XFFC 17 – Weigh-In Results


Xcessive Force FC 17 goes down live tonight from the Entrec Centre in Grande Prairie, Alberta. In the main event Michael Hill takes on Cody Krahn in a Middleweight matchup and in the co-main event Kyle Francotti meets Steve MacDonald at a Cathweight of 210lbs.

Fans in Canada can catch a live internet PPV beginning at 9pm et on Fite TV HERE. Top MMA News will have all your live results right here as usual.

Pro Fights:
185lbs- Michael Hill (181.8) vs. Cody Krahn (186)
210lbs- Kyle Francotti (209.6) vs. Steve MacDonald (210.6)
155lbs- Randy Mahon (151.8) vs. Nick Hrabec (156)
145lbs- Luis Martinez (145.2) vs. Kevin Kellerman (144.4)

Amateur Fights:
170lbs- Todd Vatcher (168) vs. Riley Pequin (169.4)
***Amateur Welterweight Title

135lbs- Justin Knoepfli (135) vs. Adam Rhys Williams (129.4)
135lbs- Austin Russell (133.8) vs. Grey Patino (135.8)
145lbs- Isaiah Metituk (145) vs. Dakota Ruttan (145.2)
170lbs- Brock Holmes (169.8) vs. Ryan O’Connor (170.4)
120lbs- Nasser Pega (119.4) vs. Danny Amberson (120.2)
155lbs- Joe Westbrook (155) vs. Jesse Bull (156)



7 Responses to “ XFFC 17 – Weigh-In Results ”

  1. Big Win says:

    Hey! Use my code “22nn8zo” to get $15 credit to watch #XFFC17 on the FITE app. http://fite.tv/invite/22nn8zo

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  2. Bjj fan says:

    What happened to mat baker vs Ryan ? I called it.

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  3. Robocop says:

    More importantly, what happened to Isaiah Metituk vs Brad Robinson??

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  4. Isaiah Metituk says:

    So I am moving up to 205 or is he coming down to 145?

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  5. B.B. King says:

    Matt Bakers speech was hilarious if anyone heard it.

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  6. Tell us Then says:

    Can you give us a summary of what he said???

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  7. Jay says:

    @Tell us Then

    I am Sorry everyone! Vagenitis struck my opponent Ryan Machan and he pulled out of the fight. Clearly his Daddy should have been the one that pulled out.

    I had to pay an extra $1000 dollars for an MRI after an “anonymous” caller lied to commission that I was K.O’d a couple times this camp LOL. As soon as I was cleared he backed out. I Didnt have to pay out of pocket just to fight amd could have said screw it. I even could have fought instead this saturday for 2x the money In India for SFL but I comitted to a promoter, sponsors, fans, and even my opponent.

    Im sorry but to be a ranked professional and back out so close to the fight you should be financially responsible to your oponent. No real gyms are hurting training partners even 2 weeks out and real fighters still fight.

    I am sorry to everyone messaging and calling me for ticket money back. maybe somebody should post Ryans phone number and he can better explain.”

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