Three Championship Bouts Headline Unified 36


EDMONTON — Three Unified MMA championship bouts headline the promotion’s first card of the year, Unified 36 on March 1, under the bright lights at River Cree Resort & Casino.

In the main event, undefeated knockout artist Pat Pytlik tries to improve to 8-0 when he defends the Unified MMA Super-Lightweight Championship against his toughest challenger yet, battle-tested UFC vet Jake Lindsey.

“I’ve knocked out all my opponents, so I think people know what they can expect from me,” Pytlik says with a laugh. “I’m coming for the knockout, and I’m definitely looking to get a UFC contract for my efforts.”

“I’ve wanted a fight just like this for a long time,” Lindsey offers with a smile. “I’m looking to make some waves in 2019, and this is the perfect way to kick things off.”

In the co-main event, Teddy “Bear” Ash defends the Unified MMA Middleweight Title in a rematch with five-time UFC vet Dominique Steele. Steele snapped Ash’s seven-fight win streak in Decemeber via first-round TKO but wasn’t eligible to win the belt after failing to make weight.

“Our first fight left a bitter taste in my mouth,” says Ash when asked about the highly anticipated rematch. “I’m ready to go out there and prove that our first fight was a fluke.”

“I’m excited to come back to Canada. The fans were great,” Steele says. “I missed weight last fight, but everyone knows that had no effect on the outcome. March 1, me and Teddy get to do it again.”

Shane “Shaolin” Campbell tries to improve to 6-0 in the Unified MMA cage when the UFC vet defends the Unified MMA Lightweight Championship against fast-rising challenger Menad Abella.

“I’ve never been very good at predicting fights, but I plan on unleashing some furious anger somewhere between the first and the fifth round — maybe the whole way through,” Campbell says, laughing. “I’m undefeated under the Unified banner with five finishes; I need those stats to stay alive.”

“I have zero words for my opponent,” replies Abella, who’s known to fans for his relentless wrestling skills. “I’m taking this fight to further my career and make some noise for the fans.”

Additionally, Graham Park (5-2) and Tyler Weran (3-0) meet in a battle of top hard-hitting Western Canadian middleweight prospects. To open up the professional card, Josh McKenzie tries to improve to 2-0 as a pro versus Joel Ordorski (1-0) at 175 pounds.

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5 Responses to “ Three Championship Bouts Headline Unified 36 ”

  1. Silverstar says:

    Rumor has it there has been great difficulty in finding Nick Hrabec a 0-50 fighter to face on this card

    Rumor has it Nick might consider fighting an 0-10 fighter, let me repeat, he MAY consider it, but only if said 0-10 fighter walks around at 150 lbs and doesnt need to cut weight

    After Nasty Nybakken almost killed him in the cage last month, Nick “The Savage” Hrabec vowed to never, ever, fight anymore people that actually train in MMA

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  2. TFC says:

    Well, hes at least got in the cage and fought someone. More than you can say.

    Well-loved! Thumb up 16 Thumb down 3

  3. TFC says:

    Trying that hard to clown someone who is just competing in something they love, all under a fake name, youre a dickwad. You have to be a real POS for that to make you feel good. And before someone writes it, yes, I do know Nick, but no, I wouldnt call us friends. But that goes for everyone who wants to put so much energy into bashing.

    Do you think Garret Nybakken reads that and thinks you’re cool? A real fan? Id bet Garret likes and respects Nick a lot more than he would like and respect you

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  4. Castledowns G says:

    Wow. I never thought I would see the day that this site would have a Nick Hrabec superfan lol lol

    TFC I agree, you aren’t friends with Nick but you surely want to be “more than friends” with him hey buddy? It’s ok man it’s 2019, just let him know how you really feel. I’m guessing you saw Nick taking a shirtless selfie back in the UFC gym days and you developed a bit of a crush hey?

    Also, you use a fake name so until you start using your real name you should shut up

    Any hoot, I could care less what can Hrabec crushes but this is a MMA site so let’s call a spade a spade, Hrabec never beats legit guys, he a can crusher. Sunny knows he brings a ton of his douche friends to the unified shows and they spend tons of money on booze

    Let the guy crush cans man who cares, cards need to be filled, whatever

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  5. TFC says:

    Lol, pulling out the gay jokes hey, pretty funny. Luckily Im not insecure, nor 12 years old, or that may bother me. IDGAF who nick fights or what he does, but to read some loser writing out a long-winded post, just to try to get some likes by bashing someone is pathetic. That goes for anyone jumping on MMA forums to try to boost their self-esteem by ragging on guys just doing something they like. I hope someone comes down to Orange Julius today and tells you you’re terrible at your job.

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