Anheliger and Chan Clash for Unified Flyweight Crown in Calgary


Chad Anheliger will fight Terrence Chan for the inaugural Unified MMA Flyweight Championship at Unified 35 on Nov. 16 at Genesis Centre in Calgary.

Anheliger is riding high with five straight impressive wins heading into his first title fight; four of the Calgary product’s victories during that time have come by finish. Chan, meanwhile, holds a 4-1 record as a pro, with three of the Vancouver flyweight’s wins coming via stoppage.

Both fighters are hungry to have a Unified belt wrapped around their waist in November. More importantly, the two competitors agree, they’re both hungry to put on a show in Unified MMA’s Calgary debut.

“I’m winning this fight — there’s no way I’m not,” Anheliger says. “I know Terrance is tough and he does a lot of things well, but I’m better than him everywhere. He’s going to pick how he’s going to lose, and the fans are going to be on their feet.”

Counters Chan, a former professional poker player, “I fight for the challenge — to test myself. Anyone who’s accomplished what (Anheliger) has definitely has to be respected. But I intend to finish him; that’s always my goal. It’s ideally a first-round stoppage, either I knock him out or submit him.”

Also at Unified 35 on Nov. 16 in Calgary, LIVE on, Jamie “The Gremlin” Siraj and Patrick “The Prince” Ward will meet in a battle of top Western Canadian bantamweights. Siraj, a TriStar Gym fighter, brings a 5-2 record into battle, while Ward is coming off a big victory over the previously unbeaten Denys Zelenskyi in Saskatchewan.

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  1. Samurai Sagman says:

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  2. Samurai Sagman says:


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  3. C-Town Homeboy says:

    LOL LOL. Yeah ok Gabe. Sooooo let me get this straight. Chad has fought guys like Eric Wilson, Randy Turner, Noah Ali, James Mancini, The Ginger and yet…..


    He is scared to fight you??


    Ok dude

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  4. Degeneration-X says:

    Does anyone disagree that you can’t be coming off two losses and fight for a belt?

    Errbody know that. god damn boy.

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  5. Samurai Sagman says:

    Records don’t tell the full story. My last fight was against a featherweight as far as I’m concerned. Ty Wilson has missed weight for his last 3 fights. I took that on 2 weeks notice and dude comes in 5lbs over. I’m a small bantamweight to begin with. Any sensible fighter would have refused it at weigh-ins but I’m a different breed. Let’s see if Wilson can actually make weight this weekend!

    Other “loss” before that was to the current RXF 145lbs champion. I fought with food poisoning and still got fucked by the ref (bullshit point deduction), and even then still got robbed by the judges.

    Frankie Edgar fought Aldo for the belt when he was coming off of 2 losses

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  6. Samurai Sagman says:

    I respect Anheliger as a fighter and the body of work he’s put in. I see him as a real challenge and that’s why I called him out! These guys are cherry picking opponents, trying to pad their record, and get an easy route to the UFC. I hate being disparaging towards another fighter but let’s be real here. Chan is no step up in competition. Look at whom he’s lost to and look at whom I’ve beaten. The real title fight is me. You don’t have to like me but Ima die for my respect.

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  7. topmmafan says:


    Your last 2 Wins were against guys without a Win.

    All 4 of your wins are against opponents with a combined record of 8-14.

    Who have you beaten?

    Avoid a 3 fight losing streak and beat someone with a record above 500 before you start talking.

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Rumour is Sam Franchi has been added to the Calgary card… Sagman vs. Franchi?

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  9. Eric Wilson says:

    Chad is a tough man, I speak from first hand experience. I can also say, he is not scared to fight whoever is put Infront of him and is doing excellent in his career.

    So best of luck to you Sagan – I hope that fight happens and I will be rooting for Chad.

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