Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – August 23, 2018


Summer is winding down which can only mean one thing… MMA season will start to ramp up again very soon! Four solid Canadian cards schdeuled for September. Which one are you looking forward to the most?

…and now onto the rumours!

  • Nordine Taleb has been added to the UFC Fight Night 138 card in Moncton and will look to rebound from a loss when he takes on Sean Strickland.
  • When the Octagon returns to Toronto for UFC 231 in December we’ll see a Lightweight bout between Montreal’s Olivier Aubin-Mercier and Brazilian Gilbert Burns. The two were originally set to meet in February but Burns was ruled out when he was deemed to heavy to start the cut to the Lightweight limit.
  • Professional Fighters League 7 will close the regular season and Calgary’s Smealinho Rama will headline the card against fellow Light-Heavyweight Jamie Abdallah. Rama will be fighting for one of the final playoff berths as one of four Light-Heavyweights on the PFL 7 card with only two playoff spots remaining.



  • Unified CEO Sunny Sareen is a busy man right now with three shows in the works. Unified 36 in December already has a few names on the card as we should see Michael Hay, Christian Larsen and Garret Nybakken stepping back into the cage.
  • Modern FC 2 will go down October 19 in Warman, Saskatchewan just north of Saskatoon. Sounds like we could see the long awaited return of Kurt Southern in a Super-Lightweight bout. Some other names we’re hearing are Blair Oster, Eric Wilson and Ryan Rohovich.

13 Responses to “ Canadian MMA Rumour Mill – August 23, 2018 ”

  1. QC NHB says:

    Nordine and OAM man back at it man back in there.

    But where is the guy Westcott man? The Alberta hero? The guy is still on the UFC roster man. Why? How? The guy wont fight man.

    This will be 10 or 11 fight for Nordine and OAM in the UFC man but Wescott man he get the 1 win then the guy wont ever fight again

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  2. BlakeH says:

    QC NHB, what do you do for a career? I know UFC fighters careers are obviously somewhat public domain, but its got to be harsh to have to read comments by people you cant defend yourself against say awful things about you.

    What if people could see your most challenging situations on the job and judge you anonymously? If it was public information and was scrutinized, what do you think people would say about your career?

    Probably things like “too much teeth” or “calloused hands chafed my shaft”, or even “cupped my balls a little too hard”.

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  3. Silly Willy says:

    Uh. What the fuck do posters who post on this site jobs have to do with anything? This is a mma site where ppl discuss mma

    I’m a carpenter so maybe I’ll join Top Carpenter News

    Although QC NHB is a douche, like most guys from Quebec are, the guy makes a valid point

    He isn’t a Westcott fan. He’s a Quebec fighter nuthugger who prolly has 10000 GSP posters in his moms basement

    But yeah, Westcott hasn’t fought in almost 3 years. I’m not a Westcott fan either sooooo should I join a carpenter site instead.

    A good question though, why is Westcott still on the roster?

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  4. BlakeH says:

    My point is he DOESNT have to be such an extremely huge dick about anyones career, and that he likely couldnt handle the same treatment. Its called empathy and no one on the internet has any because they get to be anonymous

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  5. Silly Willy says:

    Like I said, he’s from Quebec so being a dick comes naturally to him

    Obviously your buddies with Westcott so I will politely rephrase the Quebec douchebags question so your feelings don’t get hurt

    Hi Blake. Could you pretty pretty please tell us why all the others fighters that signed ufc contracts around the same time as Mr. Westcott have 4 times as many fights as he does?

    Love and hugs


    Does that work for you?

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  6. BlakeH says:

    There are other fighters who havent fought as many times. Most of them were caught by USADA

    And Im not friends with Sheldon, but find it annoying QCMMA shit talks fighters from the West in general, and one person in particular. Im from BC but find any/all bashing that isnt clever or creative kind of annoying, especially on repeat.

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  7. mmafan says:

    The guy hasnt fought in 2.5 years. I dont think its fighter bashing when someone ask why this kids is still on the roster. He’s 1-2 in the ufc and has fought 3 times in 4.5. Hes 34 and is never going to be a contender. Why not give his roster spot to so younger fighter with more promise?

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  8. mmafan says:

    Jon Jones has been popped by USADA like 6 times and still has managed to get in 2 fights since the last time we seen Sheldon in the cage.

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  9. QC NHB says:

    This guy Blake man WTF man

    Why the guy from Quebec cant comment on the Alberta fighter on the MMA site? I dont bash the Alberta fighter man! I respect the guy Hakeem D and Jordan M man those guy man they come to fight man

    But the Quebec guy cant comment of the Alberta fighter who dont fight in 3 year man?

    The Quebec guy is so bad for saying these things?

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  10. Manitoba Moose says:

    I’m pretty sure marz is 185lbs

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  11. Joe Dirt says:

    Moose I think you’re right. Looks like a mistake. TKO website doesn’t show Marz on the card.

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  12. Cody Rempel says:

    Marz was briefly listed as taking on Gavrilovic on the TKO Facebook page but was replaced by Todd Stoute once the card was posted on TKO’s website.

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  13. Joe Dirt says:

    Thanks for the info Cody.

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