin vs Raphael Bergmann for the KOTC heavyweight title. October 28th, Dawson Creek BC.”

    Just waiting for confirmation from Orest before I post it in the upcoming events!

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  29. Bobby Karimi says:

    Fortin will win, tko 1st. New champ.

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  30. Jarvis says:

    Fortin should KO Hague next!

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  31. JML says:

    Aggression should bring in fortin to fight hague. The money is probably a lot less plus thats the fight fans want to see. Although, if I was hague I probably wouldnt want that fight, he has to much to lose against fortin who doesnt have the best record…which is understandable

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  32. JML says:

    P.S My opinion…Once Penner wins his title fight against Ganshorn, he should be back on the top 3 list after being out with injury for 18 months. Plus I also think he is number 1 in Canada. Hope Chemelli doesnt back out of the fight offered in September than he will also be ranked in the Lighheavy ranks. Good luck to Penner Hague and Fortin

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  33. Teegen says:

    Penner is back from injury and had a heavyweight fight in July, with only one loss why is he not back on the list? Especially after beating fortin who is number 2. This doesn’t make sense. You got to do another update soon fellas. Once fortin and bergmann go at it

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  34. craig hudson says:

    Craig “The War Dog ” Hudson Im going to be the new heavyweight to watch out for,Saturday September 10 Freedom fighter against Peter Nolan,I know I can bang with any heavyweight in the game if given the chance,watch out guys, the War dogs Hungry.

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  35. craig hudson says:

    If Tim Hague Is the Man,Lets get this Fight Hooked up,No fear here.

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  36. Mike's bf says:

    Those pretty big words for someone who hasn’t even had a fight yet. Win enough legit scraps and I’m sure you’d get a shot. Until then keep training in your basement tough guy.

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  37. Edmonton MMA says:

    Craig Hudsons ignorance immediately makes him my new favorite fighter. Im going to bet he has a fohawk, full sleeves, a few tapout shirts, ed hardy shirt with glitter, gold chain and a picture of Kimbo Slice on his wall.

    Props to my new badass friend Mr Hudson. Cant wait to watch him kick ass

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  38. Hudson fights Nolan and then Starcencov. Let’s see his record on Oct. 22, then talk about rankings.

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  39. Bobby Karimi says:

    I looked him up a little and Hudson is at least 2-0 ammy.

    He has a win over Blake Nash as well beating Carnell Giles for the XCC Ammy belt.

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  40. Bobby Karimi says:

    Both his fights are on youtube.

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  41. Good luck vs my boy Vladamir! I’ve known him since before he came to Canada, and I predict him making a name in the HW division soon. So excited for his pro debut after destroying his opponents in his amature fights.

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  42. Jamie Locke says:

    I can’t hate on the guy, what better way to build hype for yourself than to say you’re the best and challenge the top guys?

    Not an original approach, but effective.

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  43. Edmonton MMA says:

    I would like to see Justin “the sucker punching asshole” Shaw against Nick Dragich. I think that would be a good heavyweight fight, certainly entertaining

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  44. Kris says:

    Nobody wants to fight dragich! He’s gonna top this list if someone will fight him.

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  45. blayd says:

    Hudson was a beats in the XCC, i also heard he is fighitng in Sarnia in december.

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  46. MMA ninja says:

    Expect big things from Peter “bus driver” Nolan
    He should be here

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  47. Peter says:

    Peter Nolan wrecks Tim Hague! Hague wont take that fight. I also think Ryan Fortin beats Hague 9/10 times.

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  48. Nathan Swayze says:

    How about someone on this list fights Mike Hackert, he was booked to take on Hague at AX but that is off for the moment. He hasn’t been able to find anything at HW and needs to fight. It seems there aren’t many big guys around to fight.

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  49. Jamie Locke says:

    I hear Mike is JACKED at HW.

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