Unified MMA Set for a Resurgence May 11


Now that the moratorium imposed by Edmonton City Council is over it’s back to business for Unified MMA. A little less than six months after Unified 33 was unceremoniously cancelled the fight is back on with the original main event still in tact.

Unified MMA 33 will go down May 11 but take note this card will emanate from the River Cree Resort and Casino in Enoch, Alberta instead of their usual home at the Royal Palace in Edmonton. The River Cree is just a stones throw from Edmonton’s west end and the event will be sanctioned by the Central Combative Sports Commission.

In the main event Shane “Shaolin” Campbell will defend the Lightweight Title against challenger Stephen “Big Bad” Beaumont. Since his UFC stint came to an end Campbell is riding a three fight win streak, all impressive finishes. Beaumont recently returned from a two year layoff with a quick TKO victory over Dia Grant to earn his shot at the belt.

Stay tuned to Top MMA News in the coming weeks for all the most up to date news on Unified MMA 33.



5 Responses to “ Unified MMA Set for a Resurgence May 11 ”

  1. Degeneration-X says:

    A “stones throw” you say?
    I can get behind that vernacular.
    If they can revive that Hay vs Ali fight as well that would be greeaaatt.
    I like the Beaumont fight a lot.
    They should try to utilize the calgary talent since HK is mia.
    It’s my understanding that Arnett is signed with TKO still but I’ve been stunned by Anheliger not having a flyweight title bout locally. 5 wins in the wrong weight class. The fact that Gordon is in TKO takes the most obvious fight away. But surely there is something!!
    A big enough card that Mcdavid pops in should be goal 1,2and 3.

    Let’s go Berta

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  2. Kris Blondy says:

    Add in Dixon and Shintani for the vacant 145 belt and have 3 titles on the line

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  3. darce_king33 says:

    @krisblondy vacant 145 belt? Believe Curtis Demarce is the 145 champ for that organization who is currently injured undergoing surgery.

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  4. Kris Blondy says:

    darce_king33, I know he was last but I heard that unified isn’t working with him

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  5. ll cool M says:

    I heard Demarcus didn’t want to make 145 anymore, and wanted to challenge for the lightweight title

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