Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – December 18


Some good news for future UFC events in Toronto as UFC 231 was announced as a sellout with an attendance of 19,039 and a live gate of $2.48 million USD ($3.28 million CAD). This marks the UFC’s highest attendance among their six events at Scotiabank Arena/Air Canada Centre.

…and now for the rumours!

  • Rise FC 3 is almost four months away but there’s already a couple solid fights targeted for the card as Sabah Fadai will end his retirement to take on Curtis Demarce at Lightweight and Cody Krahn welcomes the returning Jordan McKay at Super-Middleweight (195lbs).
  • Michael Hill is set to challenger Joey Pierotti for the vacant Welterweight Title at Dominate FC 3 on January 5 in Tacoma, Washington
  • Jared Revel will take on Hamza Salim in a Middleweight bout at Battlefield Fight League 59 this January.
  • Unified MMA 36 will be March 1 in Edmonton and Pat Pytlik will make the first defense of his Welterweight Title in the main event.



  • BTC Fight Promotions will hold their 5th event March 9 in Windsor and their 6th on June 1 in Burlington.
  • After contract issues prevented Jeremy Kennedy from stepping into the Professional Fighters League tournament he’ll return to the Brave CF cage against Marat Magomedov on December 28 in Saudi Arabia.
  • Speaking of Brave CF, a big congrats to Alex Martinez who picked up a 3rd round guillotine choke win over Hanru Botha a couple weeks ago in South Africa.
  • Tristan Connelly defended his Cagesport Lightweight Title this past weekend. Connelly forced his opponent Tyrone Henderson to quit on the stool after the first round for the TKO victory.
  • Shane Campbell took a short-notice fight in Russia against Magomedsaygid Alibekov this past weekend and ultimately lost a unanimous decision on the scorecards. Campbell will look to rebound at Fight Night 9 in Lethbridge in January.
  • Ryan Ford returned to the boxing ring this weekend in Germany and scored a 2nd round KO against Jovica Kokot. Ford will be back in Germany on February 2nd to fight for the WBC International Light Heavyweight Title.

16 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – December 18 ”

  1. Orangina says:

    I don’t think Malcom is gonna have a very good time against Yoni

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  2. titlemeansnothing says:

    Rumor is RiseFC will be selling Krahan vs Mckay as a 195 title fight

    Cody Krahan is 1 – 4 in his last 5 fights and his most recent fight Mar 2018 was a loss. His last win was Sept 2017 against Porter who is 1-4 in his last 5 fights


    Jordon McKay a guy that has not fought since a win back in Dec 2014. He is 3-2 in his last five fights with his last three wins coming Dec 2014, Sep 2011, Dec 2008

    How is this a title worthy fight ?

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  3. Cody Krahn says:

    I agree. This shouldn’t be a title fight. I’m honestly only interested in the matchup. But I guess McKay insisted on this fight being for a participation trophy.


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  4. Joe Dirt says:

    As a fan I don’t care if the fight is for a title. I just want to enjoy watching it while I sip my beer. Good luck to everyone who is fighting.

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  5. TFC says:

    Who cares if they get a $200 dollar piece of junk? I just want more 5 round fights if they’re good match ups, and if they’re not, they probably wont go to 3 anyways.

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  6. Grienk says:

    Can’t wait for Sherbatov vs Gordon. Great matchup!

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  7. TKO says:

    Interesting that TKO seems to be investing in the small weight classes. Putting on some serious fights at 125/135. Hope they sign some more top guys.

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  8. U Talkin To Yourself Brah? says:

    TKO bantamweight is so hot right now.

    Grabbing Yoni makes that 125 title a lot more distinguished (at the top end)
    Would like to see them get Kelades and Anheliger on the roster to get some more depth but I don’t know if they’re signed elsewhere or what.

    Also the best time to make Hill VS Arnett was a year ago but the second best time is now.

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  9. Sabah Fadai says:

    Some are interested in Krahn vs Mckay as a title and some are not. As a brand new promotion we have start somewhere giving out belts and making champions and getting young up and comers excited to challenge the champion. even myself vs Demarce shouldn’t be a title fight if you look on paper. we are both coming off losses and i’ve been away for 2.5 years. But trust me when i tell you guys that some crazy matchups will be coming up soon. Rise FC 3 and Rise FC 4 are already stacked cards. and lets not get carried away with the 200$ belts lol. This is a promotion for a fighter by a fighter. a good solid chunk of hardware is always nice to fight for. if you have seen our belts you can tell they aren’t 200$ belts.

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  10. Turd Furgesen says:

    It’s your promotion playboi.

    If I were you I would be DEFENDING the lightweight title vs Demarce AS WELL as riding a motorcycle to the cage… while in a coffin…. to then emerge from said coffin.

    Title worthy, probably not…. but if it requires more title fights to have less Greg large you do what ya gotta do

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  11. Brandon Chase says:

    I’ll fight Tyler Davis for the 135 pound strap by…(; then I’ll move too 185 pounds too fight Advin Omic……..figured since I left a suv 🚙 wrote off … I’ll fight anyone at any weight weight category… jkjk I promise you Tyler ,Advin, Austin Ryan too …. that no suv 🚙 where harmed in making this post….now where is Erin Buhr at … too take pictures….. I think 🤔 lol

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  12. Canadian Rumour Mill January 2019 says:

    Imagine being one of the only people in western Canada willing to start a promotion and provide a platform to fighters….

    Then be criticized on the one website exclusively for Canadian mma over the two bouts on the card. (Which are good bouts)

    Then (immediately) add 3 awesome bouts to the card and have absolutely no acknowledgement of it haha.

    Good thing Sabah has a fight to train for god damn.

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  13. For real says:

    RISE is putting on a stacked card! Great exciting fights. Might be the best event happening in Canada. Most shows are full of local bums to help sell more beer. Sab is getting the important fights done!

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  14. Brandon Chase says:

    It’s time too make mma finally legal in Newfoundland

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  15. EPerez says:

    Lol someone send the NFLD government a telegram

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  16. Brandon Chase says:

    We have news in Newfoundland stupid Perez lol 😂

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