Elite 1 Decade of Destruction Recap


While it may have been 1am by the time the main event was over, it didn’t matter to the crowd as every person was still in their seat.  That was the aroura in the air as Elite 1: Decade of Destruction   In the main event Shawn Wallace was able to get a unanimous decision (48-47, 48-47, 49-46) against Dee Logue in a title bout for the promotions Lightweight title.   Now due to Wallace not making weight yesterday the belt remains vacant.  

The fight itself was a lot closer than the score suggested (I originally had the call in favor of Logue) with Logue using his tall length to keep Wallace back throughout the fight but Wallace was able to keep moving in and work the jab throughout of the bout to nab the decision, when I spoke to Wallace about it after the fight, he knew not having the reach advantage was going to be a factor

“I knew going into the fight that he was long, but I couldn’t worry about what he was going to do because I didn‘t know,” say Wallace.

“I didn’t know that he was going to try and take me down or not.  I have been actually trying to work on my length and I was able to dictate some of that distance, land some shots and stop him in his tracks.”

While both fighters for the most part were even throughout the fight there was one sore spot in the 3rd round when Wallace did an accidental eye poke that referee Yves Lavigne seemed to miss even though both fighters stopped and even talked about it backstage after the show.   When I asked Logue about it after the fight that was the least if what he was focused on. 

“It was a close fight, I can’t really say too much more,” says Logue

“He landed some shots; I landed some shots and I did have him hurt.  He did have me hurt with an eye poke, but I don’t want to make excuses because that sounds bad, but I was just frustrated with my performance and I will learn from it and come back better.”

In the co main event Pat Carroll was able to use his wrestling to keep Alderic Keith on his back for most of the fight to secure the decision win. While Carroll was able to control, Keith was able to get his licks which included opening a gash over Carroll’s forehead the required multiple stitches.   While the cuts would normally affect the person who received them, Carroll was able to use it as an offense.  Near the end of the fight Keith was trying to secure a triangle choke but between the blood and sweat was unable to lock it in.  While most fighters don’t like to get hit in the head, Carroll is different

“I remember when I was on top at one point the he landed a good elbow, so I knew I was cut right away so I put my head on top of his and get it over his eyes,” says Carroll

“Honestly when I start bleeding and shit, I get fired up about it, but he got his shots off his back so good on him.”

To round out the pro card, Tyler Wilson was able to use the clinch throughout his fight against Morgan Rhynes to secure a split decision over the PEI native.  Rhynes was able to rebound and land some strikes in the 3rd round included trying to bounce off the cage to attempt a superman punch but it was too little too late.

On the Amateur side of the show, three title fights took place with two vacant titles being crowned and one changing hands.   For the Heavyweight title Nick Coombes was able to knockout Joe Pilmer in the 4th round.  Throughout of the fight both fighters were trading haymakers that you were surprised that either one was able to stay up for as long as they did.  Coombes put it away early in the 4th that had Pilmer out on the mat cold for a couple of minutes

In the welterweight title bout Nathan Burke was able get on top of Scott Mackinnon in full mount in the 3rd round and score the TKO victory.  Mackinnon was able to keep Burke in the clinch at times when he could but hold off Burke’s strength throughout the fight

In his title defense Corey Forsythe lost his Elite 1 bantamweight championship in a split decision to Robbie Inness.  Inness was able to control the clinch throughout the match to win the victory

In the rest of the nights action Drake Farrell, Hank Anderson and Nick Theriault each scored 1st round TKO victories with Farrell defeating Shawn Martin in Welterweight Anderson’s was in the heavyweight division against Chris Fowler and Theriault over Ben Fullerton at lightweight

Tyler Gilker scored a split decision against James Doucette which was one of the better fights of the night while Zach Garcia score a split decision over Ryan Aitkens.

Jake Kelly scored the only submission on the card against Cory Vern with a triangle choke in the 1st round and Luc De Ste. Croix beat Jonah MacDougall by a unanimous decision. 

While fans were happy with the card overall, the promotion itself could have been more pleased with the night’s event.  Normally by fight time the card is down to seven-eight matches when they usually plan for 13 but different factors come into play.  As for making to the 10-year anniversary mark brings in a mixed bag of emotions, it can be summed down into three words

“We survived it,” says Mike Williams Elite 1 owner.

“The headaches, hassles and hurdles we have gone through.  What we started with, being shut down twice (Commission and provincial laws) and having to rebound back.   You build a fanbase and a fighter pool and then your shut down for a year and a half and you having to start over again.   For us to survive that and any fight promoter knows you can have good nights and make money and have bad nights and lose money but if you can walk through the night with you head up high, your good.”

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