Modern FC 1 – Saskatoon – February 23


Date: February 23, 2018
Venue: Saskatoon Soccer Centre in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
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Boxing Card:
200lbs- Gary Kopas (9-5) vs. Bladimir Hernandez (20-12)

MMA Card:
135lbs- Denys Zelenskyi (5-0) vs. Patrick Ward (1-1)
***Bantamweight Title Fight (Vacant)

155lbs- Alexander Martinez (3-0) vs. Adam Wayne (3-1)
145lbs- Blair Oster (3-4) vs. Cory Chambers (1-2)
135lbs- Chad Anheliger (6-5) vs. Eric Wilson (7-7)
205lbs- Tyler Weran (2-0) vs. Devon Smith (3-4)
170lbs- Thomas Richardson (4-1) vs. Jose Rodriguez (7-6)
155lbs- Josh Goodheart (2-1) vs. Ryan Rohovich (3-3)



27 Responses to “ Modern FC 1 – Saskatoon – February 23 ”

  1. The goods says:

    I’m pretty sure I saw on FB that Corey Chambers VS Blair Oster rematch is on this card as well. Could be wrong though

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  2. Cody Rempel says:

    @The goods, You are correct… I’ve added that matchup!

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  3. Cody Rempel says:

    Added Denys Zelenskyi vs. Patrick Ward, Alexander Martinez vs. Adam Wayne, Tyler Weran vs. Devon Smith and Thomas Richardson vs. Jose Rodriguez

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  4. Degeneration-X says:

    Those aware of the classless display in the first Oster-Chambers bout should be excited to see that one.

    That title fight should raise an eyebrow considering the other bantamweight bout on the card.

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  5. Brad Scorpion Robinson says:

    I want to fight Tyler and Devon. RESPECT. I’ll step in if either guy gets injured.

    Or… if there is another fight at 195 or 205 let me know.

    RESPECT. Thank you.

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  6. Brad Scorpion Robinson says:

    Gary Kopas, I’m an MMA Fighter and a Boxer. If you need someone to fight let me know. RESPECT.

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  7. Adam Lorenz says:

    Denys & Patrick were previously contracted to fight for the SNF title. With Denys fighting out of Saskatoon the rescheduled bout made sense for this card. Also, Eric is training with Denys.

    Gary has an opponent from the states who will be announced shortly.

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  8. John says:

    Great to see a new promotion pop up to give some guys from the middle provinces a place to show in.

    Is it just me or did someone really like the look of the original MFC (maximum FC) logo could have changed it up a bit instead of an exact replica in style

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  9. Blackout says:

    gonna be a crazy night.

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  10. Robocop says:

    Seems like they’re feeding a can to the local guy so that he can win an easy title. Why is Anheliger not fighting Zeliinsky for the title instead? There’s no way a 1-1 guy should be fighting for any title. And only 7 fights? Joke matchmaking.

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  11. Degeneration-X says:

    That was actually the angle of my dangle with my comment on here. Eyebrows raise at anheliger having 4 in a row and the title fight housing a 1-1 fighter.
    That Wilson anheliger fight is flat out higher quality than the title fight

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  12. Adam Lorenz says:

    That title fight was signed for SNF last year and then moved to this card, and signed again, before Chad was available for this card. Chad was originally hoping for a 125lb fight so wasn’t added to the card until after. But hey, keep assuming that you know how putting together fight cards works ;)

    Enjoy your day.

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  13. Adam Lorenz says:

    Also, Patrick was 5-2-1 as an amateur, which included a 5 round title fight that went to a decision with Jeremy Kennedy at 145. Please have some respect for a man with 10 legit fights before calling him a can.

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  14. Degeneration-X says:

    An eyebrow raise is far from disrespect.

    You’re right, I don’t know how that card came together but I’m not wrong to be curious. Nor would anyone else be

    I suppose the can comment doesn’t apply to me since I didn’t use it.
    But that sounds like he’s more poised for an ammy title than a pro one.

    Debut of the promotion, optics is important.

    Does it not seem fishy that the winner of the title fight will be anything but the consensus top bantamweight of that very evening?

    Not trying to question Patrick, questioning the oversight of this card and I’m right to.

    Shit ain’t easy to orchestrate, that’s why they are not all successful.

    I think there’s a market for this promotion to take advantage of, but buddy above me thinking it’s a can set up is exactly the optics this provides.

    I might make the (relatively) short trip for this on the merits of chambers oster, I saw the first one…and wtf haha.

    Just being real man. That’s all.

    I can appreciate the chronology of how it fell in place tho.

    No disprespect, just honest questions.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer them dude.

    I’m just a patriot and an mma fan.

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  15. Adam Lorenz says:

    Thank you for the respectful and constructive feedback. I’ll be encouraging everyone who attends the event to send me feedback regarding what they did and did not like.

    Yes, the can comment was the only thing that I found disrespectful and no, that did not come from you (It came from the robot who can’t count to 8…poor artificial intelligence in that one lol!).

    Thanks again!

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  16. Robocop says:

    What team is Denys from? Oh yeah, the same team as the promoter Adam Lorenz… there’s no way you can make it look legit. Ammy records don’t count for shit. The guy is 1-1, and fighting your student, on your first event, as a way of sandbagging your way to an easy title victory. This title fight is meaningless.

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  17. Keith G. says:

    @Adam Lorenz Matchmaking is tough, you cant make everyone happy. Pretty solid card for your first kick at the cat. Good job my friend

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  18. Jamie Siraj says:

    With all do respect I’d love to fight winner of eric vs chad!

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  19. Brad Scorpion Robinson says:

    I want to fight Tyler and Devon. RESPECT. I’ll step in if either guy gets injured.

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  20. Bobby B says:

    For the love of god can a MMA organization, any organization, give Brad Scorpion Robinson a goddamn fight so we dont have to read about him asking for fights on every fucking thread



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  21. Curtis Brigham says:

    I have only seen a bit of Denys but he seems very good. I have followed Patrick Ward for a long time and his 1-1 is very deceptive, I won’t make a prediction for this fight but it is a damn good match up that I truly look forward to watching.

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  22. Dean Panas says:

    If Curtis Brigham thinks a fight is a good match up the debate should be over.

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  23. Marc-Andre Drolet says:

    Matchmaking is the easiest job in the sport.

    Just ask anybody who’s never done it. (And not from the armchair)

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  24. Cody Moorman says:

    Guys like Robocop make me laugh. Hide behind a fake name and talk smack lol. “Ammy records don’t count for shit.” What kinda comment is that? Obviously from a very uneducated person. Just curious Robocop if someone is 10-0 ammy going into a pro fight with a guy who has no ammy fights, who would be the favorite and for what reason?

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  25. Bryan Blackwell says:

    Robocop. Are you attending this event? Did you pay money for a ticket? If you did I’ll buy you a beer on Feb 23rd,if not don’t hate on regional promotions and the work that the organizers put in.

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  26. Brad Scorpion Robinson says:

    Thanks Bobby. Yes it’s been two years since my last fight in Canada. I can NOT make 186 lbs any more. 206 only. Not many guys to fight. I have been training in Vancouver BC, Las Vegas, LA and Bangkok Thailand. I’m aways in shape. I want to fight.

    RESPECT to all Canadian Light Heavyweights. I want to fight all of you.

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  27. Robocop says:

    Yep I’m going. I’ll wear my Oilers hat, come find me.

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