Barriault Inks 4-Fight Deal With UFC


Marc-Andre Barriault celebrates UFC signing

Marc-Andre “Power Bar” Barriault announced yesterday on Facebook that he has signed a four fight contract for the Ultimate Fighting Championship. The 28 year old Gatineau, Quebec native is the #1 ranked Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight Canadian on the local scene and enters the UFC on an 8 fight win streak.

Barriault made his Amateur MMA debut back in 2012 and found mixed results piecing together a 4-3 record before turning pro in 2014. Barriault blossomed as a pro where he amassed an 11-1 record with his only loss coming via split decision to Jonathan Vallee, a loss he would later avenge with a doctor stoppage TKO.

Barriault currently holds both the TKO Middleweight title which he won with a split decision over Strahinja Gavrilovic before defending it against Brendan Kornberger with a second round knockout and most recently captured the TKO Light-Heavyweight title with a KO over Adam Hunter.

Barriault is the first TKO athlete to be signed since their return 2 years ago joining the likes of Georges St. Pierre, David Loiseau, Mark Hominick, Patrick Cote, Steve Vigneault and Jonathan Goulet.

Although there have been no negations for his first bout as of yet Barriault is hoping to make his Octagon debut early 2019 in Brazil and is expected to compete in the Middleweight division.



6 Responses to “ Barriault Inks 4-Fight Deal With UFC ”

  1. QC NHB says:

    French fighter man french fighter the best in Canada man, another french guy in the UFC!

    This guy come to fight man. Quebec has the best fighter in all of Canada man!

    All the Alberta guy wanna hate on the french guy fighter but man oh man do they ever love the french girl in Montreal!!!

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  2. Joe Dirt says:

    Don’t care where a fighter is from. If they’re fun to watch, I’ll have fun watching them fight. QC NHB, you need a hug.

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  3. Orangina says:

    Yeah it’s just cool to see another Canadian get the call.

    It’s not about what you think, dickhead.

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  4. QC NHB says:

    Ah Orangina, the Alberta guy speaks! HA HA you want to compare the success of the Alberta fighter vs the success of the Quebec fighter in UFC? HA HA HA HA

    I love the Alberta guy man they all think the Alberta fighter the best in Canada lol lol lol

    Where is your buddy Orangina? where man where. It been 3 whole year since the guy has been seen!

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  5. Canada Fan says:

    Jesse Bongfeldt joined the UFC as TKO welterweight champion. People seem to forget that. Not to mention he beat three of the best back to back to back to get there in Sean Pierson, Chris Clements and TJ Grant. All by stoppage

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  6. Joe Dirt says:

    Canada Fan, thanks for sharing. I forgot that as well. Bongfeldt is fighting again soon. Looking forward to seeing how he looks after taking some time off.

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