Getting to Know… Scott Hudson


Scott Hudson | Photo: Rob Trudeau

Today we’re “Getting to Know” Scott Hudson who takes on Kyle Prepolec for the first ever Super-Lightweight Title in Canada next weekend at BTC 3: Prophecy in Burlington, Ontario. Check out the full fight card HERE!

Name: Scott Hudson

Height: 6’1″

Walking Around Weight: 180lbs

MMA Competition Weight Class: Lightweight/Super-Lightweight

Date of Birth: July 9, 1987

City Born In: Mississauga, Ontario

City Currently Residing In: Hamilton, Ontario

First Job: paper boy

Current Job: Coach, Pro MMA fighter

First Car: Chevy Cavalier

Current Car: Ford F-150

Favorite Movie: Blow

Favorite TV Show: Curb Your Enthusiasm

Favorite Book: War Baby

Favorite Band/Singer: The Notorious B.I.G.

Nickname, and how you got it: Handsome Scott Hudson. Self explanatory

MMA Team/Camp: Para Bellum MMA

MMA Titles Held: None

Favorite UFC Fighter: Georges St. Pierre

MMA Inspirations/Mentor/Idol: GSP, Lyndon Whitlock, Mike Tyson, Rory McDonell, my students

First Martial Arts Memory: Either playing Mortal Kombat or trying karate at the YMCA and hating it.

Greatest MMA Moment to Date: Probably the moments after my last fight. I was the main event in front of all my friends and family. It was also the first time I really took the time to soak it all in and appreciate what I had accomplished.

Toughest MMA Competitors Encountered: Islam Makhachev and Joe Elmore

Most Memorable Finish: Probably my first pro win, I finished my opponent with knees. It was also the first time I jumped up on the cage after a win because I thought it was weak sauce to do as an amateur. The fight got played on TV and my dad still has it saved on his PVR which is good because the entire fight was a blur.

Cage or Ring: Cage

Funny MMA Memory: Using a suppository laxative to help cut weight. Best/worst idea I’ve ever had.

Favorite MMA Move (finish/strike): Knees, Jab

Favorite Sport Outside of MMA: Hockey

Favorite Food: Shawarma

Relationship Status: In a relationship

Instagram Account: @handsome_scotthud

Facebook Account/Fan Page: Handsome Scott Hudson


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