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Unified MMA 35 went down Friday night from The River Cree Resort and Casino just outside Edmonton, Alberta (Check out the full play-by-play HERE). The card was eventful to say the least with Dominique Steele upsetting the hometown hero Teddy Ash but not earning the title due to missing weight, Clay Dixon leaving the venue moments before his title fight with Craig Shintani causing the cancellation and Jamie Siraj fending off numerous submissions from Michael Hay and finishing with a vicious body shot to capture the Bantamweight Title.

Keep in mind, in most cases the match-ups listed here are hypothetical and have not been announced or rumored to be taking place unless otherwise noted.

Let us know your thoughts on who should be up next for the big winners and the rest of the card and who you think would win our hypothetical match-ups.

185lbs- Teddy Ash (12-4) vs. Dominique Steele (18-12)
***Middleweight Title Fight
Teddy Ash was on the cusp of a UFC contract before he fell at the hands of Dominique Steele this past weekend at Unified 35. The stoppage was not without a bit of controversy as some felt it may have been an early stoppage, that coupled with the fact that Steele missed weight by 1.6lbs for what was supposed to be a Middleweight Title fight makes a rematch the most logical next step for both men. If Ash still has his sights set on that UFC contract he needs to avenge this defeat and start another win streak and if Steele wants to put to rest any controversy, he needs to make the championship weight and come in and collect the title with a truly decisive victory.

145lbs- Craig Shintani (7-2) vs. Tom O’Connor (8-1)
***Featherweight Title Fight
Craig Shintani may have had the worst night of anyone on the card… not because he lost his fight but because he put in months of work, made weight and was ready to step into the cage to compete when his opponent Clay Dixon decided just minutes before the start of their fight that he was not going to make that walk and left the venue. Shintani was awarded the Featherweight Title but he’s a true fighter and wants to earn the belt and one man who will undoubtedly get into the cage and give him a challenge would be top prospect Tom O’Connor who is on an 8 fight win streak and recently picked up the XFFC Featherweight Title just 5 months ago and would love to make some room on his mantle for a second belt.

135lbs- Jamie Siraj (6-2) vs. Justin Basra (5-0)
***Bantamweight Title Fight
Jamie Siraj impressed on Friday night fending off a wide array of submission attempts from a very game Michael Hay for just over four rounds. Early in the 5th Siraj hit Hay with a crushing body shot that shut Hay down and earned Siraj the vacant Bantamweight title in hostile territory. The Bantamweight division might be one of the deepest in Canada and the man that makes the most sense for Siraj’s first defense is Calgary’s Justin Basra. The two have already been set to face one another on two separate occasions and the third time could be the charm.

155lbs- Neal Anderson (9-3) vs. Tristan Connelly (10-6)
Neal Anderson is on a tear since a three-year layoff and pushed his win streak to 5 straight with his FOTN Split Decision win over longtime veteran Curtis Demarce this weekend. Anderson is likely right in the middle of the Lightweight title picture however it still may be a little early to pit him against current Champ Shane Campbell. Tristan Connelly would offer a great barometer of where Anderson stands and if he can get past the former title holder he may just be ready for the tall task of attempting to dethrone “Shaolin”.

185lbs- KB Bhullar (5-0) vs. Jared Revel (7-2)
KB Bhullar might be one of the biggest draws in Edmonton which is impressive considering he hadn’t set foot in a cage in over 5 years before this weekend. Bhullar had to overcome some mental hurdles to get himself back in the cage and although his opposition was not the highest level he provided a reasonable warm up fight for the Bengal. Bhullar has shown tonnes of potential and with the wide gap between skill levels in the Middleweight division in Canada it’ll be right into the fire for Bhullar and a matchup with someone like Jared Revel will truly show which half of the division he fits in with. If Bhullar can topple Revel it will be a quick rise in competition from then on.

On the Rebound:
135lbs- Michael Hay (5-2) vs. Noah Ali (9-5-1)
145lbs- Curtis Demarce (18-14) vs. Maged Hammo (9-5-1)
155lbs- Nick Hrabec (6-5) vs. Lee Gaudet (5-6)

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  1. Beefstorm says:

    Cody wrote this.. this guy truly knows MMA and holy crap thanks for this website… I love Canadian MMA… Bunch of killas in the north… I check this everyday… Rumors ect… So cool… Thanks all of you

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Thanks for the kind words Beefstorm… It often costs me money to cover these events but I do it because I love the sport and don’t want it to go back to the old days where we have to find fight cards and results somewhere in the depths of the Sherdog forums several days later!

    I know the site isn’t quite what it used to be but at this point it’s pretty much just me as most contributers have moved on to other things and I’m not able to get on here as much as I used to either! But I will continue as long as people give a shit! Lol

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  3. Mahon says:

    Sorry ment to thumbs up your post cody but my fat fingers accidently hit thumbs down. I definetly appricate what you do for this sport when you can being a working man its gotten alot of guys names out there and more fighters should give you props for what you can do

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Thanks so much Randy I appreciate it and no worries… I too suffer from fat finger disorder! Hope you’re healing up and feeling better man!

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  5. Cat Clarke says:

    We still love you in the East too Mr. Rempel:)

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    Thank you Cat… Much appreciated!

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