Unified MMA Adds Four New Weight Classes


EDMONTON — In an effort to curb the amount of weight fighters are forced to cut, Unified MMA is proud to introduce several new weight classes for their events, effective October 1, 2018.

Following the lead of the Unified Rules of Mixed Martial Arts, which were modified in 2017, the following weight classes have been added to the promotion, in addition to all previous weight classes: super lightweight (165 pounds), super welterweight (175 pounds), super middleweight (195 pounds), and cruiserweight (225 pounds).

“We’re really happy and excited to introduce these new weight classes to our promotion because it will allow fighters to compete closer to their natural weight, thereby limiting the amount of stress they have to put on their bodies to enter the cage,” VP of Operations Ed Kapp says, adding that the move was made after consultation with fighters, coaches and officials.

“Additionally, we believe this will make for more competitive and exciting fights, and we can’t wait to crown Unified MMA champions for our new divisions!”

Unified MMA returns to River Cree Resort & Casino with Unified 34 on Sept. 28. The promotion makes its highly anticipated Calgary debut with Unified 35 on Nov. 16 at Genesis Centre. Unified will cap off its 2018 campaign with Unified 36 on Dec. 7 at River Cree Resort & Casino. All three events will be broadcast live via pay-per-view at UnifiedMMA.ca.


8 Responses to “ Unified MMA Adds Four New Weight Classes ”

  1. Degeneration-X says:

    I love the idea because there needs to be a change but you have to kill “traditional welterweight” for it to make any sense.

    165, 170 and 175.

    Let’s go by 10’s playboi

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  2. MCGA says:

    Unfortunately, there aren’t enough Canadian mma fighters to fill these new divisions, let alone the weight classes that already exist

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  3. Cody Rempel says:


    Unified CEO Sunny Sareen has stated that after the Welterweight title fight between Pat Pytlik and Vyron Phillips the winner will be given the option to move to Super-Lightweight or Super Welterweight and be awarded the title there and the Welterweight division will be abolished in Unified!

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  4. Degeneration-X says:

    Oh excellent I Like that then.

    The “in addition to all previous weight classes” quote threw me for a loop without the inclusion of that caveat.

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  5. Cody Rempel says:

    Welterweight is still recognized by ABC as a weight class so technically Unified doesn’t have to drop the division but I feel it would be a little silly to have 165/170/175 so I’m glad they’re doing it this way!

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  6. The Spaniard says:

    I don’t like abolishing WW. Weird having a super WW but no WW.

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  7. Cody Rempel says:

    I disagree… the names of the weight classes don’t matter to me, I’m just glad fighters have more options and won’t have to cut as much weight!

    I hope to see everyone fighting closer to their walking weights, maybe commissions monitoring weights further out and only allowing them to gain a certain percentage back between weigh ins and fight night!

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  8. The Spaniard says:

    Glad we both agree that they should have a welterweight division.

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