Rumble in the Cage 59 – Lethbridge – September 29


Date: September 29, 2018
Venue: Servus Sports Centre in Lethbridge, Alberta
TV: Fite TV
Tickets: Buy Tickets

Pro Fights:
205lbs- Sheldon Doll (6-3) vs. Marcus Hicks (19-25)
135lbs- Justin Basra (4-0) vs. Joaquin Calderon (4-4)
185lbs- Joel Odorski (0-0) vs. Greg Large (2-11)
145lbs- Maged Hammo (8-5-1) vs. Fred Stonehouse (3-1)
185lbs- Neil Berry (7-8) vs. Jordan Murray (6-14)
185lbs- Colton Cronkite (2-0) vs. George Davis (2-1)
145lbs- John Nguyen (0-0) vs. Ryan Moore (0-5)

Amateur Fights:
145lbs- Evan Piercey (2-1) vs. Jeremy Grieve (1-0)
155lbs- Sean Michaels (3-2) vs. Andrew Mavridis (2-0)
170lbs- Austin Kuchinka (1-0) vs. Fred Bauer (0-0)
165lbs- Cornelius Krahn (2-5) vs. Phil Lauzon (1-1)
130lbs- Ryan Lebedoff (0-0) vs. Luc Bernard (0-0)
185lbs- John Moore (0-1) vs. Brandon Burton (0-0)
170lbs- Brandon Conway (0-0) vs. Carter Wozney (0-0)


11 Responses to “ Rumble in the Cage 59 – Lethbridge – September 29 ”

  1. John says:

    LMAO Chris Lauzon,,,, again … and no offence to Lee but this is embarrassing that many of these pretend fighters are even allowed to compete still

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Justin Tavernini vs. Joaquin Calderon, Derek Boyle vs. Curtis Blackmore, Cornelius Krahn vs. Phil Lauzon, John Moore vs. Brandon Burton, Eric Stevens vs. Will Grieve and Austin Kuchinka vs. Fred Bauer

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  3. Degeneration-X says:

    And this is how I want em arranged.

    Tough. Soft. Tough. Tough. Soft

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  4. Cody Rempel says:

    Added ticket link

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  5. MMA Fan says:

    If WarDog hasn’t been signs by TKO yet Lee should have him back On this card!

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  6. Shan says:

    That’s a big fight card

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  7. Blackout says:

    I want Sean Micheals to win. For obvious reasons…

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  8. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Sheldon Doll vs. Marcus Hicks, Justin Basra replaces Justin Tavernini against Joaquin Calederon and Added Jordan Murray to take on Neil Berry

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  9. Nowyouknow says:

    Still time for Hicks to back out..

    Wonder what his excuse will be this time

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  10. Orangina says:

    Why the fuck would any promoter even bother?

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  11. Big Win says:

    Hey! Use my code “22nn8zo” to get $15 credit to watch Rumble In The Cage 59 on the FITE app.

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