XFFC 21 – Live Results and Play-by-Play


Xcessive Force FC 21 goes down live tonight from the TARA Centre at Evergreen Park in Grande Prairie, Alberta. In the main event Steven MacDonald takes on William Carriere for the vacant Light-Heavyweight Title also on the card Michael Imperato defends the Bantamweight Title against Blake Sigvaldason.

Craig Shintani and Chris Day were set to battle for the Interim Featherweight Title however both missed weight and it will now be a three round non-title fight. The Imperato vs. Sigvaldason Title fight will also be three rounds due to Sigvaldason taking the fight on short notice.

Fans in Canada can catch the entire card on Fite TV HERE. Top MMA News will be cageside bringing you a live play-by-play as usual.

  • Fight of the Night: Steve MacDonald vs. William Carriere
  • Submission of the Night: Dave Pogson
  • Knockout of the Night: Tom Theocharis

Pro/205lbs- William Carriere (4-2) vs. Steve MacDonald (2-0)
***Light-Heavyweight Title Fight (Vacant)
Round 1: Carriere goes in for the fist bump before the fighter announcements and MacDonald declines and calls on the boos during the intros. A HUGE ovation for the hometown fighter Carriere and we’re underway. High kick from MacDonald just missed and a leg kick by Carriere. Another head kick falls short from MacDonald and they trade shots. Carriere lands a right and a leg kick. Big straight right lands from MacDonald and he lands a shot. Carriere catches a head kick and pushes MacDonald to the mat but he pops back up and lands a big left hand and another. Carriere lands a solid shot and a leg kick and MacDonald lands a couple of his own. Huge left connects and sends Carrier tumbling to the mat and MacDonald follows and lands but Carriere survives. MacDonald with a double jab and both men land. MacDonald backs him up against the cage and lands a couple knees. Carrier ducks a shot and lands a right and time runs down. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 MacDonald

Round 2: Both men trade big punches and MacDonald seems to have gotten the betyer of the exchange. MacDonald right back with another flurry. Carriere throws two big shots but MacDonald slips them both. Spinning hook kick from MacDonald and a right. Carriere landing wild shots but MacDonald eats them. Macdonald lands a massive left and another shot. Carriere lands a right and MacDonald with a leg kick. Big right coinnects from MacDonald and Carriere lands a calf kick that put MacDonald off balance. MacDonald with a kick to the body and Carriere with another calf kick. MacDonald lands another combo and the fighters are jawing at each other. MacDonald ducks a right and counters with a combo. MacDonald with a superman punch and Carriere with some pawing jabs and a leg kick. Another hook kick feom MacDonald falls short. Carriere with a front kick to the body and right at the bell MacDonald lands a huge right. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 MacDonald

Round 3: Carriere with trio of leg kicks and ducks in for a takdeown which is easily defended by MacDonald. MacDonald lands a shot and a biog knee as Carrier advances. Carrier connects with a huge barage and MacDonald is on skates. Somehow MacDonald survives and they trade some shots. Another hook kick misses from MacDonald and Carriere rushes in and they battle against the cage. Carriere gets the takedown to half guard and postures up and lands. MacDonald working hard to get back to his feet and Carriere holding onto a single. MacDonald begins landing big hammerfists and Carriere back to his feet wearing the crimson mask. MacDonald with a lunging left and Carrier with a slow leg kick. Another stiff left from MacDonald and yet another. MacDonald with a trio of huge shots that send Carriere wobbling into the cage and MacDonald looks to toss him to the mat but Carriere stays on his feet and survives the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 MacDonald

Round 4: Referee Andy Social pauses at the beginning of the round to have the doc check on Carriere and we’re good to go. High five and stomps from the raucous crowd. Tentative start to the 4th and finally MacDonald lands a left and a right and Carriere answers with a right. Both men clash looking to land but neither does. MacDonald lands a left and Carriere looking to answer but eats another big shot. Carriere with a front kick to the body and another. Huge left lands from MacDonald that backs Carriere up. MacDonald sticking jabs and another kick to the body from Carriere. Huge left from MacDonald and Carriere gives him one right back. Carriere ducks a power shot and backs away. MacDonald lands and Carriere with the leg kick and a right. A stiff left lands from MacDonald but both fighter are slowing. A hard left from MacDonald lands at the ten second warning and they exchange before the bell sounds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 MacDonald

Round 5: MacDonald with a big right to open the final round and a hard left follows shortly after. Stiff jab from MacDonald and Carriere blows blood out of his nose. MacDonald with another stiff right and another right off the leg kick by Carriere. Carrier tentative to throw as MacDonald has been countering many of his attacks. Huge combo lands from MacDonald but Carriere eats it and keeps coming and lands a leg kick from Carriere. Right jab from MacDonald and neither man has much left. Solid right by MacDonald lands and he stalks him around the cage. Stiff left lands from MacDonald and looks for that hook kick again but time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 MacDonald
Steven MacDonald defeats William Carriere by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 50-45, 50-45)
***MacDonald captures Light-Heavyweight Title







Pro/135lbs- Michael Imperato (7-3) vs. Blake Sigvaladson (2-1)
***Bantamweight Title Fight
Round 1: Sigavaldason with a pair of heavy leg kicks to start and they trade shots. Imperato presses forward for the takedown and Imperato hits him with a knee while Sigvaldason he has a knee down on the mat. On the restart Imperato shoots in for the quick takedown. Imperato locks in a guillotine but a frantic Sigvaldason is able to free himself. Imperato goes right back to it but again Sigvaldason frees himself. Imperato looks to take the back but again Sigvaldason defends and escapes and Imperato now looking for the kneebar. Sigvaldason escapes to his feet and kicks the legs before dropping back to the mat. Sigvaldason lands to the body and looks for a guillotine from the top before passing to mount and Imperato replaces his half guard. Imperato now with butterfly guard and pushes him off briefly threatening with a leg lock but Sigvaldason back on top now in side control. Sigvaldason with nice shoulder pressure and chips away from the top and content to ride out the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Imperato

Round 2: Imperato with a right and Sigvaldason with a leg kicks. Imperato lands a nice right and another. Sigvaldason shoots but Imperato sprawls but Sigvaldason still ends up on top. Imperato with double underhooks from the bottom but Sigvaldason able to free himself and drives him into the cage. Sigvaldason right beside his coaches and lands some shots. Sigvaldason working for some elbows and postures up and lands a hard right. Imperato is busted wide open under the right eye. Referee Kyle Cardinal pauses the fight to have the doctor check on the cut. On the doctors advice Cardinal stops the fight. Imperato is furious and Sigvaldason attempts to embrace Imperato but he pushes him aside storms out of the cage and out of the arena.
Blake Sigvaldason defeats Michael Imperato (Doctor Stoppage) in Round 2, 3:23
***Sigvaldason captures Bantamweight Title

Pro/145lbs- Craig Shintani (7-2) vs. Chris Day (5-5)
Round 1: Leg kick for Day opens the fight and Shintani with a stiff right. Day leg kick and Shintani with a kick to the body. Day looks for another leg kick and Shintani fires a combo. Bog overhand right by Day and Shintano lands in respons and Day chops him down with a leg kick. Shintani closes the distance and pressed him against the cage. Day looking to land a knee and Shintani almost catches it but Shintani is able to get the body lock takedown and works towards the back. Shintani lands some shots to soften him up. Day tries to stand and Shintani locks on but Day is able to shake him off and ends up on top in full guard. Shintani briefly threatens with a triangle but can’t lock it in and Day stands and kicks the legs. Day with an axe kick to the body and drops back to full guard. Shintani with a solid elbow from the bottom and Day can’t mount much of an offence and looks to pass but can’t and time runs out. Very close round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Day

Round 2: Day misses a leg kick and lands the next one. Shintani with an inside leg kick and connects with a combo. Day answers back and another leg kick. Shintani with a leg kick and a combo and drives him against the cage. Day lands a knee as they battle for position. Shintani chipping knees to the thigh and Day stomps the feet. Shintano with an elbow off the break and lands a nice barrage before putting Day back in the corner. Day looks to land a knee to the body and Shintani to the thigh. Shintani trips Day and takes him to the mat and ultimately ends up in the guard. Shitnani works the body and just misses with an elbow. Shintani gets some space and lands some hammerfists before settling back into the guard. Shintani keeps chipping away and content to finish out the round on top. Day throws up a late armbar attempt but there’s no time left. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Shintani

Round 3: Leg kick by Day and another and one more before Shintani lands a kick to the body. Shintani sticks a solid jab and Day eats another shot coming in. Shintani continues to land the jabs and Day presses forward, lands a leg kick and Shintani with another right. They tie up and Shintani puts Day’s back on the cage. Shintani spins to the back and drags him to the mat. Shintani working for the rear-naked choke but Day fighting the hands and is able to work back to his feet. Shintani presses him against the cage and knees the thigh. Shintani drives a knee up the middle and looks for the takedown. Shintani with a couple more knees and again drags Day down. Day in turtle and Shintani sinks his hooks and wraps his arm under the chin but Day defending well and pulls it off. Shintani with a trio of big shots under the arm and lands a couple hammerfists. Shintani keeps chipping away and locks in a body triangle and the round ends there. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Shintani
Craig Shintani defeats Chris Day by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 29-28)

Pro/175lbs- Jordan Roberts (2-1) vs. Tom Theocharis (2-2)
Round 1: Roberts with the leg kick and Theocharis answers back. Both men look to land body kicks and Theocharis lands one to the leg and another. Inside leg kick by Theocharis and one to the body. Roberts with a leg kick and Theocharis lands one and follows up with a big right. Both men going back and forth with leg kicks and Theocharis landing with more power, Roberts just throwing them out there. Theocharis lands a combo and a snapping kick to the liver that drops Roberts. Theocharis follows him down and begins raining down punches. Theocharis not letting up and keeps firing away until Andy Social steps in and calls a halt to the bout.
Tom Theocharis defeats Jordan Roberts by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:55

Pro/165lbs- Dayton Roberts (2-1) vs. Dave Pogson (2-6)

Round 1: Pogson double jab and a leg kick before shooting for the single and switching to a double and getting to side control. Pogson gets some space and unleashes some elbows and wrapping the head but doesn’t have the angle for the guillotine. Pogson working around now sinks the d’arce choke and hooks the leg and forces the tap.
Dave Pogson submits Dayton Roberts by D’arce Choke in Round 1, 1:20

Am/185lbs- Jordan Noseworthy (3-1) vs. Lorenzo Celis (2-0-1)
***Amateur Middleweight Title Fight (Vacant)
Round 1: Both men start with a tie up against the cage and they jockey for position. Noseworthy pressing him against the cage and lands a knee to the groin. A pause in the action and they restart quickly. They come together and again battle against the cage. Noseworthy looking for the high crotch but Celis stays on his feet. Celis gets his back off the cage and lands but Noseworthy puts him right back against the cage. Noseworthy’s corner screaming for the takedown but Celis able to defend. Celis now dropping for the takedown and spins off the cage. Noseworthy reverses positions and lands a right before the end of the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Noseworthy

Round 2: Noseworthy looks to land to the body and Celis with a leg kick and Noseworthy again puts Celis on the cage and drives. Noseworthy works to the back, gets the body lock and drags him down. Noseworthy can’t quite get full control and Celis punches the thigh. Celis able to work back to his feet and Noseworthy has one hook in on the feet and controlling the arm. Celis spins off the cage and puts Noseworthy against the cage. They continue to battle for position and Celis looking for the guillotine but he lets go and unleashes a barrage of punches and Noseworthy in trouble. Celis connecting with big shots and rocking Noseworthy and Celis steals the round in the dying seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Celis

Round 3: Celis with a pair of leg kicks and Noseworthy answers back. Celis lands a right and they trade leg kicks. Celis goes to the body with a flurry and you can see it’s affecting Noseworthy. Celis with a combo and a bog overhand right. Cut under the eye of Noseworthy. Celis with a flurry of uppercuts and Noseworthy offering no defense and referee Andy Social steps in to rescue him from any further damage.
Lorenzo Celis defeats Jordan Noseworthy by TKO (Punches) in Round 3, 1:41
***Celis captures Amateur Middleweight Title

Am/205lbs- Grady Behrens (1-0) vs. Brandon Burton (0-1)
Round 1: Burton looks to land and both men stick jabs at the same time. Behrens lands a straight right and lands another. Behrens with a solid counter right and they’re talking to each other. Burton with a couple leg kicks. Behrens corner says “he doesn’t like that jab:. Burton responds “fuck that jab” and referee Kyle Cardinal pauses the action to admonish Burton. Behrens sticking jabs and Burton having a good time in there. Both men trading shots. Behrens lands a couple weak shots and a decent combo. Burton shells up against the cage and eats a couple shots. As the bells sounds Behrens holds up on a front kick and the two fighters laugh and hug. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Behrens


Round 2: Burton pressing forward but Behrens lands some counter shots and they trade punches. Behrens lands a right and Burton with a leg kick. Burton with a big breath and Behrens continues to land. Hard overhand right lands for Behrens and lands to the body. Both men connect and a front kick from Behrens and another puts Burton off balance. Leg kick for Burton but Behrens back him against the cage and lands as Burton shells up. Behrens with a kick to the body and Burton catches it but can’t capitalize. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Behrens

Round 3: Burton sucking wind in the corner and we’re off for the final round. Big push kick to the body for Berhrens and he keeps landing and another kick to the midsection. Burton audibly laughing but he’s way down on the scorecards and needs to get going. Behrens clinches and looks for the guillotine and tries to pull guard but Burton pulls his head free and ends up on top. Behrens throws his guard up high and locks in the armbar from the bottom and is able to force the tap.
Grady Behrens submits Brandon Burton by Armbar in Round 3, 1:00

Am/160lbs- Ramil Kamilov (2-1) vs. Kyle Wilson (0-0)
Round 1: Wilson with the double jab and Kamilov answers with a leg kick. Wilson presses forward with a combo and they trade kicks. Kamilov lands a solid right and they trade leg kicks. Kamilov gets the takdown to half guard and Wilson lands to the body. Kamilov stands and lands a flurry of punches as Wilson stands. Kamilov lands and they trade leg kicks. Kamilov with a high kick and a combo and they clinch briefly. They trade shots and Kamilov with the clinch and a knee to the body. They separate and Kamilov with another clinch. Kamilov lands and sends Wilson retreating but Kamilov follows and lands a huge barrage of punches. Wilson covers up and Kamilov lands a right and follows up with a kick to the head and one to the body before the round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kamilov

Round 2: Kamilov immediately lands and they trade punches and Kamilov getting the better of the exchanges. Wilson with little leg kicks and Kamilov slams one into the thigh. Both men land solid shots and Kamilov connects to the body. Kamilov with a right, body shot and a leg kick. Kamilov throws a right and slams another leg kick. Kamilov changes levels and gets the takedown against the cage. Kamilov works to take the back and has the body lock and knees the body. Kamilov landing chipping shots before posturing up and looking for the finish but Wilson is able to make it to his feet and eats a left before the end of the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kamilov

Round 3: They trade leg kicks and Kamilov lands a big right. Wilson answers back and Wilson bloodied up and eats a leg kicks, Big head kick by Kamilov and follows up with a flurry before pressing him against the cage. Kamilov gets the body lock and drags him to the mat. Wilson lands to the body from the bottom and Kamilov chipping away from side control. Kamilov working for the kimura and steps over but Wilson able to scramble out. Kamilov elbows the body and lands a barrage of rights. Wilson able to get up momentarily but Kamilov drags him right back down. Kamilov has the arm pinned and lands shots. The ten second warning sounds and Kamilov stands and looks for the finish but time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kamilov
Ramil Kamilov defeats Kyle Wilson by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)



Pro Fights:
205lbs- William Carriere (4-2) vs. Steve MacDonald (2-0)
***Pro Light-Heavyweight Title Fight (Vacant)

135lbs- Michael Imperato (7-3) vs. Blake Sigvaldason (2-1)
***Pro Bantamweight Title Fight (3 Rounds)











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