Connelly Signs With UFC, Makes Debut at Home in Vancouver


When Sergey Khandozhko dropped out of his UFC Fight Night 158 against Michel Pereira in Vancouver the door was open for a new Canadian signee to step in. Both Scott Hudson and Tristan Connelly were publicly lobbying for the short notice replacement but ultimately it went to the hometown fighter. TSN’s Aaron Bronsteter initially reported the signing and matchup and it was confirmed by anonymous source. Connelly will move up to Welterweight for this opportunity before likely dropping back to Lightweight for subsequent bouts inside the Octagon.

Tristan Connelly enters the bout on the hottest stretch of his career having won 4 straight and 8 of his last 9 bouts. “Boondock” has finish all thirteen of his pro wins. Connelly is a former Unified MMA Lightweight champ and current Rise FC and CageSport Lightweight champion. Connelly holds notable wins over D’Juan Owens, Zach Juusola, Tyrone Henderson and Joey Pierotti, Lenny Wheeler and Adam Assenza among others.

Michel Pereira makes his second walk to the Octagon after scoring a highlight reel, bonus winning flying knee KO at UFC Fight Night 152 against Danny Roberts. The huge Brazilian Welterweight holds a 22-9 record overall and has finished 15 of his 22 victories.

UFC Fight Night 158 goes down September 14 in Vancouver, BC. In the main event Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone takes on Justin Gaethje in an explosive Lightweight contest. Also on the cards will be a handful of Canadians including Mischa Cirkunov vs. Jim Crute, Cole Smith vs. Miles John, Brad Katona vs. Hunter Azure and Kyle Prepolec vs. Austin Hubbard. The preliminary card will air live on TSN2 beginning at 6pm et and the main card also airs on TSN2 at 8pm et. Additional prelims will air on UFC Fight Pass at 5pm et.



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  1. Keith G. says:

    No one more deserving, congrats Tristan

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  2. Big Money says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  3. Topmmafan says:

    Disagree with the above statement. I love Shane as a fighter but he had his chance in the big show and went 1 and 4. Yes he beat Tristan but Shane is also 1 and 2 in his last 3. Tristan is 8 and 1. He also has finished every fight in his career. It’s a no brainer to give him a chance on home soil on short notice.

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  4. Tiger Made of Iron says:


    Simple question

    Who is the better fighter? Shaolin or Tristan

    I know the answer

    Do you?

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  5. topmmafan says:

    I was hoping somebody would say something like that @tigermadeofiron

    This is where you don’t know how athletics work then. Some opponents match up better against certain fighters then others, based on the skills they lack or excel in, oppositionally to the opponent who offers their own certain skillset.

    Against one another, yes Shane won the fight. But Shane also has trouble stopping take downs. He has gotten way better over the years. But he went 1 and 4 in the UFC and usually you don’t get called back a few years later even with an amazing record after you were released, it’s very rare. He also has a fight lined up in a couple weeks..

    You could argue that Ronson also should be back in the UFC, and because of certain circumstances he is currently not.

    Josh Hill is better then at least half if not 3 quarters of the 135 division in the UFC. Simple question, why is he not on the roster?

    In his last 9 fights, Tristan has been the better fighter.

    I know his record, I know Shane’s record, I know the answer

    Do you?

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  6. RobinBlue says:

    Josh Hill first of all cried like the bitch that he is when we got his ass beat on TUF

    Then the guy goes and writes a huge Facebook post trashing Dana White..because they showed Joshy crying like a baby and made fun of him

    Maybe that is why he isn’t in the UFC…

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  7. RobinBlue says:

    Josh should maybe get back on the SAUCE…trust me there are a lot of people who have no love for everybodys violent gentle….what a pussy he is

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  8. RobinBlue says:


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  9. topmmafan says:

    Well maybe he was upset because he found out multiple grandparents passed away while he was at the TUF house. And you making fun of that is real classy!

    He is 17 and 3, with 2 of the losses coming to a guy who just fought for the belt. Give me a break.

    He should be in the UFC and deserves nothing less.

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  10. RobinBlue says:

    Since when has MMA been classy
    I guess that explains him talking SHIT to the president of the UFC and posting it on social media…how is going to forgive of forget that!!

    You should ask some of the girls that use to party with him and his buddies..not a gentlemen-thing about that violence

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  11. topmmafan says:

    What was that about Connelly? Lol.

    What an unbelievable fight. Don’t worry about the haters Tristan. As a Canadian mma fan congratulations that was amazing to watch.

    Already the same amount of UFC wins on a weeks notice against someone 2 weight classes above then Shane Campbell had. What was that again him not deserving to be there? Give me a break.

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  12. Topmmafan says:

    Tristan Connelly – 1 and 0 in UFC
    Shane Campbell – 1 and 4

    Shut your trap when you aren’t intelligent enough to speak. Beat it pal!

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  13. topmmafan says:

    Also mma is supposed to be all class. Respect between both fighters and both training teams. It’s people like you that bring that rep down @Robinblue

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  14. Big Money says:


    Instead of drooling over Tristan, you really need to learn how to read

    I never said Tristan didnt deserve to be in the UFC. I actually predicted he would win his fight

    I simply stated that there are others (like Shane Campbell) that I feel are more deserving to be in the UFC over Tristan, because logically, Shane beat Tristan

    I get you are in love with Tristan, I dont think he’s into you

    I also feel that despite Tristan beating some fool who decided to gas himself out by doing retarded shit in the cage, a rematch between him and Shane would have the same result

    Start ordering your Tristan merch dude, stalk away homie

    So to be clear, I think Shane is a better fighter than Tristan which isnt a very controversial opinion there stalker

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  15. topmmafan says:

    Why do you keep changing your name? Hiding from something 😂

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  16. Big Money says:

    Tristan did very well in his UFC debut. Props to him. He showed he belonged in there

    That being said, he beat a guy who tried to cut 38 lbs on his own, didnt make weight, decided to blow all his energy on backflips and other retarded shit

    Still think Shaolin beats Tristan at 155 if they ever run it back though

    Just my opinion

    But shit man, since your all over Tristan’s nuts, maybe you should start calling for him to fight Khabib next

    Bye bye creepo lol

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  17. topmmafan says:

    Why does it matter about how much weight Pereira tried to cut or whether he did back flips or not?

    On 6 days notice one of OUR CANADIAN born fighters came onto the biggest stage as a massive Vegas Underdog and won on home soil.

    That is all that should be talked about.

    Shane should focus on his big fight in 10 days against a guy with 11 Total MMA Fights.

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  18. Chris says:

    ROBINBLUE a.k.a. Mike Imperato, you have been missed!! how are you?

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  19. Fomerly Known As D-Gen X says:

    I would say that Imperato does not know how to edit his posts.
    (On account of the grammar and spelling errors making it nearly unintelligible)

    But the absence of the N-word is proof he went through and edited it at least once!

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  20. topmmafan says:

    Let’s respect Big Mike. He has a massive fight against a guy with 2 Professional MMA Wins he needs to focus on for next week.

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  21. A. Scheer says:

    Just like Prime Minister Trudeau

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