Elite 1 34 Play by Play


Christien Savoie improved to 6-0 (Photo by Martin Blais, Aggro Photography)

After losing four fights in two and half weeks including fighters from the main and co main event, it looked like Elite 1 would have to cancel their latest event that was scheduled for last night. But before Mike Fitz was able to help them out and save the day, Elite 1 came on the cusp of doing that for the second time in 18 months.

“Before Nick took the fight yes because we were down to four fights and no main event,” says Elite 1 co-owner Liette Williams.

“At the time we had five and no main event and when Jacob Palmer pulled out it looked like that was it. I got four fights and no main event. Thank god Nick was able to step up and take the fight and we were able to hold it together.”

Before Naccarato came in to save day, Liette and Mike Williams both said they where on the phone and talking with the likes of Alderic Keith and Jeremiah Bernard to step and try to fight Christien Savoie. With five matches for the show,1300 fans still showed up to watch a night of MMA at Casino New Brunswick in Moncton. While the card may have small, the fighters did what they could to squeeze in as much action as possible. Here is now a recap of how the nights action went

Top MMA News Awards

KO of the Night-None

Submission of the Night-Adam Burke MacDougall

Fight of the Night-Adam Burke MacDougall and Kevin Walker


200lbs-Christien Savoie vs. Nick Naccarato

Round 1

Savoie lands a good left jab to start the fight and shortly after both fighters start swinging away which included Naccarato hitting him with a hard sounding right hand. Shortly after Savoie is able to secure a takedown and get into side control. Savoie is landing the odd strike when Naccarato tries to roll over to his side but Savoie is able to move his legs and try to get a full mount but gets his back. Savoie does get full mount eventually lands some shots before he gets his back. Savoie starts pounding away until the ref stops the fight.

Christien Savoie defeats Nick Naccarato by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:04 in the 1st round

Christen Savoie securing the takedown in Nick Naccarato (Photo by Martin Blais, Aggro Photography)

When I talked to Savoie after the fight if the opponent change had an effect on him, he didn’t pull any punches and said the truth about the situation.

“It changed everything, “ says Savoie

“I was preparing for a 6’3 southpaw , all my sparring partners where standing southpaw, training with all tall guys. Then I had no time to prepare for 5’9/5’10 orthodox fighter, power puncher, just a completely different style fighter. It did throw me off but that is what champions do, we step up.

135lbs-Adam Burke MacDougall vs. Kevin Walker
Elite 1 Bantamweight Title Match

Round 1

The fight is a little slow to start before MacDougall hits Walker with a front kick. Walker is then able to counter with a one two punching combination where MacDougall tries to counter with a roundhouse kick but missed. MacDougall then hits with the double jab then connects with the roundhouse kick that sends Walker to the mat. MacDougall then starts throwing hammer fists and it looks like Walker is knocked out but after about 45 seconds he is able to recover and get back on his feet. Both fighters then get tied up in the clinch but MacDougall breaks it off and tries a spinning back kick. Walker then moves in closer and is able to secure a takedown. MacDougall is able to work off his back though and is able to get Walker in a triangle choke. Walker goes to pick MacDougall and go for the slam but MacDougall is able to secure the choke and get Walker to tap for the win.

Adam Burke MacDougall defeats Kevin Walker by submission (Triangle Choke) at 4:05 in the 1st round
Adam Burke MacDougall retains the Elite 1 Bantamweight title

When I spoke with MacDougall after the fight just to get his thought on the bout, MacDougall was able to express his pleasure of just being able to do the simple things to keep his title

“I was happy with how the fight went, me and my coach got to drill a couple of basic techniques and I got to actually use those techniques and they worked,” says MacDougall

“Whatever if it was just the simple basics of throwing the double jab and followed up by a right kick or always throwing the leg kicks after discussing them behind your hands. I got to practice all of that and it felt really good to go with those drills.”

Amateur MMA

145lbs-Justin Ley vs. Frank Thibodeau

Round 1

Thibodeau lands a big right hand punch to start and then uses the momentum to secure a takedown. Thibodeau is lying on top trying to pass guard but Ley is showing good ground defense and preventing Thibodeau from doing any major damage. Thibodeau is able get full mount and work some ground and pound. After taking a few punches Ley is able to move around, get up and get in top position. Ley is able to move into side control and while I am unable to see because of the angle, Ley tries to secure some sort of submission to end the round

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Thibodeau

Round 2

After a small delay because one of the cage doors wouldn’t close, the round begins with Thibodeau getting the clinch and using a leg sweep to get the takedown. While Thibodeau is in side control. Ley tries to get up and get his back but Thibodeau keeps him in side control. Thibodeau proceeds to take Ley’s right arm and pin it between his legs. Thibodeau is then able to secure the arm bar

Frank Thibodeau defeats Justin Ley by submission (Arm bar) at 1:09 in the 2nd round

160lbs-Dominic LeBlanc vs. Brandon Ryan

Round 1

Ryan moves in quick but it Leblanc benefits as he is able to secure the takedown. Leblanc is quickly able to gain full mount and land a couple of punches before Ryan tries to go for an arm bar but is unable to secure it. Leblanc is still on top where LeBlanc looks for a slam but is unable to get it. He is however to retain full mount and then gets his back where Leblanc secures the rear naked choke for the submission victory.

Dominic LeBlanc defeats Brandon Ryan by submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:57 in the 1st round

135lbs-Robert Inness vs. Keith Nowlan

Round 1

The action is a little slow to start before both fighters lock into the clinch.. Inness looks for a single leg takedown but is unable to get. With that Nowlan looks to try for a standing choke, Inness is able to stay in control and have Nowlan pinned against the cage before the ref breaks it up. The match resumes and Inness comes charging and after both fighters hit with a couple of punches before Inness looks him in the clinch. Inness is able to land a couple of strikes before Nowlan breaks free. Inness then hits Nowlan with a couple of punches while Nowlan lands a knee strike to end the round

Top MMA News scores the round 10-9 Inness

Round 2

Inness is able to hit Nowlan with a couple of upper cuts before he ties up Nowlan in the clinch against the cage. Inness stays in control for about 30 seconds and land a couple of punches to the body before Nowlan is able to break free. Inness then tags Nowlan with a right hand but Nowlan is able to counter with a head kick. Inness then goes back to the clinch when Nowlan falls to his knees. Inness looks for a chokehold but decides to take Nowlan down. Inness is then able get full mount and starts landing bombs and the ref stops the fight before the round ends.

Robert Inness defeats Keith Nowlan by TKO (Ground and Pound) at 2:57 in the 2nd round

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