Modern FC 2 – Warman – December 1


Date: December 1, 2018
Venue: Legends Centre in Warman, Saskatchewan
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Pro Fights:
135lbs- Adam MacDougall (4-2) vs. Eric Wilson (7-8)
265lbs- Lee Mein (9-14) vs. Devon Smith (3-5)
155lbs- Blair Oster (4-4) vs. Mike O’Neill (5-6)
165lbs- Cole Campbell (2-1) vs. Lee Gaudet (4-6)
220lbs- Joey Gobeil (1-2) vs. Chad Sutherland (0-0)
185lbs- Drayton Angus (6-8) vs. Taylor Bull (2-7)
130lbs- Phil Deschambeault (4-9) vs. Ian Abbott (0-0)



9 Responses to “ Modern FC 2 – Warman – December 1 ”

  1. MCGA says:

    Am I allowed to use the word ‘Warman’ or will I be charged with a hate crime?

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  2. Lez Scoden says:

    Would be nice to see Wilson get finished with strikes. But then again, it would suck to see him retire sub .500. War MacDougall!

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  3. Former Ripper says:

    Did they rip off the old Maximum Fighting Championship Logo?


    Imma call my boy Mark P!

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  4. TFC says:

    ladyboy maybe

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  5. Yikes says:

    Man, not a lot of winning records on there. But Eric Wilson and Lee Mein more than make up for it. Nice main and co-main. Get those wins!

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  6. Jets says:

    My picks are Adam MacDougall
    265lbs- Lee Mein
    Mike O’Neill
    Lee Gaudet
    Joey Gobeil
    Drayton Angus
    Ian Abbott

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  7. tqr says:

    whos the bum fighting lee gaudet?

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  8. The goods says:

    Cole Campbell? I wouldn’t say he’s a bum. Better then his record shows. Good Jits but I think Gaudet will have to much for him over all

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  9. Sum Guy says:

    Hope Wilson considers retiring. He’s had a good run. Fight IQ will overpower bs leglocks.

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