Modern FC 1 – Live Results and Play-by-Play


Pro MMA returns to Saskatoon tonight with Modern FC’s debut event. In the MMA main event Denys Zelenskyi takes on Patrick Ward for the inaugural Bantamweight Title. Also on the card undefeated Lightweight prospect Alexander Martinez takes on Adam Wayne.

Unfortunately there is no live stream or internet PPV for this event however Top MMA News is making the trip across the prairies to bring you a live play-by-play.

  • Fight of the Night: Alex Martinez vs. Adam Wayne
  • Knockout of the Night: Blair Oster
  • Submission of the Night: Thomas Richardson

135lbs- Denys Zelenskyi vs. Patrick Ward
***Bantamweight Title Fight (Vacant)
Round 1: Ward opens with a flying knee but Zelenskyi eats it and pounces on top and pummels him with shots. Somehow Ward survives the onslaught and gets back to his feet. They trade punches and Ward with a knee to the body. They jockey for position and Zelenskyi gets the takedown but Ward pops back up. Ward lands and Zelenskyi answers back. They exchange leg kicks and Ward continues to pepper the legs. Zelenskyi lands and Ward looks for a takedown but Zelenskyi right back up. Ward leg kick and lands a combo. Zelenskyi blocks a pair of high kicks but eats a couple leg kicks. Both men trade hard rights and leg kicks. Ward misses a high kick and lands one to the body. They clash with leg kicks and they trade a barrage of punches and both men connect in the final seconds and they topple to the mat. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ward

Round 2: Zelenskyi with a trio of jabs and they clash with leg kicks. Superman punch from Ward and he slips but right back to his feet before Zelenskyi can capitalize. More leg kicks from Ward and a high kick blocked. Zelenskyi goes body, head and connects with a couple rights. Ward with more leg kicks and Zelenskyi responds with his own. Both men throw head kicks that are blocked and Zelenskyi lands a combo. Front kick from Ward and pair of leg kicks. Superman punch lands and a takedown for Ward but Zelenskyi back to his feet. They keep trading and a nice left by Ward. Spinning back fist by Ward glances and a trio of jabs. Zelenskyi with a big double against the ropes but Ward working back to his feet. Zelenskyi with an uppercut to the body and they trade shots. One more bog flurry of punches for Zelenskyi in the dying seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ward

Round 3: Ward with a leg kick and clips him with a high kick. Zelenskyi counters a leg kick with a right. Ward continues to chop away at the legs and Zelenskyi sticks a jab. Both men trading jabs and Ward follows up with a leg kick. Ward kicking all up the legs and body and Zelenskyi answers back with a right. Ward leaps in and lands and follows up with more leg kicks. Zelenskyi lands and Ward continues to attack the legs and Zelenskyi lands once more. They exchange a nice flurry in the corner and Zelenskyi with a nice right and a combo in the final seconds. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ward

Round 4: More of the same in the fourth as Ward goes back to the legs and Zelenskyi content with the hard jabs. Zelenskyi continues to connect with hard punches and Ward comes back with a jab and a leg kick. Ward connects with a combo and Zelenskyi answers a leg kick with a combo. Ward landing and backing Zelenskyi up and he gets some distance with a teep to the body. Zelenskyi lands a hard shot and another flurry. Ward leaps in with a knee and misses but lands the follow up right. Zelenskyi lands before catching a leg kick but can’t keep it and Ward begins to land a flurry. They tie up briefly and Ward lands a spinning back fist. Zelenskyi bloodied and Ward continues to land as time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Ward

Round 5: The doctor enters to check on Zelenskyi and we’re good to go. Zelenskyi lands and looks for the double but can’t drag him down. Ward lands a head kick but doesn’t get all of it. Ward with a superman punch doesn’t get through but follows up with a leg kick. Zelenskyi sticks a jab and catches a leg kick and tries to drag him to the mat but can’t get him down. Zelenskyi looks for the double but gets caught in a guillotine. Ward pulls his head free but Zelenskyi still on top. Ward looking for the butterfly sweep but Zelenskyi stays heavy. Ward looking for a triangle but Zelenskyi clears the legs and back into full guard. Zelenskyi looks to land and Ward throwing up another triangle attempt but can’t lock it in. Zelenskyi looks to land and Ward working to stand and does. 10 seconds left and they slug it out until the bell. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Zelenskyi
Patrick Ward defeats Denys Zelenskyi by Unanimous Decision (50-45, 49-46, 49-46)
***Ward captures inaugural Bantamweight Title

155lbs- Alexander Martinez vs. Adam Wayne
Round 1: Spinning kick misses from Wayne and some low leg kicks land. Huge side kick to the body from Martinez briefly drops Wayne. Wayne shoots for the takedown with the body lock but Martinez lands on top in half guard. Martinez looks to posture up and lands one but Wayne gets his full guard back. A scramble and they’re back on their feet but Martinez takes the back and drags him down now in half guard. Wayne look to stand and is able to get the back and locks up the body triangle. Martinez spins to guard and passes to half. Martinez stand and kicks the leg before dropping back to half guard. Wayne looking for a leg lock but Martinez lands shots and time runs out. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Martinez

Round 2: Wayne head kick falls short and Martinez partially lands but slips and Wayne looks to get top position. Martinez threatens with an armbar but Wayne frees himself. Wayne looks to take the back but Martinez spins and Wayne working to his feet against the ropes. Wayne looks for a double but Martinez defends for a while until he’s able to secure the single. Martinez with some elbows from the bottom and looks to stand and is able to get on top in reverse mount and lands to the body. Wayne climbs his legs up and briefly threatens but Martinez moves to side control. Wayne looks to sweep but Martinez stays on top and Wayne gets his guard back. Martinez postures and lands and drops back to side control. Martinez lands as Wayne tries to stand. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Martinez

Round 3: They clash with kicks and Wayne falls short with a spinning back kick. Wayne shoots for a body lock takedown but Martinez stays vertical and Wayne presses him into the corner. Martinez gets double unders and works to drag him to the mat and lands a knee. Martinez drops for a single and gets it before passing to side control. Martinez with an elbow and Wayne stands back up and looks for a slam but Martinez minimizes the impact and gets back to his feet looking for a double. Martinez drags him down and Wayne looking for an omoplata but Martinez steps over. Martinez in side control and lands before spinning to north/south. They get back to their feet and Martinez with knees to the body in the corner. Wayne looking for the single but Martinez keeps top position. A scramble and Wayne on top in full guard but time running out. Wayne kicks the legs and drops a right but the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Martinez 
Alex Martinez defeats Adam Wayne by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

155lbs- Cory Chambers vs. Blair Oster
Round 1: Tons of bad blood in this rematch as Oster won their last bout by TKO in 7 seconds after faking the glove touch and he enters to a chorus of boos. As expected no glove touch this time and Chambers op[ens with a leg kick and Oster misses one and swings hard and misses a right. High kick blocked by Chambers. Oster rushes forward but can’t catch up to him and Chambers with a leg kick. Oster land and Chambers with a pair of leg kicks. Chambers lands but Oster eats it. Oster on tops and dropping huge hammerfists but Chambers survives. Chambers to his feet but Oster drops him with a huge right. Chambers is barely there and Oster jumps on top and finishes the fight. Chambers and Oster kneel in front of each other, exchange words and bury the hatchet after the finish.
Blair Oster defeats Cory Chambers by KO (Punches) in Round 1, 2:23

135lbs- Chad Anheliger vs. Eric Wilson
Round 1: Both men trade shots to open and Anheliger with a low leg kick and another. Wilson with a jab to the body and Angheliger answers with a leg kick. Wilson with a couple leg kicks of his own. Anheliger counters a body shot with an overhand right. Anheliger winging punches and falling just short but lands a solid shot in the corner. Solid kick to the body from Wilson almost caught by Anheliger and Wilson lands a combo. Leg kick by Wilson and Anheliger lands to the body. Anheliger sticks some jabs and looks to sweep the leg with a kick. Anheliger with a solid right that lands and they trade a barrage at the end of the round. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Anheliger

Round 2: Wilson takes the centre and lands to open the round. Anheliger comes back with a combo and a jab and shucks off the takedown attempt. Wilson with a leg kick and Anheliger responds with a right. Wilson lands a jab to the body and a 1-2 from Anheliger. Trio of jabs and an uppercut from Angeliger and Wilson with a leg kick. Both men trading stiff jabs and Wilson starting to bleed from the nose. Low leg kick from Anheliger and lands a combo. Wilson with a body kick and they paw at each other until Anheliger sticks a couple jabs. Wilson goes head, body and they trade shots. Anheliger misses a big wheel kick as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Anheliger

Round 3: Anheliger with a series of jabs and Wilson answers back before shooting for a double. Anheliger stays on his feet and Wilson knees the thighs and one up high. Anheliger spins Wilson into the corner and steps away. Both men connect with huge rights and a low leg kick by Anheliger before landing a hard uppercut. Anheliger with a nice combo and a leg kick and a nice right. Leg kick by Wilson countered with a hard right from Anheliger and Wilson looks for the takedown but can’t bring him down. They separate and Anheliger lands and makes Wilson miss a big one. Wilson with a shot to the body and an overhand right. Anheliger answers back and Wilson connects in response. Anheliger continues to land and Wilson with a body kick and another. Anheliger with another spinning kick attempt in the final seconds and time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Anheliger
Chad Anheliger defeats Eric Wilson by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

205lbs- Tyler Weran vs. Devon Smith
Round 1: Weran with a solid leg kick to start and catches a high kick from Smith taking him to the mat in half guard. Weran briefly looking for the kimura before unleashing a barrage of punches. Smith covers up and gets up to his knees but Weran drags him back down and looks for the arm triangle while delivering about 15 thudding punches to the body. Smith looks for a sweep but Weran stays on top and Smith gets trapped in a rear-naked choke as he tries to stand. Smith fights hard to defend the choke and is able to pry his grip off. Weran still on top and pounding away at the body while looking for a kimura. Smith gets his arm free but is mounted and Weran moves to the back. A big scramble sees Smith on top and Weran looks to get back up but Smith drives him to the corner and lands. Smith looks for a guillotine but no time left on the clock. Top MMA News scores round 10-8 Weran

Round 2: Weran with a low leg kick and a combo and they jockey for position against the ropes. They trade knees to the body and Weran gets the trip takedown to half guard. Smith gets the sweep and now he’s in half guard. Weran looks to reverse again but Smith stays on top. Smith looking for a guillotine against the rope and tries to suck him away but Weran is able to take the back, lock in the body triangle and works for the rear-naked choke. Smith defends well and peels the arm away. Weran looks to land and Smith tries to spin to guard but Weran has him locked up tight. Weran transitions to an arm triangle and pounds away at the body again. Smith gives up his back and Weran lands but Smith working to spin away again. Smith looks to escape out the back but can’t get away and the round ends. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Weran

Round 3: Smith with a quick combo and Werran answers back and a body kick. Weran gets the body lock and looks for the trip but Smith stays on his feet and they battle in the corner trading knees. Weran with a pair of knees to the body. Weran working around the back but Smith spins back and lands a knee. Smit with double underhooks and lands the knee before getting the big throw and takes the back. Smith working for the rear-naked choke but Weran defending well. Both men working hard here and Smith can’t quite sink it under the chin. Weran spins out but Smith briefly lands from mount. Weran scrambles out and eventually takes the back but Smith controlling the arms. Weran frees his arms and lands to the head and body until the final bell. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Smith
Tyler Weran defeats Devon Smith by Unanimous Decision(29-27, 29-27, 30-26)

170lbs- Thomas Richardson vs. Jose Rodriguez
Round 1: Both men trading shots and Richardson comes forward with a barrage of leg kicks. Rodriguez counters with a combo but Richardson shoots for the takedown and gets it. Rodriguez looks to work back to his feet but is caught in a triangle and they’re tied up in the ropes and referee Chris Desautels pauses to restart them in the centre of the ring. Rodriguez works himself free and gets back to his feet. Richardson takes him back to the mat and again Rodriguez to his feet. Richardson drags him down once more and moves to side control. Richardson controlling the arms and lands a knee to the body before passing to mount. Rodriguez gets control of his posture but Richardson is able to get free and land. Richardson locks in a body triangle and working for the rear-naked choke. Richardson releases the choke and lands shots but not getting through and Rodriguez fires a solid shot backwards as time expires. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Richardson

Round 2: Richardson with a body kick partially blocked and a low leg kick. Rodriguez with a combo and another body kick from Richardson who follows up with a takedown. Rodriguez looking for a kimura but Richardson pulls his arm free and lands shots from turtle. Richardson is warned as he lands to the back of the head. Richardson lands an elbow and another one lands to the back of the head. Desautels pauses the action and restarts them on the feet. Richardson with another to the body and Rodriguez comes back with a combo. Richardson with another takedown to half guard and lands elbows to the body. Rodriguez with an elbow from the bottom and Richardson lands. Rodriguez looks to scramble up but and is eventually able to get to his feet and takes Richardson down to half guard. Richardson looking for a kimura but loses it and lands shots instead and the round comes to an end. Top MMA News scores round 10-9 Richardson

Round 3: Richardson with a combo and a high kick glances off the target. Richardson with a body kick caught and Rodriguez lands one of his own and follows with a right. Low leg kick and another by Richardson. Both men trade heavy rights and Rodriguez with the takedown but Richardson defending. Richardson to his feet and lifts Rodriguez off the mat so he can land a knee. Richardson takedown to full mount. Richardson with the gift wrap and lands but Rodriguez bucks and gets to all fours. Richardson moves to the back but he’s high and can’t land. Richardson moves down the body and works for the choke. Richardson can’t quite get it under the chin but sinks it tight on the jaw and is able to force the tap due to neck crank late in the third.
Thomas Richardson submits Jose Rodriguez by Neck Crank in Round 3, 4:06

155lbs- Josh Goodheart vs. Ryan Rohovich
Round 1: Rohovich misses with a leg kick and they look to find their distance. Both men cautios and Rohovich lands a leg kick and another but it’s caught. A scramble ensues and Rohovich works to half guard before passing to full mount. Rohovich pounds away and Goodheart turtles, Rohovich keeps firing away and Goodheart taps out to punches.
Ryan Rohovich defeats Josh Goodheart by TKO (Submission to Punches) in Round 1, 1:48



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  1. Cory from GP says:


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  2. Cory from GP says:

    Jose losing in that manner was hard to watch. MMA Center is a good club but Would have loved to see Jose hook up with a serious camp. Seems like he has hit his ceiling in Saskatoon.

    Good showing by tugboat.

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  3. Nogueira Kid says:

    Terg Bert

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  4. Isaiah Metituk says:

    Gee I guess everybody was wrong about Ward. Ammy careers pay off and this is proof

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  5. Boo yah says:

    Alberta boys kicking ass!!! I guess Patrick Ward proved a fee fools wrong!!!

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  6. JJ D says:

    Ward is a beast. Always has been. People fail to realize that Ward went the distance with both Brad Katona and Jeremy Kennedy. That’s a big fucking deal

    Ward also trains with Arnett and crew in Calgary so he is well fucking trained

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  7. Jay says:

    Was pretty surprised by people complaining about the Ward/Zelenskyi fight.

    Congrats to Patrick sounds like it was an incredible fight.

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  8. Brad Scorpion Robinson says:

    I want to fight Tyler Weran or Devon Smith

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  9. EPerez says:

    At best, losing to 2 tough guys is noteworthy its not a big fucking deal by any stretch

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  10. O.G. says:

    Jose may have been better to stick with Sheers. He had a lot of great performances with Team Ringshark. A lot of fighters jump ship for promises of better things and it often backfires

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  11. Keith G. says:

    Great night of fights!

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  12. Jay R says:

    nice face crank tugboat!

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  13. Degeneration-X says:

    Is anyone aware of when/if to expect a video of the event?

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  14. Adam Lorenz says:

    Hey D-X, it will be aired on Sasktel Max on Demand within a few weeks. Thanks!

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  15. Degeneration-X says:

    Okay cool. Excuse me while I discover just what in the hell that is haha.

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  16. Adam Lorenz says:

    Haha! Local tv…they use a production company named Bamboo Shoots and I bought the DVD from the after my last fight, so there’s that as well. Thank you for the support, MMA needs it and I greatly appreciate it.

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  17. bangerz says:

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  18. Lee says:

    Hahaha, rematch? cold?

    Be a man and stop making excuses. Sounds like he got worked, no need for a rematch.

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  19. man cold says:

    Rodriguez is a solid scrappy guy, but he got out worked by a younger fighter.

    Everyone has injuries, colds, life drama. Almost no one goes in there 100 percent healthy etc.

    Respect to Jose, but I question his management coming in with a losing streak and fighting a young up and comer.

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  20. bangerz says:


    screw u guyz. legit he was not feelin good

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  21. ll cool M says:

    It’s not cool to make fun of someone if they had the sniffles

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  22. Jay R says:

    Did Jose have a cold for the last 4 fights?

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  23. Omar says:

    It’s obvious Jose hit his ceiling at Scheer’s. Thought maybe we may have seen a new and improved Jose as he has switched to a new team. Sadly he seems to have regressed since the move.

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  24. Robocop says:

    Jose looked pretty slow

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