Top MMA News Featherweight Rankings

As of October 20, 2014

1) Josh Machan

2) Chris Horodecki

3) Michael Karkula

4) Jesse Gross

5) Tristan Johnson

6) Kyle Nelson

7) Lenny Wheeler

8) Hakeem Dawodu

9) Luis Huete

10)William Romero


39 Responses to “ Top MMA News Featherweight Rankings ”

  1. Darren Owen says:

    No Mark Hominick?

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  2. the law says:

    Hey Darren Owen,
    Mark Hominick is not ranked due to inactivity. He is without a doubt the top canadian featherweight and will prove that in his upcoming fight vs the number 2 ranked Yves Jabouin, january in the WEC. This going to be a great fight but i dont think Jabouin has what it takes to pull it off. Seeing how nick denis is no longer a 145er, if jabouin wins, he should be considered the undisputed number 1 featherweight in canada and Hominick number 2!!!

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  3. Hominick vs Jabouin is off. Jabouin pulled out.

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  4. I’d expect to see Mich Gagnon on this list soon enough.

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  5. Where is Tim Wadsworth on this list?

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  6. L-Boutin says:

    Wadsworth is a solid prospect but his best win is against Sutherland who is a 135er.

    His combined opponents records are around 9-12.

    The guys that do the rankings seem to give a lot of merit to “Who” you’ve beaten, not just how many wins you have. (Quality of opponents should count for a lot)

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  7. Mark…Wadsworth impressed me when I watched him live at Ringside. He may be the best wrestler at Featherweight. This guy needs to fight more than once a year!

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  8. Rob says:

    John Fraser should be in the top three.

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  9. Fraser impressed with his win. Not sure where he will end up. Featherweight will be updated this week.

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  10. AlanHB1 says:

    When will the featherweight topten be updated?

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  11. Jamie Locke says:

    I’d say the winner of Driedger and Cunningham at AFC 3 this weekend will be top ten caliber. At least on the cusp if not in the top ten…

    I’d like to see a Adams vs Spencer rematch as well. I thought there was a little too much cage grabbing on Adams part in their match at Aggression 3 in Vernon. A rematch would be a great fight and solifiy who is the better fighter.

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  12. Jeff says:

    John Fraser should be ranked higher, W1 champion

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  13. jack cornick says:

    Your going 2 see Will Romero # 1 befor u see Mich Gagnon Mr Vanillagorilla ! Will romero beat Mitch Gagnon in XMMA in montreal in 09. Romero one has 1 lost and that was in beltor last year. He has been trainning really hard since then . And I cant see hem loosing anytime soon !!!!

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  14. jack cornick says:

    2 or 3 more fights I think Will Romero will be in da # 2 sit

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  15. leafs fan says:

    bad brad duguay wants to fight tristan johnson at ringside after he gets married get it done boys

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  16. jon do says:

    no michel gagnon or rejean groulx

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  17. bruins fan says:

    bad brad duguay vs tristan johnson set it up tristan is always duckign brad and trying to fight him when hes not training

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  18. fitplusmma says:

    Bruins fan. Where do you get your info? They had signed to fight each other in Digby and the card fell through. Tristan has other obligations in the fall. How is that ducking? The last time he ducked Brad Duguay was slipping a punch and knocking him out two years ago.

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  19. mike kent says:

    lol at brads fans thinking he has a better chance of beating tristan now . do you idiots forget that tristan kncoked brad out with his should dislocated for a round and a half . brad stood with tristan for two minutes and couldnt do shit while tristan had 1 arm then he got knocked out . tristan is as top ten 145er . brads good but no tritan . whole differnt leaugue . in my opinion brad doesnt deserve a shot agaisnt tristan who just beat will romero . bruins fan must be brads dad

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  20. bruins fan says:

    mike you got lots to say for a chump haha that was not a knock out that was a bad call by a sad reff named hubert earl if thats his name he is the worst reff in canada and you guys from fitplus know that for experience anyways we got lots of people who think brad is number 1 in atlantic canada right now so tristan can move on to his bigger and better things cuz theres rumours for big things for brad also…we dont care about the fight they took 3 years ago we just wanna see whose better now and there will be redemtion some day

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  21. bruins fan says:

    mike kent im your mom baby your a little bitch and brad was not a fighter back then he was a brawler taught by idiots now he is learnign the ropes of the sport and you guys are just chicken shit to set up the match becasue you guys no there is no chance things will go down the same way they went down…it will be a great fight but it wouldnt be a brawl the yare both different atheletes adn mike your know as a f— asshole bro cant wait until you get knocked the f— out

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  22. Sean Quinn says:

    bruins fan, you chillin with showtying?

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  23. BigBoi says:

    I think I could type like that if I just mashed the palm of my hand into the keyboard over and over again. Lemme try:

    SDbuylvSE RASb8o. y #%AW Lgzsrt lhiB Z8pz.;sd!

    Yup, it works!

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  24. bruins fan says:

    what you mean chillin with showtying

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  25. Jay Parr says:

    **cough** Behrang Yousefi….

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  26. Bobby Karimi says:

    Not even close to Top10 yet. Like come on.

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  27. Jamie Locke says:

    Mitch Gagnon just signed with UFC!

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  28. Jamie Locke says:

    First fight=Johnny Bedford!

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  29. ilovefights says:

    why is greg welsh not on this list?

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  30. Tyler Davis says:

    Agreed welsh is a killer

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  31. Just Sayin' says:

    Behrang Yousefi?? Seriously Jay?? He may be 4-0, but those wins are against Matt Whitten, Marc Savoie, Nick Smith,and JJ Daoust. Those guys don’t have the greatest records and wins against them don’t put him at a Top 10 Canadian fighter – yet.

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  32. Jerobe says:

    LOL Jay Parr

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  33. smash says:

    Can we update this pleeeease!!!!lol

    Get Groulx, Duguay,outta there… Dreidger and Wadsworth move down for their recent losses, Mike Adams hasnt fought since 2010 so he s outta consideration.

    I say Hominick, Carvalho, Johnson, Spencer, and Romero stay and add Whitlock, Tucker, maybe Houston, maybe Lenny Wheeler,maybe bagshaw… honorable mentions to Mallott, welsh, Rende, seiji marangos,

    anybody else?

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  34. jonny d says:

    duguay will fight tucker soon hes just takeing care of personal problems then he wants a peace of Tristan again so have some respect…be a good fight Id say so wait and enjoy…

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  35. Kid Lightning says:

    Knock knock.
    Kid Lightning is here!

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  36. Just Laughable says:

    Who’s There?

    Mike O’Neil should be there.
    He is toughest 145er from Thunder Bay with more wins over canadains and a better winning percentage than matt.

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  37. David Letourneau says:

    Huge win for the kid this weekend against a very tough top ranked opponent who went the distance with mike richman. The kid got the finish early in the first round.

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  38. Just Laughable says:

    geesh come on now if your gonna steal my screen name at least make a post that is even remotely accurate…….

    Veal eats caveman bully anywhere and at any time he wishes, this fight would be caveman bully’s retirement fight and free pass into plastic surgery

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