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Unfied MMA 35 goes down live tonight from the River Cree Resort and Casino just outside Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event Teddy Ash looks to defend his Middleweight Title against UFC veteran Dominique Steele. In the co-main event Craig Shintani and Clay Dixon meet for the vacant Featherweight Title and Michael Hay takes on Jamie Siraj for the vacant Bantamweight Title.

The event is SOLD OUT but fans across Canada can catch the entire card live at 9pm et on Fite TV HERE. Top MMA News will be cageside as usual and will have all your live results and play-by-play right here.

  • Knockout of the Night: (Tie) Jamie Siraj and Garret Nybakken
  • Submission of the Night: KB Bhullar
  • Fight of the Night: Neal Anderson vs. Curtis Demarce

Pro/185lbs- Teddy Ash (12-3) vs. Dominique Steele (17-11)
***Middleweight Non-Title Fight
Round 1: Ash with the leg kick and stuffs the takedown attempt. Ash lands a right and connects with a double jab, left hand. Steele lands but Ash eats in and presses on. They tie up briefly and both men land. Ash lands a head kick but slips and a wild exchange ensues. Both men trading bog shots and looks like Ash got the better for the exchange and a thudding leg kick. Another leg kick and a hard overhand right. Steele comes forward with a wild barrage and Ash answers right back. Ash’s shin split open and both men trade shots. Ash easily defends a takdown attempt from Steele and connects with a combo. Steele lands huge combo that stuns Ash and puts him on skates. Steele follows up on Ash who’s on all fours and Steele keeps firing until referee Andy Social has no choice but to stop the fight.
Dominique Steele defeats Teddy Ash by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:51

Pro/145lbs- Craig Shintani (7-2) vs. Clay Dixon (5-1)
***Featherweight Title Fight (Vacant)
It’s announced that Clay Dixon will not be competing due to “personal reasons” and Craig Shintani is awarded the Unified Featherweight Title.

Shintani states that “Clay Dixon ran out of the building 3 minutes ago, there is nothing wrong with his health, he just left”

Pro/135lbs- Michael Hay (5-1) vs. Jamie Siraj (5-2)
***Bantamweight Title Fight (Vacant)
Round 1: Both men clash with kicks and both land leg kicks. Head kick blocked by Hay. Siraj gets the body lock and muscles him down against the cage. Hay looking for the high guard before spinning for a leg lock. Hay working for a toe hold but Siraj defending. Hay now working for a heel hook but again Siraj is able to free his leg. Siraj settles into half guard and lands some shots. Hay again latching onto a leg but Siraj is able to free himself again. Hay looking for an armbar off his back but Siraj defends that as well. Hay climbing up high again and eats some shots. Siraj begins landing some elbows but Hay able to absorb the shots without too much damage. Siraj postures and drops a big right. The always dangerous Hay locks in a triangle but Siraj gets the 10 second warning and is able to survive the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Siraj

Round 2: Both men pawing with jabs and a high kick from Siraj is blocked. Hay sticks a jab and Siraj pushes him to the mat but doesn’t want to follow. Hay with a combo, body shot and leg kick. Hay with a leg kick and Siraj with one of his own. Siraj shoots for the takedown and Hay working for the guillotine but lets go when Siraj passes the legs. Siraj now looking for a guillotine from the top and knees the body. Siraj working to side control and landing elbows. Siraj to north-south and Hay looking to kick off and escape. Siraj postures and Hay looking for an armbar. Siraj able to free his arm but Hay again looking for a toehold. Hay glued to the leg and looking for the heel hook but Siraj is able to peel his leg free. Siraj to full guard and Hay throws up an armar attempt. Siraj frees himself again but Hay ends up on top in a scramble and lands a couple of shots before the bell. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Siraj

Round 3: Hay with a leg kick and another. Siraj looks to land but can’t land through the shell. Siraj shoots and gets the takedown. Hay briefly threatens with a guillotine but Siraj pulls his head out. Hay working for a kimura but Siraj is able to pull it out. Siraj moves to side control and lands some elbows. Siraj landing a barrage of elbows and punches but nothing fight ending. Siraj with some elbows to the bottom. Siraj postures and lands big shots before dropping back down. Hay with legs high but again Siraj able to defend. Hay looking for the kimura but Siraj is able to pull his arm out. Siraj landing short elbows and Hay still trying to throw up submission attempts from the bottom. Hay trying to roll through for a leg lock but can’t secure it and the bell sounds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Siraj

Round 4: High kick from Siraj partially lands. Siraj with a combo and another high kicks. Siraj pulls the legs out and ends up in full guard. Hay legs high looking to threaten again but Siraj still doing well to avoid and pass the legs. Hay working hard for the legs but Siraj able to get his leg free. Hay trying to push off the fence to get some space but Siraj postures and lands. Hay trying hard to get some space but Siraj with relentless top pressure. Hay again trying to latch onto a leg but Siraj spins to full guard, stands and lands a barrage. Andy Social keeping a close eye and Siraj slows down but continues to land. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Siraj

Round 5: Siraj with a nice hook to the body and drops him to the mat with a vicious liver shot. Siraj pounces on top with more but referee Andy Social is quick to step in as Hay is clearly badly hurt.
Jamie Siraj defeats Michael Hay by TKO (Liver Shot and Punches) in Round 5, 0:18
***Siraj wins Unified Bantamweight Title

Pro/155lbs- Neal Anderson (8-3) vs. Curtis Demarce (18-13)
Round 1: Dmearce presses with a combo but both men just looking to find the distance to start. Demarce trips against the cage twice and Anderson takes advantage tying him up. Demarce reverses positions and they jockey against the cage. Demarce changing levels for the single but Anderson able to pop back up and get off the cage. Demarce with a counter right and a leg kick. Anderson fires back with a combo and a knee to the head. Anderson with another leg kick and Demarce responds with one of his own. Demarce comes forward with a combo and a takedown attempt on the end of it but Anderson easily defends. Anderson ties him up against the cage and lands some knees to the body. They break away and exchange a combo as time runs down. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Anderson

Round 2: Demarce with a kick to the body and Anderson lands and a leg kick. Demarce connects and throws a high kick but it’s blocked. Leg kick by Anderson and Demarce misses a spinning back fist. Demarce ducks in for the body lock but Anderson turns him around and puts his back on the cage. Demarce able to work free and lands a bog combo with a left at the end. Anderson answers back with a nice combo of his own. Anderson pressing the action and Demarce with a counter right combo. Anderson with a 1-2 but doesn’t get all of it and Demarce wraps him up. They separate and Anderson with an uppercut. Both men trading punches and a couple solid rights land for Demarce. Demarce puts him against the cage and looks to drag him down but Anderson stays vertical. Demarce connects with two big rights to close the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Demarce

Round 3: Both men trade but it’s Anderson landing a hard left. They continue to trade big shots and Anderson with a leg kick at the end and another. Demarce with a nice combo but Anderson responds immediately. Demarce with a thudding leg kick and Anderson stuns him with a right uppercut. Demarce shoots in for the single but Anderson defends and chips away. They break and Anderson lands. Anderson with a nice combo and a leg kick and shucks off a takedown attempt. Anderson puts his back on the cage and lands. Demarce looking for the single leg slam and eventually brings him down to half guard. Anderson scrambles up and drills Demarce with a big shot on the way up. Anderson landing shots and Demarce looks to slow his attack. Anderson with the kimura and uses it to take Demarce down but can’t secure it. Demarce to his feet and Anderson gets him back on the cage and lands knees. Demarce latches onto a guillotine in the final ten but the bell sounds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Anderson
Neal Anderson defeats Curtis Demarce by Split Decision (30-27, 29-28, 28-29,)

Pro/165lbs- Garret Nybakken (12-9) vs. Nick Hrabec (6-4)
Round 1: Hrabec with a high kick but doesn’t get all of it. Nybakken advancing and Hrabec connects with a right. Hrabec with a teep to the body and follows up with a low leg kick. Both men connect with huge rights and Nybakken misses a side kick to the body. Hrabec with a kick to the body and Nybakken drops Hrabec with a massive right that knocks him out cold against the cage. Nybakken follows up with a couple more before referee Andy Social can’t intervene. Post fight Hrabec is down for a couple minutes but leaves the cage under his own power with help from his corner.
Garret Nybakken defeats Nick Hrabec by KO (Punch) in Round 1, 1:54

Pro/185lbs- KB Bhullar (4-0) vs. Corey Atkinson (4-8)
Round 1: Chants of KB-KB-KB ring out as Bhullar enters the cage for the first time in over 5 years! Atkinson looking for the leg kick but can’t connect. Atkinson shoots forward and ties Bhullar up against the cage. Bhullar muscles him to the mat and lands in full guard. Atkinson working his legs high for a triangle but Bhullar shucks him off and moves to side control. Atkinson to his knees and Bhullar with a soccer kick to the body and settles back on top in half guard. Bhullar grinds his elbow on the orbital one of Atkinson before raining down a barrage of elbows. Atkinson trying to kick off the cage but Bhullar stays heavy and keeps him flat. Bhullar transitions to a north-south choke and entices the emphatic tap.
KB Bhullar submits Corey Atkinson by North-South Choke in Round 1, 3:50

AdvAm/150lbs- Tyrell Giselbrecht (2-0) vs. Matt Klute (2-1)
Round 1: Giselbrecht throws first looking to find the range and ties him up against the cage. Giselbrecht looks for the takedown but Klute sprawls and lands. Giselbrecht works back to his feet and they trade. Both men exchanging punches. Klute ties him up against the cage before stepping off and landing. Klute landing on the advancing Giselbrecht. Bog shots landing by Klute and Giselbrecht with the takedown and postures up and lands before standing and landing a pair of kicks to the legs at the end of the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Giselbrecht

Round 2: Prior to round referee Andy Social pauses to let Doc check Klute’s eye and we’re good to go. Giselbrecht with a leg kick and Klute answers with a right. Klute with a leg kick and Gidelbrecht answers with a right this time. Klute lands a pair and another nice combo. Giselbrecht comes back with a combo and a right from Klute lands before a leg kick. A leg kick fro Giselbrecht and Klute with a trio of punches. Klute with some dirty boxing but Giselbrecht with a calf kicks sweeps the leg. Giselbrecht looks to take top position but Klute right back up. Both men trading shots ad Klute with a nice right hand left body kick combo and one more body kick to close the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Klute

Round 3: Klute with a leg kick and eats a hard jab from Giselbrecht. Both men landing stiff shots and a leg kick from Giselbrecht. Klute with the body lock but Giselbrecht lands a knee to the thigh and they break away. Klute with a leg kick and both men with a wild exchange punctuated with a leg kick for Klute. Klute with a combo and they clash with leg kicks. Huge overhand right by Klute connects and he presses forward. Klute with a barrage of kicks to the body and both men bite down on their mouthguards and throw. Giselbrecht looks for a single at the horn but can’t complete it. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Klute
Matt Klute defeats Tyrell Giselbrecht by Split Decision (29-28, 28-29, 29-28)

AdvAm/165lbs- Mark Mosure (3-0) vs. Farzad Askari (0-0)
Round 1: Both mentrade body kicks and Mosure connects with a big right. Mosure gets the takedown against the cage but Askari looking to work back to his feet. Mosure knees to the thigh and lands some shots to the head which is allowed in the advanced amateur rules. Mosure continues to land and Askari just can’t get out of this position stuck against the cage. Mosure has the crucifix on the arm and rolls him to his back just as the bell rings. Top MMA News scores round 10-8 Mosure

Round 2: Mosure with a leg kick and a right hand and follows up with another right and kicks to the body. Mosure with a leg kick and a right. Mosure looks for a 1-2 and a takedown attempt but Askari easily stays out of range. Mosure with a spinning back kick before shooting in and completing the double leg to half guard. Mosure presses him against the cage and Askari lands a couple defensive shots. Mosure working his way around to the back and sinks his right hook and working for the choke and the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Mosure

Round 3: Mosure paws with the jabs and shoots for the takedown to side control. Mosure quickly passes to full mount and lands. Askari giving his back and Mosure chipping away with punches. Mosure has Askari’s left arm trapped with the meat hook and Mosure tries to flatten him out. Askari trying to scramble away but Mosure stays heavy and ends up in side control. Mosure with little hammerfists and lands a couple shots just prior to the end of the bell. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Mosure
Mark Mosure defeats Farzad Askari by Unanimous Decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-25)

Am/190lbs- Sterling Michetti (1-1) vs. Sebastian Fodor (0-0)
Round 1: Michetti shoots in for the takedown and Fodor sprawls and hammers him with body shots. Fodor pressing the action with vicious punches to the body and head against the cage but can he sustain this pace. Michetti is able to weather the storm and Fodor indeed showing his fatigue. Michetti begins landing heavy shots and Fodor trying to retreat but Michetti not letting up. Michetti pressing him against the cage and landing and looks for the double but Fodor defends and looks to take the back. Michetti easily escapes out the back and looks for a Rear-Naked of his own and finishes on top. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Michetti

Round 2: Fodor presses forward and looks to tie up but Michetti just muscles him to the mat and locks in an arm-triangle. Fodor is able to pull his head free and gets on top in full guard. Michetti look for the triangle armbar but Fodor pulls his head out. Michetti locks it in again but again Fodor escapes. Michetti settles on top and begins landing shots to the body as this is his only option according to the amateur rules. Fodor has no defense as he is exhausted and gives up his back. Michetti sinks the rear-naked choke and forces the tap.
Sterling Michetti submits Sebastian Fodor by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 2, 2:10

Am/135lbs- Isaiah Bean (1-1) vs. Skylar Sloan (0-1)
Round 1: Bean looks for the front kick just short and spin kick missed. Bean lands a combo and a leg kick and Sloan responds. Bean with a spinning backfist off a missed combo. Sloan lands to the body and follows up with a combo and Bean looks for the takedown but Sloan is able to win a scramble and gets the takedown. Sloan to his feet and kicks the legs before letting Bean to his feet. Bean with a right and a kick to the body. Bean lands a teep to the mid-section and both men exchange a barrage of punches. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Sloan

Round 2: Bean with a leg kick and a wild exchange. Sloans presses forwward with a combo and Bean ducks it and looks for the takedown. Sloan sprawls and works for a takedown of his own and quickly passes to side control. Bean climbing his legs high from the guard but Sloan stands and lets Bean up. Bean lands a kick to the body but Sloan catches it and uses it to take Bean down to half guard. Sloan works the body and Bean is warned for a head strike on the ground which is not legal under the amateur rules. Sloan lets Bean back up and they trade a couple shots as time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Sloan

Round 3: Sloan presses forward and looks to land and connects. Bean lands a leg kick and connects with a shot. Sloan tags him but Bean has a chin. Sloan with a solid jab and Bean responds with a leg kick. Bean shoots for the takedown and drives hard but gets caught in a guillotine choke. Sloan locks up his guard and squeezes with everything he has. Bean stays composed and pulls his head free and gets back to his feet. Sloan attacking with relentless punches has Bean in trouble but lands a groin shot and a pause for Bean to recover. Sloan comes out firing again and unleashes a combo against the cage in the dying seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Sloan
Skylar Sloan defeats Isaiah Bean by Unanimous Decision



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