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Unified MMA marks their 10th anniversary tonight with a stacked card and will crown three new champions. In the main event the undefeated KB Bhullar takes on UFC veteran Matt Dwyer for the Middleweight Title vacated by Teddy Ash, in the co-main event Graham Park and Sheldon Doll battle for the Light-Heavyweight Title which was also vacated by Ash and finally Christian Larsen looks to avenge his only career loss when he takes on Jared Kilkenny for the Heavyweight Title which was vacated by Tanner Boser upon his UFC signing.

There are only a couple dozen tickets left on Ticketmaster HERE. Fans in Canada can catch Unified 28 live on Fite TV HERE. Top MMA News will be cageside as usual with your live play-by-play.

  • Submission of the Night: Lee Mein
  • Knockout of the Night: Christian Larsen
  • Fight of the Night: Josh Kwiatkowski vs. Matt Klute

185lbs- KB Bhullar (7-0) vs. Matt Dwyer (11-5)
***Middleweight Title Fight (Vacant)
Round 1: They feel each other out and Dwyer strikes first with a combo. Slow going early on as both men respecting each others striking and Dwyer with a leg kick and ties Bhullar up against the cage. Dwyer knees the inside thigh and Bhullar reverses positions. Dwyer now reverses and they exchange knees and break away from the cage. Dwyer counters a leg kick with a solid right and they trade shots. Bhullar steps in and eats a right and Dwyer presses forward but Bhullar sidesteps him. High kick from Bhullar is blocked and a leg kick lands. Dwyer with a leg kick and they clinch against the cage. Bhullar grinds him and they battle back and forth for position. Bhullar with a couple knees to the legs as time runs out. Very close round Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Dwyer

Round 2: Both men clashing and Bhullar staying just out of range. Dwyer connects with a pair of jabs and presses forward to land again. Bhullar with a teep to the body and reverses a takedown attempt to end up in half guard. Bhullar brings him towards the cage and Dwyer looking for a Kimura. Dwyer able to stand but Bhullar stays on him and ties him up against the cage. Bhullar controlling the position and landing knees. They separate and Bhullar immediately gets the body lock back against the cage. Referee Andy Social separates them and Dwyer with a leg kick and goes up high but can’t connect. Another high kick glances off the top of Dwyer’s head. Bhullar with a teep to the body and they finish the round with a few pawing shots. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Bhullar

Round 3: Dwyer connects and lands a kick to the body and Bhullar leaps in and eats a right. Bhullar ducks a right and lands and they jockey for position against the cage. Dwyer presses him into the cage and looks to spin off but Dwyer holds position and Social breaks them up. Both men throwing but neither landing and Dwyer with a leg kick. Bhullar answers back weith one of his own. Bhullar drops Dwyer with a head kick and pounces on top. Dwyer holds on to control the posture and Bhullar looks for a guillotine choke but is not in the right position and he abandons it. Bhullar postures up and lands. Dwyer throwing his legs high to control the posture and regains full guard. Bhullar gets free and lands some elbows and chips away from the top for the rest of the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Bhullar

Round 4: Dwyer with a head kick but it’s blocked and Bhullar looks to land one of his own. Bhullar catches Dwyer coming in and Dwyer looks for the throw. It’s unsuccessful but he ends up in full guard. Dwyer pounds the body and Bhullar looking for a sweep but can’t get it and locks up the guard. Dwyer goes body, body, head but can’t get much on the shots and is doing just enough to satisfy Andy Social. Dwyer continues to land to the body and Bhullar keeps trying to improve his position but Dwyer keeping him on his back. Dwyer brings him to his corner and postures up and lands a shot. Dwyer rides out the round on top and wins the round but no real damage. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Dwyer

Round 5: Dwyer connects with a combo and another. Bhullar answers back with a glancing high kick. Leg kick by Bhullar and Dwyer sticks a stiff jab. Bhullar lands a jab and Dwyer looks to answer back. Dwyer presses forward for the body lock but Bhullar shucks him off. Both men exchange right jabs. Big body kick lands by Bhullar and Dwyer shoots for the single. Dwyer presses him against the cage but can’t mount an offense and Social separates them. Bhullar kicks to the body and they trade shots. Dwyer looks to land and ties him up against the cage. Bhullar reverses positions and knees the legs. They break off the cage still in the clinch and they tumble to the mat but pop back up. Dwyer looking to land but Bhullar hitting him with counter shots. They tie up against the cage and end up in a dog fight for the final seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Bhullar
KB Bhullar defeats Matt Dwyer by Unanimous Decison (48-46, 48-47, 48-46)
***Bhullar wins vacant Middleweight Title

205lbs- Graham Park (6-2) vs. Sheldon Doll (7-3)
***Light-Heavyweight Title Fight (Vacant)
Round 1: Doll sticks a jab and Park immediately looks for the takedown and slams him to half guard. Park is bleeding from the nose from that jab and looks to take the back. Park has the hooks and works for the rear-naked choke. Doll doing well to fight the hands and not let the arm under his chin. Park switches to an armbar and Doll is able toget back to his feet. Park looking for the single and Doll landing punches to the body. Park switches to the double but Doll with elbows to the body in defense. Doll sneaks out the back and Park eats some shots on the break. Park working for the double against teh cage but eating shots. Park with his back turned and eats some elbows. Park turns and lands a pair of front kicks to the body to het separation and shoots for the double to full guard. Park landing elbows and fires away with some heavy shots against the cage. Referee Luke Boutin gives Doll a chance to improve or fight back but ultimately is forced to step in.
Graham Park defeats Sheldon Doll by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:46
***Park wins vacant Light-Heavyweight Title

265lbs- Christian Larsen (4-1) vs. Jared Kilkenny (13-11)
***Heavyweight Title Fight (Vacant)
Round 1: They feel each other out and Larsen counters a right with a combo but doesn’t quite connect. Larsen with a big uppercut and a combo just misses. Larsen drops Kilkenny with a huge right and begins firing away with thunderous shots. Referee Andy Social gives Kilkenny an opportunity to fight back and improve his position but Larsen is relentless and Social has no choice but to stop the fight.
Christian Larsen defeats Jared Kilkenny by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 1:10
***Larsen wins vacant Heavyweight Title

Pro/225lbs- Grayson Wells (4-2) vs. Lee Mein (10-14)
Round 1: Wells with the leg kick and Mein with a big flurry against the cage that sits Wells down. Wells pops back up and Mein cracks him with a shot and locks in a standing Ezekiel choke and forces the tap
Lee Mein submits Grayson Wells by Ezekiel Choke in Round 1, 0:44

Pro/150lbs- Matt Klute (1-0) vs. Josh Kwiatkowski (2-2)
Round 1: Kwaitkowski with a lig kick and a big combo. Klute firing back and a high kick. Kwaitkowski with a combo and Klute lands a low blow. Referee Andy Social pauses the action for a moment. On the restart Kwaitkowski presses forward and lands. Klute with a big swing and Kwiatkowski answers right back. Kwaitkowski landing overhand rights and Klute with the leg kick and Kwiatkowski connects. Kwatkowski with a front kick but doesn’t get all of it. Klute ties him up ahainst the cage and Kwiatkowski with the foot stomps. Kwaitkowski connects with a flurry but Klute is tough and eats it. Head kick glances off for Kwaiatkowski. Klute ties him up against the cage again and they trade little shots before Llute backs off. Both men trading shots and Klute is cut over the left eye. Big right by Kwiatkowski and they tie up for the final seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kwiatkowski

Round 2: On the start Social pauses the action to check on Klute’s cut and we’re good to go. Both men trading wild shots and Kwiatkowski with a leg kick. Kwaitkowski landing and making Klute miss. Klute connects with a combo and Kwiatkowski answers back. Both men land and Klute presses him into the cage. Klute looks to hook the leg for the trip but Kwiatkowski stays on his feet. Klute working hard for the takedown but Kwiatkowski defending well and gets off the cage. Kwiatkowski with the leg kick and the combo and Klute responds. Klute looking for the elbows and a leg kick. Klute looks to be tiring and his hands are dropping. Kwiatkowski takes advantage and lands. Kwiatkowski shoots and gets the double and passes to half guard. Kwaitkowski looking to land but Klute able to avoid much damage and the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 KwiatkowskI

Round 3:Prior to the start of the round the doctor checks on the badly swollen left foot of Klute but he wants to continue and the third round begins. Kwaitkowski looks for the front kick and both men trading shots. Kwiatkowski presses forward and they scramble against the cage but end up back in the centre of the cage. Huge combo from Kwiatkowski lands. Kwiatkowski looks for the body lock but Klute reverses position against the cage. Kwiatkowski gets off the cage and lands a front kick and a huge combo that rocks Klute bad. Kwiatkowski fires away and it looks like it’s going to be over but miraculously Klute survives. Kwiatkowski gets the takedown to full guard and chips away with punches. Klute tries to get back to his feet but Kwiatkowski stays heavy and finishes on top.Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kwiatkowski
Josh Kwiatkowski defeats Matt Klute by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28)

Pro/165lbs- Nick Hrabec (6-5) vs. Cam MacDonald (1-2)
Round 1: Both men feeling out and looking to land and MacDonald with the overhand right just misses and a leg kick. Hrabec high kick misses the mark. Hrabec ducks a spinning back fist and dumps MacDonald to the mat. Hrabec working to sink the rear-naked choke and has one hook. Harbec sinks the other hook and begins to land shots. Hrabec is able to get the arm under the chin. MacDonald fights the hands and holds on as long as he can but finally is forced to tap.
Nick Hrabec submits Cam MacDonald by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:55

Pro/155lbs- Cole Campbell (2-3) vs. Dave Pogson (3-6)
Round 1: They feel each other out and Campbell opens with a leg kick. Pogson shoots for the takedown and Campbell defends and they scramble with Campbell landing on top. Pogson looking for a triangle but Campbell passes the legs to full guard. Pogson throws the legs up again and Campbell looks to lock in a guillotine. Pogson pulls his head free and climbs the legs up again. Cambell pops his head free and looks to land before settling into half guard. Pogson gives up the back but scrambles and ends up mounted. Pogson gives his back again and Campbell hammerfists. Campbell back to mount and again to the back. Pogson ties up the arms scrambles but Campbell right back on the back with Pogson in turtle. Pogson regains full guard and Campbell postures and lands shots in the dying seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Campbell

Round 2: Pogson with the double jab and Campbell shoots and get the takedown against the cage. Pogson throws his legs high but Campbell pushes them aside and moves to half guard. Campbell knee cut pass to side control and lands. Campbell knee on belly and looks to mount but Pogson gives his back and Campbell working for the rear-naked choke. Campbell sinks it and stretches him out and forces the tap. Dominant win for Campbell.
Cole Campbell submits Dave Pogson by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:08

Am/145lbs- Tyrell Giselbrecht (2-1) vs. Alexander Krutskykh (0-0)
Round 1: Krutskykh lands a quick combo and Giselbrecht drops him to a knee with a right. Krutskykh pops back up and lands and they both trade heavy blows. Giselbrecht snaps his head back with a right and both men exchanging punches and leg kicks. Krutskykh landing big shots and Giselbrecht taking them all and keeps pressing forward. Giselbrecht shoots for the takedown and passes to half guard. Giselbrecht moves to knee on belly and locks in an armbar and forces the quick tap from Krutskykh.
Tyrell Giselbrecht submits Alexander Krutskykh by Armbar in Round 1, 2:08

Am/155lbs- Laine Foxton (1-1) vs. James Ricks (0-0)
Round 1: Foxton immediately presses forward and looks for the takedown. Ricks able to stay on his feet and gets back vertical. Ricks with a knee to the body and Foxton looking for a single. Ricks lands a knee to the body on the separation and a teep to the body. Foxton drives for a takedown and Ricks wall walks back to his feet. Foxton drags him back down and works to the back. Foxton looking for the rear-naked choke but Ricks defends and survives the final 20 seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Foxton

Round 2: Foxton with a kick to the body and Ricks lands a shot. Foxton presses forward and gets the body lock. Ricks with a knee to the body and defends the takedown. Foxton drives him against the cage. Ricks spins off the cage but Foxton is right back on him and drags him down. Foxton working to take the back and gets the hooks. Ricks to all fours and he’s safe from strikes to the head with the amateur rules and Foxton ends the round on his back. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Foxton

Round 3: They clash with leg kicks and Ricks connects with a big right and Foxton shoots and gets the takedown against the cage. Foxton has the far arm trapped and lands to the body. Foxton looks to sink the rear-naked choke but Ricks fights the hands and spins to top in full guard. Foxton throws up a triangle choke and locks it in. Ricks tries to stack him but still caught in the choke. Foxton is able to force the tap.
Laine Foxton submits James Ricks by Triangle Choke in Round 3, 2:16

Am/170lbs- Robert Kovacevic (1-2) vs. Konstantsin Zaitsau (0-0)
Round 1: Kovacevic opens with a leg kicks and Zaitsau presses forward with a flurry. Kovacevic looking for the takedown against the cage, Zaitsau looks to scramble but Kovacevic settles into half guard. Zaitsau pushes him off and stands. Kovacevic gets the clinch and Zaitsau looks to land. Referee Luke Boutin pauses the action for an illegal knee and takes a point from Kovacevic. They restart and Zaitsau with some leg kicks. Kovacevic answers back and shoots for the double. Kovacevic passes to side control and looks to secure full mount and ends the round on top. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kovacevic (9-9 with point deduction)

Round 2: Zaitsau with a leg kick and a right and Kovacevic lands a leg kick. Zaitsau with a strong combo that sends Kovacevic retreating. Kovacevic shoots for the double and Zaitsau stuffs it but Kovacevic keeps working and gets full guard. Kovacevic postures and lands to the body and Zaitsau is able to scramble to his feet. Kovacevic looks for takedown again but Zaitsau defends and lands a couple shots before the end of the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kovacevic

 Round 3: Kovacevic with a trio of leg kicks and just misses a Superman punch. They trade shots and Kovacevic with another leg kick. Kovacevic relentless with the takedown attempt and gets the slam against the cage. Zaitsu works back to his feet and lands. Kovacevic with the Thai clinch and shoots for another takedown. Zaitsau looking for the guillotine but can’t lock up the guard. Kovacevic peels the arm off and Kovacevic punches the thigh for the final seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kovacevic
Robert Kovacevic defeats Konstantsin Zaitsau by Majority Decision (29-27, 29-27, 28-28)

Am/135lbs- Mitch Wiles (0-2) vs. Lorin Motruk (0-0)
Round 1: Wiles sticks a jab and they trade punches. Leg kick by Motruk and Wiles unloads a huge flurry against the cage. Wiles ties him up against the cage and works for the body lock. Motruk tries to spin off but Wiles keeps his back on the cage. Motruk with chipping shots to the body but can’t get space. They battle for position but Wiles maintains control. Pause by referee Andy Social for a low blow and they restart quickly. Wiles immediately presses forward and unleashes a flurry that prompts Social to step in and call a halt to the bout.
Mitch Wiles defeats Lorin Motruk by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:38





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