Xcessive Force FC 20 – Grande Prairie – December 14


Date: December 14, 2018
Venue: Entrec Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta
TV: Fite TV
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Pro Fights:
205lbs- Devon Neis (6-5) vs. Steven MacDonald (2-0)
***Light-Heavyweight Title Fight (Vacant)

265lbs- Craig Hudson (5-6) vs. Justin Doege (1-0)
***Heavyweight Title Fight (Vacant)

185lbs- Cassian Alexy (4-3) vs. Lee Hagel (1-2)
170lbs- Conrad Krzysztan (3-3) vs. Thomas Richardson (5-1)
145lbs- Daryl St Rose (2-0) vs. Blake Sigvaldason (1-1)

Amateur Fights:
185lbs- Jordan Noseworthy (3-1) vs. Lorenzo Celis (2-0-1)
***Amateur Middleweight Title Fight (Vacant)

145lbs- Isaiah Metituk (4-3) vs. Connor Krebs (2-1)
170lbs- Brock Holmes (2-2) vs. Regan Running Rabbit (2-1)
135lbs- Amanda Rogers (0-0) vs. Maria Djukic (0-0)
155lbs- Joe Westbrook (1-3) vs. Brody Zariwny (0-3)
205lbs- Andrew Hanson (0-0) vs. Austin Smith (0-0)


18 Responses to “ Xcessive Force FC 20 – Grande Prairie – December 14 ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Event rescheduled for December 14.

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  2. MMA Fan says:

    You should add the WarDog for the HW Title;)

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  3. Xcessive Force FC says:


    170 lbs (C) Michael Hill vs TBD

    185 lbs (C) Matt Dwyer vs TBD

    205 lbs. Todd Stoute vs Steve Macdonald. TITLE FIGHT

    135 lbs (C) Michael Imperato vs TBD

    HW Craig Hudson vs justin Doege. TITLE FIGHT

    185 lbs Cassian Alexy vs Lee Hagel.

    170 lbs Conrad Krzysztan vs Thomas Richardson

    145 lbs Blake Sigvaldason vs Daryl St Rose


    135 lbs Grey Patino vs Peter Janssen. TITLE FIGHT

    145 lbs Isaiah Metituk vs Connor Krebs

    185 lbs Jordan Noseworthy vs Lorenzo Celis

    170 lbs Brock Holmes vs Sean Michael

    135 lbs Amanda Rogers vs Maria Djukic

    155 lbs Joe westbrook vs Brody Zariwny

    205 lbs Andrew Hanson vs Austin Smith

    145 lbs Sasha Butler vs Sheldon Merchant

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  4. UFCWatcher says:

    I hope Steve McDonald rapes Stout and leaves him for dead.

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  5. Top mma fan says:

    6-9 vs 1-3 for an ammy title
    Really, what’s the point? Let’s just give everyone participation belts while we’re at it

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  6. Xcessive Force FC says:

    @ Top mma fan

    The point is… I put a call out to fighters to battle for the XFFC Amateur Bantam Title and Justin Knoepfli was going to take the fight, but injured his back. So I put out the call again and the only one that had the balls to step up was Peter Janssen. Don’t be surprised if this fight is a close fight. Peter Janssen is a skilled fighter and I’m sure he learned a lot from their first fight. As we all know…rematches can be very dangerous.

    Thank you for your opinion…

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  7. mmafan says:

    Mr. Xcessive Force FC is there anyway maybe you could pull off a trade with Unified and bring in Pat Pytlic to fight Hill?

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  8. Isaiah Metituk says:

    Pat broke his hand :(

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  9. Orangina says:

    That would be a sweet matchup, but Pat’s out with a broken finger.

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  10. Bjjfan says:

    Great job darren. Just hope 1 or 2 of those title fights get to the cage

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  11. Jay R says:

    good luck tugboat. nothing like beating up some old guy

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  12. Isaiah Metituk says:

    @Jay R conrad’s Only 30….we will see about him being “just some old guy” after the final bell sounds

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  13. Jay R says:

    If he makes it !! All kidding aside just hoping for a great match up. Good luck to both fighters.

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  14. The goods says:

    Tug Boat will sub him in the first or second

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  15. Cody Rempel says:

    Devon Neis replaces Todd Stoute against Steven MacDonald

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  16. Patricia MacDonald says:

    Steven MacDonald, no doubt in my mind he’ll be lights out in the first 5 minutes. Your a power house with a natural talent with mad skills to boot. I can’t wait to see you on the big screen. Love you, Good Luck

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  17. East coast mma says:

    This fella will not stand and bang with craig!!! Everyone knows he’ll be going for the takedown…..

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  18. Brandon Chase says:

    Let’s go Jo…(:

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