Unified MMA 34 – Weigh-In Results


Unified MMA 34 goes down live tomorrow night from the River Cree Resort and Casino just outside Edmonton, Alberta. In the main event Light-Heavyweight Champ Teddy Ash looks to claim the vacant Middleweight Title when he takes on 11 time UFC veteran Seth Baczynski and in the co-main event Pat Pytlik and Vyron Phillips do battle for the vacant Welterweight Title. Also on the card we’ll see Ryan “The Real Deal” Ford return to the cage after a four year run in the world of boxing where he amassed a respectable 14-3 record while facing world ranked opponents.

The event is sold out but you can still catch all the action live on Internet PPV on Fite TV HERE. Top MMA News will be cageside to bring you a live play-by-play as usual.

Pro Fights:
185lbs- Teddy Ash (183.8) vs. *Seth Baczynski (193.2/192.6)
***Middleweight Title Fight (Vacant)

170lbs- Pat Pytlik (169.6) vs. ^Vyron Phillips (171.2/167)
***Welterweight Title Fight (Vacant)

170lbs- +Ryan Ford (173.8) vs. Matt Delanoit (170.2) *Cancelled*
155lbs- Neal Anderson (154.4) vs. Kolton Menzak (154.8)
155lbs- Behrang Yousefi (158.2) vs. Justin Nanaquawetung (—) *Cancelled*
165lbs- Nick Hrabec (164.4) vs. Cam MacDonald (164.4)

Amateur Fights:
150lbs- Matt Klute (150.4) vs. Marcos Cromwell (147.6)
170lbs- Malcolm Tisdale (170.6) vs. Robert Kovacivic (170)
135lbs- Sambath Khun (133.6) vs. Peter Janssen (135.6)
155lbs- Tyrell Giselbrecht (154.8) vs. James Rice (156)
135lbs- Isaiah Bean (136) vs. Harley King (136)

*Baczynski has 1 hour to cut 2lbs, forfeits 30% of his purse to Ash and is not eligible to win the title
^Phillips has one hour to cut 1.2lbs
+Ford missed weight, fight cancelled



20 Responses to “ Unified MMA 34 – Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Cody Rempel says:

    Ford offered to cut to 171 and Delanoit refused to fight, Delanoit was also offered to move the fight to a 175lb (Super Welterweight) and to be paid a SUBSTANTIAL purse and he still refused!

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Justin Nanaquawetung out due to failed medical… Fight with Behrang Yousefi off the card

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  3. Old Guard says:

    Why would Ford have to offer to cut to 171 ? That’s the welterweight limit (with 1lb allowance) Delanoit doesnt have to approve him making that weight.

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  4. MMA Fan says:

    Title fights dont get a 1lb allowance

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  5. Orangina says:

    Gong show

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  6. Wow, disaster weigh ins, shocking!!! I feel bad for Sunny/Unified!

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  7. I got Fite TV once, and the stream was a disaster. Ignored my refund request, never getting anything through them again.

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Try Unified.tv for the stream… I’m not sure if it just links to Fite TV though!

    Also Ford missed by 2.8lbs (171 was the limit for the Welterweight non-title fight) Delanoit refused to take the fight, Sunny offered to change it to a Super-Welterweight Title fight and offered Delanoit a flat purse of $7,000 is what I’m hearing. Delanoit still refused so Ford said he’d still try to cut to 171 to make the fight happen and Delanoit would not take it… I’ve heard that he asked for $20,000 to fight!

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  9. Bjjfan says:

    So Ryan Ford missed weight? I’m confused? Ford missed weight and then wants to fight the guy at a higher weight then 170? Very unprofessional of Ford. Got to give the guy a break. Comes from the states and shows up on weight and then wants to be forced to fight at a higher weight. If it was the other way around Ford would be blasting this guy on social media. Wonder what Ford will have to say about this. He was on fb saying he was on weight .

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  10. Cody Rempel says:

    No… Sunny offered 175 and to make it a title fight, Ryan Ford offered to still cut down to 171

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  11. Old Guard says:

    I don’t understand. Ford should have just cut to 171 and then Delanoit would have nothing to complain about.

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  12. Joe Dirt says:

    As a former fighter, and also as a fan, I’m so tired of fighters missing weight. I fully support any opponent who makes weight and chooses not to fight when the opponent does not.

    That said, Teddy Ash seems to give zero fucks. He’s gonna fight anyway. So I’m for sure hoping he wins big.

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  13. Soooooo Deloit made weight…..?????
    Yup, ok sounds good. ;)

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  14. mmafan says:

    How much time do you have to weighin again if you missed weight? Crazy how Phillips came in 1lb over then 3lbs under.

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  15. mmafan says:

    So he cut 4.2lbs in an hour when he only had to cut 1.2? 4.2 seems like alot for an hour.

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  16. Eastcoastwarrior says:

    Ford has had 44 professional fights in boxing and mma combined.
    This is the only time he has ever missed weight. His opponent did come at the correct weight but he never came to fight. Obviously Ford and the promoter were trying to make it happen and matt was trying to go home.
    Watch the weigh in video on fords Facebook. Buddy is not there to fight.

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  17. Grienk says:

    Ford missed weight. If he made weight, the fight would have happened.

    Ford gave Delanoit the choice:

    1. Make show money and not fight.
    2. Make show money and lose and risk injury.
    3. Make show money and win and get win bonus and risk injury.

    He took the sure thing. Money and health.

    It is very disappointing, but the fault is Ford’s.

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  18. Joe Dirt says:

    Eastcoastwarrior I get what you’re trying to say but feel it could be argued the opposite way as well. If Ford made weight the fight would have happened. So if Ford was wanting to fight, he should have made weight. It’s part of the job and he failed to do it. You can’t put the blame on his opponent, who did his job, and made the weight.

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  19. Im told that Deloit initially agreed to fight Ford and take 20% while on stage, then about 25min later or so changed his mind and advised Sunny.

    Sunny, was put in a bad spot. Failed meds, missed weight and fight cancelled, main event coming in heavy etc. Sucks!

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  20. Brett says:

    Ford misses by 2 pounds and his opponent declines the fight
    Seth misses weight by almost 10 and ted still takes the
    Fight .. shows who actually wants to fight

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