Getting to Know… Christien Savoie


Today we’re bringing back an old favorite and “Getting to Know” Christien “Tiger” Savoie who defends his Middleweight Title against fellow undefeated fighter Julien Leblanc at Elite 1: Fight Night in Moncton, New Brunswick on April 7.

Name: Christien Savoie

Height: 5’11”

Walking Around Weight: 210lbs

MMA Competition Weight Class: Middleweight

Date of Birth: August 29th, 1992

City Born In: Saint John, New Brunswick

City Currently Residing In: Saint John, New Brunswick

First Job: Kents (moving furniture, dry wall)

Current Job: MMA Fighter

First Car: Saturn Ion

Current Car: Saturn Ion, lol

Favorite Movie: Ong-Bak

Favorite TV Show: Don’t watch TV

Favorite Book: Don’t really read books, lol

Favorite Band/Singer: Machine Gun Kelly

Nickname, and how you got it: Tiger, was given to me by my first muay thai coach.

MMA Team/Camp: East Coast Boxing/Mxt BJJ/Forfitness & Athletics

MMA Titles Held: Amateur Cage Rage Middleweight champion & Professional Elite 1 Middleweight champion.

Belts/Ranks attained in other combat sports and Martial Arts: 2nd degree black belt in taekwondo, red band in muay thai, purple belt in BJJ

Favorite UFC Fighter: Daniel Cormier/TJ Dillashaw/Demetrious Johnson

MMA Inspirations/Mentor/Idol: I was a big fan of Matt Hughes and Mirko Cro Cop growing up. Ryan Jimmo would have been somebody who I looked up to, or a mentor figure. Also, all of my coaches past or present have all been people of whom I look up to in different ways.

First Martial Arts Memory: Starting taekwondo, I was 6 years old.

Greatest MMA Moment to Date: Winning my first amateur fight & winning the Elite 1 title in my hometown.

First MMA Memory: My first MMA memory would be watching Matt Hughes KO Carlos Newton with a slam

Funniest MMA Fighter that You Know: Ryan Jimmo, lol

Toughest MMA Competitors Encountered: Rick Hawn (strong as hell, former Bellator fighter), Mandel Nallo (great striker, now fights for Bellator)

Most Memorable Finish: KO in my rematch with Cole Fetzner, first time fighting in my hometown.

Cage or Ring: Cage

Embarrassing MMA Memory: First time meeting Georges St. Pierre using the urinals beside each other at Tristar. lol

Funny MMA Memory: After the 1st round of my 4th pro fight, I remember my coach asking me how I felt, I replied with “tired”, he then pointed at my opponent and said “look at him!” as he was gasping for air, lol. After the fight we laughed about that.

Favorite MMA Move (finish/strike): Guillotine/Jab

Favorite Sport Outside of MMA: Soccer

Favorite Food: To cheat? Mac & Cheese probably

Instagram Account: @christientigersavoie

Facebook Account/Fan Page: Christien “Tiger” Savoie MMA.

Comments: Thanks Top MMA News for the interview!



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    Need more of these posted on here.

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    We’ve got 3 more done and ready to go in the next couple weeks! Let us know if there’s anyone you want us to do next!

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    Mix some guys in with a record like 0-5 or 1-6. I want to know what makes those guys tick.

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