Rumble in the Cage 59 – Live Results & Play-by-Play


Canada’s longest running MMA promotion Rumble in the Cage goes down live tonight from the Servus Soccer Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta. In the main event Sheldon Doll takes on Marcus Hicks in a Light-Heavyweight scrap and in the co-main event Justin Basra looks to stay unbeaten against Joaquin Calderon.

Tickets will be available at the door and fans across Canada can catch the entire card live on internet PPV on Fite TV HERE beginning at 9pm et. Top MMA News will be cageside bringing you live results and play-by-play.

  • Fight of the Night: Maged Hammo vs. Fred Stonehouse
  • Submission of the Night: Maged Hammo
  • Knockout of the Night: Jeremy Grieve

205lbs- Sheldon Doll (6-3) vs. Marcus Hicks (19-25)
Round 1: Hicks with a pair of leg kicks and Doll with one to the body. Doll lands one to the leg and Hicks responds. Doll with a combo against the cage and lands to the body. Hicks looks for the takedown but Doll gets the double unders and muscles him to the mat in full guard. Doll working to pass and Hicks gives his back and Doll rains down heavy punches and Doll sinks a rear-naked choke and forces the tap.
Sheldon Doll submits Marcus Hicks by Rear-Naked Choke in Round 1, 2:00

Pro/145lbs- Justin Basra (4-0) vs. Joaquin Calderon (4-4)
Round 1: Basra looking to stay undefeated and starts off with a combo and Calderon looks for the takedown. Basra stuffs it but eats a hard elbow that causes his nose to start leaking. Basra looks for a takedown of but Calderon defends. Basra shoots again but Calderon able to work back to his feet. Basra puts him right back on the cage and completes the takedown and settles into the guard. Basra postures up and lands and hammers the body and elbows the thighs. Basra passes to half guard but Calderon is able to buck him off and get back to his feet. Basra with a head kick that glances off the chin and they tie up against the cage. Calderon with a side kick and ducks a combo. Basra steps in with a right and takes the back and looks to drag him to the mat. Calderon stuffs it and Basra looking for the single but Calderon back to his feet and the round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Calderon

Round 2: Basra presses with a combo and drops for the single and a scramble ensues that sees Basra land in guard. Calderon works to his feet against the cage but eats an elbow and Basra puts him back on the ground. Basra stands and drops back for a heel hook but Calderon pulls his arm free. Basra back on top in north/south position before sliding down to side control, back to north/south possibly looking for the top-side triangle. Calderon tries to scramble as Basra lands some big shots but Basra stays in side control. Basra passes to mount and Basra postures up and lands. Calderon frantically bucking but can’t get him off and he gives up his back. Back to mount and Basra continues to land. Calderon throwing some defensive shots and a brief leg lock attempt. Basra back to mount and slowing down now but still peppering him. Basra to side control and pins the arm and connects with more shots and looks for a toe hold at the bell. Top MMA News scores round 10-8 Basra

Round 3: Basra backing him down and lands a pair. Calderon stuffs a single attempt but Basra presses forward as Calderon works for the guillotine but Basra pulls his head free and he lands a knee to the body. Basra landing shots and Basra’s mouthguard falls out and a quick pause to replace it. Basra maintaining mount and still landing Basra know in reverse mount and thinking about a kneebar but spins back to side control. Basra lands some elbows and back to north/south. Calderon elbows the body from the bottom but can’t get Basra off him. Basra lands a huge elbow and takes mount again. Both men talking to each other with Calderon saying “you can’t finish me”. Basra immediately postures and lands some more shots and indeed we’re going to the scorecards. Top MMA News scores round 10-8 Basra
Justin Basra defeats Joaquin Calderon by Unanimous Decision

Pro/185lbs- Joel Odorski (0-0) vs. Greg Large (2-11)
Round 1:
*Due to some connectivity issues the full play-by-play was lost while it was saving. Odorski got the quick takedown, threatened with several submission attempts before forcing Large into the corner where he rained down vicious ground and pound that opened a large cut on Large’s forehead spraying me and my media table with blood.
Joel Odorski defeats Greg Large by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 4:14

Pro/145lbs- Maged Hammo (8-5-1) vs. Fred Stonehouse (3-1)
Round 1: Stonehouse with a leg kick and Hammo responds. Stonehouse with a combo and a leg kick and Hammo lands one of his own. Solid leg kicks from Stonehouse and Hammo answers back and another combo from Stonehouse. They battle with the clinch and Hammo with a spinning back elbow and ducks a head kick. Hammo pressing with rights but Stonehouse ducking them but then Hammo finds the chin. Hammo ties him up on the cage and trips him but Stonehouse pops back up. Stonehouse presses Hammo into the cage and drags him to the mat and gets full mount. Hammop gives his back and Stonehouse working for the rear-naked choke. Stonehouse palm to palm but it’s not under the chin. Hammo is able to loosen the grip and working to get back to top position. Hammo now trying to escape out the back and Hammo is able to work back to standing. Stonehouse missing a head kick and spinning back fist and Hammo with his own spinning back fist. Hammo gets the takedown, takes the back and lands some shots before the bell. Close action packed round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Stonehouse

Round 2: Both men high five and smiling and having fun and they go right back to pummeling each other. Hammo with a couple spinning back fist attempts miss and Hammo ties up and drags him down but Stonehouse rolls through. Hammo threatening with a heel hook but Stonehouse escapes and takes the back. Hammo defending well and Stonehouse switches to top position trying to pass to full mount but Hammo gets the butterfly guard. Stonehouse with a big elbow and passes to quarter-guard. Stonehouse with some chipping elbow partially blocked. Hammo throwing legs high and working for the leglock and almost locks in a triangle but Stonehouse throws the legs aside and moves to side control to work for the d’arce choke. Stonehouse uses it to mount and looking for arm-triangle but can’t lock it in. Hammo scrambles and works for the guillotine and is able to coax the tap. And both men laugh, embrace and share a moment post fight.
Maged Hammo submits Fred Stonehouse by Guillotine Choke in Round 2, 4:42

Pro/220lbs- Neil Berry (7-8) vs. Jordan Murray (6-14)
Round 1: Berry quickly looks to land and ties him up against the cage and drags him to the mat. Berry settles into half guard and unleashes a vicious onslaught of elbows. Murray can do nothing but cover up and referee Mike Tubbs steps in to rescue him from any further punishment.
Neil Berry defeats Jordan Murray by TKO (Elbows) in Round 1, 0:32

Pro/145lbs- John Nguyen (0-0) vs. Ryan Moore (0-5)
Round 1: Moore opens with a leg kick and a goes up high. Nguyen with a spinning back kick the just misses and lands a hard knee from the clinch. Nguyen landing low leg kicks and Moore with a big swing and miss. Nguyen with a right and follows up with a huge knee that hits Moore square in the forehead and drops him to the mat and Moore just covers up. Nguyen sees no need for a follow up and referee Mark Aparicio steps in to call a halt to the bout.
John Nguyen defeats Ryan Moore by TKO (Knee) in Round 1, 1:20

Am/145lbs- Evan Piercey (2-1) vs. Jeremy Grieve (1-0)
Round 1: Grieve immediately connects with a huge combo and knocks Piercey out cold for the quick knockout victory.
Jeremy Grieve defeats Evan Piercey by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:10

Am/155lbs- Sean Michaels (3-2) vs. Andrew Mavridis (3-0)
Round 1: Mavridis with a kick to the body and both men trade some shots. Mavridis drives him against the cage and lands some uppercuts to the body. They separate and Mavridis unloads a nice combo and they tie up on the cage. Mavridis with more shots to the body against the cage. Michaels lands a knee to the body and gets ofdf the cage and lands a big right. Mavridis’ left eye already swollen from the shot and Michaels gets the takedown to mount. Mavridis gets his guard back and Michaels stands and drops a right. Michaels stands and Mavridis scores a takedown right before the end of the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Michaels

Round 2: Both men land jabs and Michaels presses forward with a combo and lands the takedown to half guard. Mavridis able to sweep and gets to side control. Michaels climbing up the cage and looking to escape but Mavridis stays on top. Mavridis landing to the body and chipping away at the head. Michaels looking for the kimura from the bottom but can’t pull the arm away from the body. Mavridis unleashes a barrage of body shots and Michaels lands one from the bottom and another right before the bell. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Mavridis

Round 3: Both men exchange jabs and a nice uppercut from Mavridis. Michaels responds wirh a big combo and another and that prompts Mavridis to shoot for the takedown but Michaels rolls through and ends up on top. Mavridis able to scramble and ends up in side control. Michaels able to get back to his feet and get the takedown but again Mavridis reverses positions and settles into the guard. Michaels throwing the legs up but Mavridis to scarf hold position where he lands shots. Michaels tries ton roll him and does to half guard at the bell. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Mavridis
Andrew Mavridis defeats Sean Michaels by Unanimous Decision

Am/170lbs- Austin Kuchinka (1-0) vs. Fred Bauer (0-0)
Round 1: Bauer paws with a job and a leg kick and Kuchinka falls on a high kick attempt and Bauer rushes in but gets taken down. Kuchinka in an awkward position and works his way to half guard. Kuchinka chipping shots to the body and the head. Bauer able to scramble up but Kuchinka puts him on his back against the cage again. Bauer again back to his feet and Kuchinka lands the knee to the body. They jockey for position against the cage and both men slug it out in the dying seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kuchinka

Round 2: Bauer looking for the push kick and eats a head kick but Kuchinka slips and Bauer looking for the leg lock before moving to the head and working for a d’arce choke. Bauer looking for the rear-naked choke but Kuchinka defending well and gets back to his feet. Kuchinka looking for the single but Bauer against looking for the d’arce but Kuchinka slips his head out and stands. Kuchinka caught in a guillotine against the cage and knees the thigh. They battle for position against the cage and Bauer steps off and looks to land and Kuchinka happy to throw bombs with him for the final seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Bauer

Round 3: Bauer with the body kick and another and Kuchinka answers back with some leg kicks. Both men trading kicks and Kuchinka presses forward with a combo. Kuchinka with another big string of punches that lands. Kuchink with a bog overhand right that lands and Kuchinka ducks a shot and lands a 1-2. Bauer with a trio of teeps but Kuchinka swats them away and Kunchinka lands again and Bauer works some leg kicks. Kuchinka drives for a takedown and postures up from half guard and lands big shots in the final seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Kuchinka
Austin Kuchinka defeats Fred Bauer by Unanimous Decision

Am/165lbs- Cornelius Krahn (2-5) vs. Phil Lauzon (1-1)
Round 1: Lauzon rishes forward with a big barrage of punches and they tangle up against the cage and Lauzon ends up on top in guard. Lauzon works the body with punches and an elbow. Krahn trying to control the posture and slow the attach but Lauzon is able to get some space and land to the body. Krahn doing well to limit the damage but Lauzon is able to free his arms and land some shots to the head. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Lauzon

Round 2: Another furious start and both men throwing bombs and Lauzon gets a hold of him and muscles him to the mat but Krahn looking for the triangle choke. Lauzon able to break the triangle and stand and kicks the legs before calling him back to his feet. Lauzon lands and connects with a head kick and keeps pressing forward. Lauzon lands a quick three punch combo that sends Krahn tumbling flat onto his back and referee Mike Tubbs steps in to rescue him from any unnecessary punishment.
Phil Lauzon defeats Cornelius Krahn by KO (Punches) in Round 2, 1:47

Am/130lbs- Ryan Lebedoff (0-0) vs. Luc Bernard (0-0)
Round 1: Lebedoff with a couple leg kicks and Bernard ties him up against the cage and Lebedoff looks for the guillotine but gets slammed to the mat. Bernard now in guard and Lebedoff with the rubber guard but Bernard is able to posture up and land some shots. Lebedoff brings him back down into rubber guard but again Bernard gets past it and lands some shots. Bernard stands and Lebedoff looks to stand but Bernard jumps on him and keeps him on the mat. Bernard now landing from the half guard some solid shots until the bell sounds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Bernard

Round 2: Lebedoff with the leg kick and lands a right and presses forward but it’s Bernard who gets the trip takedown to full guard. Bernard traps the arm behind his back and begins hammering down with undefended shots. Referee Josh Koshman implores Lebedoff to fight back but he eats a couple more shots and he stops the fight.
Luc Bernard defeats Ryan Lebedoff by TKO (Punches) in Round 2, 0:56

Am/185lbs- John Moore (0-1) vs. Brandon Burton (0-0)
Round 1: Both men trading shots and Moore connects and looks for the head kick but slips. Burton rushes in and Moore connects with a right that sends Burton to the mat and Tubbs steps in and calls a halt to the bout before Moore can land a big hammerfist to the downed fighter.
John Moore defeats Brandon Burton by TKO (Punches) in Round 1, 0:22

Am/170lbs- Brandon Conway (0-0) vs. Carter Wozney (0-0)
Round 1: Wozney with the huge height and presumably reach advantage. Both men look to land and Conway presses him against the cage. They jockey for position and break apart and Conway with an overhand right and Wozney shoots for the takedown and gets to the back. Wozney working for the rear-naked choke, he has his hooks but can’t sink it under the chin. Wozney looks to soften him up, lands some shots and Conway escapes but caught in an armbar. Still trying to work his way out and he’s out of trouble an settles into the guard. Wozney looking for another armbar but Conway defends again and rides out the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Wozney

Round 2: Conway with a leg kick and looks to land to the body and is met with an uppercut, They trade leg kicks and Conway looks for the takeodwn but Wozney with a kimura counter and Conway still driving for the takedown but again caught in a kimura and Wozney uses it to sweep. Wozney looks to take the back but Conway reverses and drives him against the cage. Conway stands and kicks the legs before dropping a right. Conway comes back into guard but Wozney looking for the armbar and locks it in quick and forces the tap.
Carter Wozney submits Brandon Conway by Armbar in Round 2, 2:17



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  2. Just the Facts says:

    For the love of God, STOP using Jordan Murray to fill a spot on a fight card. He hasn’t made it out of the first round in his last 8 fights. His cage time in the last 8 is an average of 1:22. Clearly he’s not a fighter and all Commissions need to stop licensing this guy.

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    He’ll be Hick’s bounce-back fight after Doll smashes him.

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  4. Lol says:

    Hicks doesn’t own a gym in Montréal
    He doesn’t even train at all. He worked part time for a while and ripped off a few women and continues to live off his butt buddy body builder

    Guarantee he trained absolutely zero times for this fight

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    Hicks is also banned from both boxing promotions and MMA promotions in Quebec. And has pulled out of 14 fights in a row.

    They couldn’t find anyone better than hicks to fight Sheldon? A homeless guy outside any bar in town is better than marcus is

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    Don’t get me started on Hicks. What’s Lee thinking using a guy who has screwed over every promotion in Canada, yet he still uses this guy. Canadian promotions need to work together to keep guys like Hicks out of the sport.

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  7. Lol says:

    I understood needing cans to crush now and then but Hicks didn’t show up with even a corner. Waterhen was nice enough to help him out.

    After like 2012 hicks no longer had an MMA career you think he’d rather fade into obscurity and be forgotten and move on with his life. But nope! Gotta embarrass himself a little bit more

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    The commission in Québec has also come forward and said Marcus is 40 years old. Not 34. He’s been lying about that this entire time as well.

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