Top MMA News Bantamweight Rankings

As of February 26, 2016

1) Bibiano Fernandes

2) Josh Hill

3) Jesse Arnett

4) Yves Jabouin

5) Michael Imperato

6) Dimitri Waardenburg

7) Souksavanh Khampasath

8) Lyndon Whitlock

9) Roland Delorme

10) Owen Carr

11) Louie Sanoudakis

12) Aiemann Zahabi

13) Michael Spoenlein

14) Noah Ali

15) Ryan Connor


99 Responses to “ Top MMA News Bantamweight Rankings ”

  1. Rain-bows says:

    Gotta think Nick Denis up at least in the top 3 after beating both number 5 and 4 back to back!

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  2. Sean Quinn says:

    These will be updated early next year i imagine. Things will move around for sure…stupid effing Denis and his stupid effing heavy hands.

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  3. mmafan says:

    Quinn vs Delorme… B a great fight.. Would like 2 c Quinn ground n pound Delorme!!!

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  4. Dan says:

    Way to go on calling that one….tess Quinn will get beat..all he will do is try and get it to the ground.. lol GO DELORME.. WAMMA!!!

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  5. mattMMA32 says:

    thats funny. Quinn looked like he learned how to punch in his fight vs denis
    Id give it to quinn on the feet and on the ground

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  6. Sean Quinn says:

    Quinn will win. It rhymes so it must be true. Dan, you need to fight a real contender.

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  7. mattMMA32 says:

    yah dan who have you fought?

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  8. Sean Quinn says:

    Dan is just biding his time for the right contender to come around. Im sure it will happen soon.

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  9. Submission king says:

    Clayton Sheen will move up

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  10. JayKay says:

    I heard Quinn has been studying his standup a lot lately. Rumour is he bought Mike Tyson’s Punch Out and plays at least three hours a day.

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  11. Sean Quinn says:

    Denis was studying Mike Tyson’s knockout, i was studying Assassins Creed 2. Rollie better watch his back, cuz i am sneaky and shit now. Ill get him before he even shows up to the weigh ins.

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  12. Sean Quinn says:

    sneaky as shit…fuck

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  13. EricPerez says:

    Ive heard of this Quinn kid, he’s not bad, bit of a nose bender.

    Delorme’s a killer! Not fun to spar with, roll with, drink beers with etc etc. A fuckin killa!!

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  14. Sean Quinn says:

    He’s a killa, i know. But im an assassin. If i kill him before he sees me, i win.

    And sorry about the nose bender. I have souvenirs from that fight too. :)

    p.s where is my sandwhich camera?

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  15. JayKay says:

    Bah! Watching Quinn fight is like attending a Midget Wrestling match. Sure you’re excited at first but in the end you just find yourself being ashamed and sad.

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  16. EricPerez says:

    Youre full of shit! What souvenirs?

    Sandwhich camera is on the way, patten pending. Ill make sure you get the 1st one. You gotta use it at a good place though.

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  17. Sean Quinn says:

    CFC is 16+ now. I was thinking of sneaking it in there.

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  18. Dan says:

    mattMMA32.. i fought ur sister.. but she tapped and u know the rest lol

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  19. The Rock says:

    Sean quinn is a respectful guy who has fought some of the best in the country. If Delorme meet quinn, that would be a interesting fight to watch, I do know these two Canadians are in their prime. Remi Morvan, has fought them previously and let me tell you, the conclusion would be that one of these fighters is going to enter the elite level, perhaps the WEC. The best of luck to these athletes.

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  20. Quinn vs Delorme would be money. I’d drive out anywhere to see that one.

    Another fight I’m interested in seeing is Denis vs Loveland. This fight was suppose to go down at WreckMMA unite for Brian’s fight, but Denis got hurt.

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  21. Vanilla, Quinn vs. Delorme is scheduled for June 4th at CFC 5 in Winnipeg.

    This could be fight of the night.

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  22. smash says:


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  23. Pete says:


    When is the next update?

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  24. Danferguson says:

    How come clayton sheen is ranked so high?

    not saying he isnt talented but he has not fought tough competition.
    is that right he has a win over a guy on his own team?
    the guys ranked below him are not undefeated but thats because they have tested themselves.
    I would give that high of ranking to the more well rounded fighters who have a few losses on their record rather than an undefeated guy with no notable wins.
    just my opinion!

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  25. Tyler Davis says:

    Clayton has wins over experienced guys, And has some of best grappling. I Think Diego Wilson is knocking on that list

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  26. rugz says:

    no josh hill up there?
    soon to be number 1

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  27. mmajunkie says:

    Josh Hill FTW

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  28. Let Hill beat Wilson and we should see him up there.

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  29. Mike Davis says:

    Hill just climbed onto rankings Diaz should be knocked off

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  30. Mike…totally agree. These will be updated this week as will Featherweights.

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  31. Bobby Karimi says:

    Changes coming!

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  32. Mike Davis says:

    so with Sheen getting beaten now where does Ryan Kynsch stand is he considered top ten now? The way Wilson won that would be a thing. Also Morvan what happens with him being 1-5 in his last six I cant see him staying on here Dimitri Waardenburg is getting up there, Josh Hill, and Ryan Kynsch all beating top 10 guys going be interesting how it happens. Also with Denis being extremely inactive.

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  33. smash says:

    I agree Mike, this list needs to be thrown in the garbage, terrible. Im not saying mine would be perfect, but the top 10 might look like this.
    1) Adrian Wooley
    2) Josh Hill
    3) Eric Wilson
    4) Roland Delorme
    5) Diego Wilson
    6) Hardeep Singh
    7) Eric Perez
    8) Clayton Sheen
    9) Dimitri Wardenberg
    10) Sean Quinn / Ryan knysh

    I excluded some people due to inactivity like Denis, and other people that are in UFC like Menjivar. This list is the top Bantamweights in the Canadian MMA scene. What do you guys think?

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  34. Todd Prescott says:

    Just got word…Hardeep Singh is retired :(

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  35. Mike Davis says:

    “Hardeep Singh is retired :(” YOU FUCKING KIDDING!!??? if true WOW! if Menjivar scores a win here in Toronto he will shoot up to #1 in my eyes. Think after these past events the revised list is going be a massive pain in the ass here. Got guys like Owen Carr, Corey L, Marc B, Denis P, god damn so many guys knocking on list if score big wins. At this rate you can do a top #20 lol these list are going start getting real Tough and Elite top guys only.

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  36. Mike Davis says:

    not to mention John Fraser has a fight with #4 guy

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  37. HaggisBasher says:

    Looking forward to a update on the 135 top ten maybe after the Nick Denis fight.

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  38. justsayin says:

    You’re not the only one Basher! This update is long overdue. If you based the list on the fighter’s actual activity in the last 24 months I think we would have a lot of disappointed fighters.

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  39. Tyler Davis says:

    smash says:
    June 6, 2010 at 9:34 am
    BAHAHAHAHAHA ya its hard to blink if asleep,the only time ive left a live mma event was a josh hill five rounder. snooze fest

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  40. HaggisBasher says:

    big fights coming up in 135 division wooley, denis, hill, delorme probaly see a update after these fights

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  41. smash says:

    Ya ‘Tyler Davis’ your right! A complete domination in all aspects of MMA is so boring! I hate when a fight between 2 previously undefeated fighters ends with 1 fighter completely dominating the other one. They should have just stood in the center of the cage chins up hands down and thrown bombs the whole time!!! We need more Blood!! in other words, your a loser. eat it.

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  42. Tyler Davis says:

    ok faceless keyboard warrior, just why would you make a “DONT BLINK” comment for a fight like that? im not saying he didnt dominate, and with that style of fighting hell probly move way up in the rankings, just dont brag about potential “fireworks” when its just one of those stupid sparklers that keep going for like 5 minutes and you get bored after two. and yes i am a loser, this much i can admit

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  43. smash says:

    Firstly, that comment was written in June of 2010, a couple weeks after he won by T.K.O in 43 seconds. (which is faster then you have ever beat someone in you pro career of 5-2) So I would say a “Dont Blink” comment would be justified.
    Secondly, a keyboard warrior goes out and picks fight with ppl online. This may sound childish but you started talking shit to me, so I merely wrote a rebuttal.
    Third, I am not used to fighters going online as themselves and bashing other fighters for no reason. (besides Quinn vs. Mady, but there is good reason for that, Mady’s attitude sucks) I didn’t know that you had no mutual respect for fellow MMA warriors, so for that I apologize.

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  44. justsaying says:

    Wow! I guess she told you Tyler. Tyler and Josh will meet soon. It’s just Tyler took a more respectable route than Josh.
    Smash if you had a hard time watching the snooze fest what are you going to do when Tyler head kicks Josh and Smashes his jaw into pieces? You do know this is MMA and not wrestling don’t you?

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  45. alin says:

    one of this guys that are talking shit about my fighter did not want to fight Josh Hill or Denis Puric…so please keep your coments for yourself or next time be a man and sign the contract to fight when they will offer you to fight my fighters. Just for your info as well, they offer the fight for the last Aggression show to all the 135 lbs in Alberta and none of them want to fight Josh Hill, but Josh will come to defend his Title and I hope you guys will be ready to sign next time around!

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  46. Mike Davis says:

    I admit I got offered josh after I got hurt don’t go saying my brother turned it down. Turning down a fight when you cant train to me is just a smart idea. saying a single fight is boring is not disrespectful in my eyes as how many of us say that about a UFC fight or more? Hill is easily one of the best prospects in Canada and will keep getting better and I have all the respect for him but yes did find his last fight boring does not mean I do not respect him as a fighter.

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  47. Tyler Davis says:

    wow now!!! oh i know josh hill would kill me and i apologize to you and josh hill for my comment.I was totally in the wrong, i was probly still a little rocked from gary.But and yes he does have my time beat lol but i will be making my own tittle run and maybe ill be ready then. but i truly do apologize for shit talking.

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  48. Tyler Davis says:

    and i was never offered a fight with josh hill, dont think aggression has every alberta fighter under contract. im sure lots are tough alberta 135’s never got the offer

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  49. alin says:

    boys I dont have time to and I am to profesional to give the names that say no to fight Josh…I respect you guys and I will never coment on your ring performances and the only thing we expect back is respect from you, if somebody have something to prove lets keep it in the ring like profesionals do! All the best in the future.

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  50. Sean McManus says:

    Wurd Kru Alin.

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