Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – November 28, 2019


With less than a month to go until Christmas what Canadian fights are on your wish list this Holiday season? It’s hard not to go with the obvious and hope for GSP vs. McGregor sometime in 2019!

…and now for the Rumours! 

  • Matt Dwyer will look for his fourth straight victory since his release from the UFC when he challenges Joe Riggs for the Fight Night Middleweight Title on January 25 in Lethbridge.
  • Tristan Connelly will defend his CageSport Lightweight Title against Tyrone Henderson at CageSport 54 in Tacoma, Washington on December 15.
  • Shane Campbell is heading to Russia for his next bout when he takes on Magomedsaygid Alibekov at Russian Cagefighting Championship on December 15.
  • Alex Martinez will return to the cage at Brave CF 19 in South Africa on December 12 when he takes on Hanru Botha in a Lightweight bout.
  • With both of their respective opponents off the Unified 35 card, Garret Nybakken and Nick Hrabec will now face off in a rematch of their 2015 bout.



  • Huge fight in the works as Kultar Gill comes out of retirement to take on UFC veteran Dennis Hallman in the main event of Mamba Fight Night 6 on March 8 in Abbotsford, BC.
  • Tyler Wilson is set to challenge Cole Smith for his Bantamweight Title in the main event of Battlefield Fight League 59 in Coquitlam on January 12.
  • Anastasia Nikolakakos will make her Invicta FC debut on December 15 when she takes on Ashley Medina in an Atomweight bout.
  • Kyle Nelson defeated Morteza Rezaei via bloody TKO at RXF 32 in Romania last weekend pushing his win streak to 6 in a row including 5 finishes. Nelson is now 12-1 and pushing for a UFC contract! Gabe Sagman also picked up a Unanimous Decision victory on the same card.
  • Congrats to Jett Grande who went 4-0 with three Unanimous and one Majority decision in Bahrain to claim the Amateur Welterweight Junior World Championship

12 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – November 28, 2019 ”

  1. Canada Fan says:

    Ronson is back in the ufc!

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  2. jay golshani says:

    I have a feeling Joe will not fight Dwyer… Odds of Riggs showing +500…….

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  3. mmafan says:

    Why do you think that? Did you try to make this fight for BFL before?

    Hot debate. What do you think? Thumb up 4 Thumb down 9

  4. jay golshani says:

    @mmafan just based on experience it is not likely…. Diesel would not take tough fights like that outside A level promotions. In A promotions he is likely to make at least 20/20 which for him would most likely be overseas and he is looking for a win to get back over there
    He has been scheduled three times on fight night/been on poster 3 times for fight night yet only showed up when he had shonie carter as an opponent… (a fight in which he was heavily favoured in)
    By no means am i trying to put the fight night promotion down…. i Just dont see Diesel stepping in the cage for this fight especially at 185 We have talked to Joe about many fights in the past and he has always been nice and respectful and smart in picking the matchups he wants…. this matchup against Matt imo is very unlikely… i guess we will see in the upcoming weeks

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  5. Fan of Martial Arts says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  6. Canada Fan says:

    Who down votes Ronson going back to the UFC..? Whether you like him or not is irrelevant. the guys a stud, double champ in TKO and has never ducked anyone.

    The guy took Kevin Lee to a split decision lol.

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  7. Foresight is Foolish says:

    Oh neat.

    Wilson gets to piss people off even more when he doesn’t make weight.

    At least needing to change the bout to catchweight 24 hours before the fight will keep everyone on their toes.

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  8. Nowyouknow says:

    Ronson out

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  9. Jay Golshani says:

    Told all you guys 2 months ago (look up in this thread) Joe Riggs was never going to step into that cage… how much of it promotions knew or not will leave it up to you to decide…

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  10. mmafan says:

    Its a sad state of affairs for Canadian MMA when you have promoters trolling eachother via online forum. Lets just be honest you’re mad because they poached Dwyer. I get it you brought the kid up from the ammys to the ufc. “I was right, I was right” on every board is kind of Childish. Wasnt a Dwyer Fight just cancelled the night of the fight on a BFL card? And no replacement was found?

    Also Glad Gagan got to fight, 1 out of 2 for predictions isnt bad. The fact that you would try to block this kid from fighting is just sick. He had a chance to fight on the TFN and gain new fans. You havent got him a fight in 8 months and he just turned pro. I could see why he would want to take the fight. It shows you care more about screwing over FN than you do about your own fighters.

    Why dont you just focus on your own promotion? The last few card have been a total cash grab. 2 pro fight so you have to pay 4 pro fighter(probably 500 eac) and the rest are ammy fights so you dont have to pay them and can rake in all the cash for yourself. Your next card has a guy 3-0 fighting a guy 5-6 for a title and you’re going to come on here bashing a promoter that is actually trying to put on big fights? Dwyer vs Curtis was a better fight than BFL has ever put on.

    Im glad the Alberta promotions give the B.C. boys like Hill and Dwyer a chance to compete against big names. Because its pretty obvious no promotion in B.C is ready to pony up the cash to do so.

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  11. Jay golshani says:

    MMA fan clearly you are the keyboard troll hence you are hiding behind the keyboard like all other keyboard warriors everyone knows who i am… so right off the bad shows how immature you are hence but ill take the time an address your nonsense:)

    I was right about Joe riggs, if Z promotions would have not signed joe riggs they would not have taken the opporunity from Matt to make it back to the ufc. They allowed joe to take a fight week before and joe used that to say he cant fight dwyer. Then poor matt had 3 days to train for a brand new ufc level oppoennt in the most important fight of his career. so bascially fight night took that away from him. In BFL when anderson did not show up fight day matt waited and fought him next card. (he also received his full show purse and a bonus. You second commnet on gagan gill, he breached his contract and foguth there. Rise had asked to use him and we had said ok because they had a easier matchup for him. Gagan being only 24 years old was not ready for the type of fight being offered to him we wanted a more fair matchup and clearly the results show now that we had done our research. As for achilles (another 24 year old fighter) fighting a 5-6 guy for title reason is that he need to face a good grappler like lee who has won all fights by submission to see if he is ready for next step. (just like dwyer did face the worst stylistc matchup like a good wrestler like colin daynes, and jeremy kennedy did with toughest matchup for him at the time with mario and arjan did against an ex ballator fighter.) Keep hiding behind your keyboard, at least if you put your real identity out someone might actually take you more seriously….
    thanks again for top mma news for giving the promoters to come an actually post their own name on here and put real facts with real names on the site….

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