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Unified MMA 34 went down Friday night from The River Cree Resort and Casino just outside Edmonton, Alberta (Check out the full play-by-play HERE). The card featured another stacked lineup including a Teddy Ash becoming two division champ with an all out war against Seth Baczynski and Pat Pytlik capturing the Welterweight Title in a back and forth affair against Vyron Phillips.

Keep in mind, in most cases the match-ups listed here are hypothetical and have not been announced or rumored to be taking place unless otherwise noted.

Let us know your thoughts on who should be up next for the big winners and the rest of the card and who you think would win our hypothetical match-ups.

185lbs- Teddy Ash (12-3) vs. Kevin Holland (13-4) or Matt Dwyer (11-4)
***UFC Contract or Unified Middleweight Title Fight
Teddy Ash has earned his shot at the UFC with his absolutely mind blowing war with 11-time UFC veteran Seth Baczynski. The two men went back and forth with each absorbing an insane number of significant strikes. In the end it took 24 minutes and 58 seconds but Ash added a Middleweight Title to the pair of Light-Heavyweight belts he already holds. Unfortunately in this day and age earning a UFC contract doesn’t always mean you’ll get one. If Ash gets the call a solid first matchup would be Kevin Holland who made his way to the UFC via Dana White’s Contender Series. If for some reason the UFC needs to see one more big win from Ash the perfect all Canadian matchup to see if he can get there would be Matt Dwyer who’s on a three fight win streak since his release from the UFC.

165lbs- Pat Pytlik (7-0) vs. Michael Hill (11-4-1)
***Super-Lightweight Title Fight
Pat Pytlik, like his teammate Teddy Ash had to go through hell to capture the Welterweight Title against a very worthy contender in Vyron Phillips. The two Welterweights went back an fourth for four rounds in a very even battle before Pytlik was able to get the finish early in the fifth round. With Phillips being the toughest test of Pytlik’s career thus far he’s shown he’s primed for bigger fights. The man who definitely fits that bill is TUF veteran Michael Hill who is unbeaten in his last four outings. A win over an established and well known veteran like Hill would do wonders for Pytlik’s career should he be able to pass the test.

155lbs- Neal Anderson (8-3) vs. Tristan Connelly (10-6)
Neal Anderson was in prime positioning for a Unified Lightweight Title shot 5 years ago when Ryan Rother scored an upset knockout victory to steal the title shot away from him. Anderson took three years away from the cage and returned with a vengeance and rattled off four straight victories and put his name back in the mix in the Lightweight division. What better way to get him closer to the top of the division than a bout with former champion Tristan Connelly. “Boondock” has won fivee of his last six fights with his only loss coming to current champion Shane Campbell.

155lbs- Nick Hrabec (6-4) vs. Ryan Rohovich (4-4)
Nick Hrabec has won two fights in a row for the first time since the beginning of his pro career and is starting to gain some momentum in the Lightweight division. Ryan Rohovich has won three of his last four and his 4-4 record is deceiving. Rohovich’s only losses have come to some of the brightest Lightweight prospects in Canada and he also holds a 5-0 record in the amateur ranks. Rohovich would be a solid test for Hrabec and vice versa.

On the Rebound… 
175lbs- Vyron Phillips (7-5-1) vs. Thomas Richardson (5-1)
155lbs- Kolton Menzak (5-5) vs. Jeremy Henry (5-7)
155lbs- Cam MacDonald (1-2) vs. Jevon Marshall (3-5)


14 Responses to “ Who’s Next… Unified 34 ”

  1. Etown Party Boy says:

    Remple, I get you are all buddies with the old Complete MMA crew, but we all know its time for Hrabec to fight someone who trains at a legit MMA club and has a winning record

    Hrabec’s wins are all against guys who he outweights by 15 lbs, dont have winning records and dont train with solid MMA teams

    He needs to fight someone solid from CMC or one of the Calgary boys from Hakeem or Arnett’s crew

    Wont ever happen, but still c’mon man…..

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Okay… Who would you suggest??

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  3. Etown Party Boy says:

    Since you asked:

    1. Spencer Rohovie
    2. Tom Oconnor (He fights at 155 every now and then)
    3. Craig Shintani
    4. CUrtis Demarce
    5. Clay Dixon

    So back in the good old glory days of the Hayabusa/Complete rivalry, Hrabec tried to do his boyz at Complete proud by trying to fight Nasty Nybakken, who beat the shit out of him in the 1st

    So now Hrabec has became buddies with all his old rivals and trains with them at Little Sweatshop, so no fucking way he will fight Beaumont, Anderson, Spisak, etc etc

    Hrabec is content to beat up bums trained by Brad Foster from shithole Kamikaze Punishment

    Thats the real

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  4. Mahon says:

    I beg to differ on that.

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  5. Isaiah Metituk says:

    Liam McGowan was 1-0?
    Randy Mahon was 3-3?
    Cam McDonald was 1-1?
    All this record talk is super over rated Randy comes from champion who have some really legit guys and also argueably the #1 155 lb prospect in Canada in Alex Martinez not to
    Mention anybody who knows randy knows he’s a tough out no matter what and literally the exact same can be said about cam, who might I add took that fight on 11 days notice literally coming off the couch….

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  6. Cody Rempel says:

    @Etown Party Boy I appreciate your response and the discussion, here’s a little rundown of why I picked the way I did.

    1. Spencer Rohovie has been inactive so long that he wasn’t on the list I was looking at so he kinda slipped my mind but that would be a great option and one I wish I had thought of when I was putting this together.
    2. Tom O’Connor has moved down to Featherweight and holds a title in XFFC which I why I didn’t consider him.
    3. Craig Shintani has moved down to Featherweight and seems to have his eyes set on the XFFC or Unified Featherweight title.
    4. Demarce is a 155er but I felt his experience is a little too much for Hrabec at this stage of his career.
    5. Clay Dixon has also moved down to Featherweight and I believe they were teammates at UFC Gym.

    If all of these fighters were at 155 and there were no other factors I still wouldn’t have considered O’Connor, Shintani or Demarce as I feel all three are at a higher level than Hrabec at this point in his career… I would like to see Hrabec keep improving a little more before he starts fighting these kind of fighters. He’s made improvements since his return but I think there’s still some room to grow before he starts fighting these guys who are champion/contender level fighters

    I chose Ryan Rohovich because although he has a 4-4 record he has some big fight experience, his losses are to Mandel Nallo (6-0 Pro/5-1 Am), Alexi Argyriou (5-0 Pro/ 4-0 Am), Achilles Estramadura (3-0 Pro/ 2-1 Am) and Johnny Ouelette (2-1 Pro/ 4-0 Am) and Rohovich is the only man to beat Tom O’Connor.

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  7. Quetzalcoatl says:

    Ok Grand Prairie fellows calm your tits. Every single person on this site knows Hrabec only fought Mahon because he knew it would be an easy win. Mahon I get your offended that it looks like you were an easy fight but you showed up soft and out of shape, Hrabec was twice your size which is his only advantage in all his LW fights

    For the love of god Isiah, Champions Gym is not Tristar. Alex Martinez isn’t even close to being a contender he hasn’t beat anyone. If he beats Scarcello or Connolly yeah maybe. Guys like Shaolin and Ronson would murder your boy inside the first

    If Martinez is sooooooo great why isn’t he signed to TKO

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  8. Orangina says:

    I thought they fought because Mahon called him out.

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  9. Mahon says:

    Ya you got me there was definetly soft when i came in to fight nick and your right im definetly an easy fight for sure. And Orangina i did call him out. Quick back story on that was i was at the pre weigh in and people were saying nick was sayin he wanted to fight me so after i woke up from O’Conners choke i figured id take the op to call nick out myself

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  10. Mahon says:

    And you do realise martinez just spent 2 months training at tristar you dipshit and you think hrabec should fight dixon but say martinez is a bum funny in martinez 2nd pro fight he fought dixon on short notice and mauled him and beat him at what he was good at shane cambell was in dixons corner and tried throwing the towel in to save dixon so plz tell me more on how he is a bum and a none contender..

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  11. Quetzalcoatl says:

    Wow Randy all those shots to the head must have damaged what little brain you had. I never said Martinez was a bum dipshit. In what dream world do you think Martinez is one of the best LW in Canada?

    So what he beat Dixon in his what second fight? Fuck you are retarded

    Keep thinking your buddy can hang with guys like Ronson, Campbell, Connolly

    If he was so great, killing everyone at Tristar, why wasn’t he signed to UFC or Belletor. Firas could have hooked it up

    And you proved my point dumbass, Hrabec was saying he wanted to fight you backstage cause he knew it would be an easy win lol lol lol

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  12. Mahon says:

    Your an idiot if you know so much you would know im actually one of the least hit fighters in mma 13 fights not a drop of blood or mark on my face other then the kick i did eat from nick so keep talking out your ass. nd no disrespect to cambell ronson or connolly but martinez could hang with them bud and anyone in the game knows that.

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  13. Old Guard says:

    Martinez is definitely a great prospect at 155. I don’t think anyone said he was the best in Canada at that weight, one of many great prospect’s though. He’s got some solid wins over some talented young fighter’s like Wayne, Dixon and Johnston.

    Hrabec vs Anderson or Damian Johnston would be a good match-up (I’m not familiar with their affiliations, they could all be teammates))

    Any combination of the following could make for some decent fights:

    Neal Anderson (8-3)
    Nick Hrabec (6-4)
    Damian Johnston (4-1)
    Adam Wayne (3-2)
    Ryan Rohovich (4-4)
    Behrang Yousefi (8-7)

    All these guys seem to be close to the same level at this point in their career’s. Styles make fights, obviously some match-up’s would be better than others.

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  14. Joe Dirt says:

    Name calling on the internet is the best way to win an argument.

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